China came from World Toilet Organisation to Wolrd Trade Organisation


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WTO is a familiar title of the world, actually, the economist, national leaders, the banks and monetary firms. The World Trade Organization officially began on January 1st, 1995 that conducted from Marrakesh Agreement signed by 124 nations on April 14, 1994, after the General Agreement Tariffs and Trade started from 1948. WTO is the global economic organization, the world’s largest deal regulates the trade, services and Intellectual Property.


There is also WTO, but it is the World Toilet Organization, a non-profit focuses on the toilet and sanitation. WTO was founded on November 19, 2001, by Jack Sim in Singapore. Obviously, it has 15 members and now WTO has 151 members in 53 countries. The quick development of WTO promotes this organization becomes the global organization too, the WTO pushing United Nation marks the World Toilet Day.


The fair trade and deal create the credit of WTO, therefore, since China communist joined WTO on November 11, 2001, and close vassal Vietnam followed great master on January 11, 2007, the WTO has been complicated. It is like the biggest supermarket in the world, WTO proposed the rules, everyone must comply and collaborate. But the communist regimes joined the WTO, they apply the bush law and the cunning deal. Actually China communist is the den of thieves and kingdom of counterfeit, the dishonest finds any way to make the profit, the fake, poor quality, and short life product threaten the TWO, China also uses the money to buy the innocent members, China stole the Intellectual Property and making the profit from the inventing countries.


However, China communist is suitable for the actual member of the World Toilet Organization. On April 1-3, 2013, China Clean Expo (CCE) held in China called Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. In the communist country favors the excrement for the agricultural product, so the toilet making the profit and human excrement becomes the productive strategy of the communist paradise.


China uses the excrement for fertilizer in agriculture, in June 2017, the Food Standards Australia-New Zealand (FSANZ) recalled the Berries imported from China that packed in Australia contained the virus and Hepatitis scares. In Vietnam, the Shit stuck with” great leader Ho Chi Minh”, Vietcong has launched the national economic campaign that called” Uncle Ho’s fish pond”. In Vietnam, the government encourages every family carries out a toilet, the excrement feeds a kind of fish names” Cá Vồ”, it keeps the hygiene and also making the profit from the loving shit’s fish. The Vồ’s fillet also exported to the Western market, it sold at the cheap price the food comes from the communist paradise while the Western countries stay away from the” precious capital” of socialism.


The shit was the major fertilizer after Geneve Accords signed on July 20, 1954, North Vietnam activated the excrement for government’s farmland, Four-Star General Nguyễn Chí Thanh was famous for the Shit General, he brought the excrement to submerge the farm, his record became the folk- verses to glorify a man of shit.


The most prison camp in communist paradise is very clean, every day, the prisoner brings the excrement out from the public toilet and it uses on the farmland, so the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the other human rights organizations should praise the hygiene in the prison camp of communist. China and the other communist regime early recognized the WTO (World Toilet Organization) before joining the World Trade Organization. Both WTO made a profit for China and the communist paradise.


Originally, China developed the communist paradise on the World Toilet Organization and brings it to World Trade Organization. Both abbreviate WTO but the meanings are different. Since China joined the World Trade Organization, they also brought the World Toilet Organization infiltrated the World Trade Organization, it is the socialism shit, the garbage poured into the World Trade Organization, this organization has been completed and the global economy often falters./.







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