The left media is culprit helped China cheat


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China’strength couldn’t cover the world as the news released and cheated while the largest population’s communist country still faces many difficulties, actually, the gap between the major poverty and minor wealthy becomes the social problem in the mainland. Nevertheless, the government’s system still remains the bureaucracy, the habit has kept from multiple thousand years in Chinese history. The communist regime in China is not different from the monarchy in medieval, even it worsens in the dynasties, the incumbent regime in China is the Red dynasty remains into the democratic era. The fake revolution of Maoist contradicts the reality in Chinese society.


However, the global hegemony urges China communist regime involved into the arms, space and economic race. But the economic and technologic fields are the vital challenge of the Chinese dream while China is insufficient. Therefore, the psychological warfare bluffs the China’s strength, it needs to cheat the” capitalist”, it is the essential enemy of the pupil of Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tung. Certainly, China communist couldn’t apply the psychological warfare to the Western, so the left media has been activated to support the propaganda machine in Beijing.


From the first visit of the US President Richard Nixon in 1972, China communist grabbed an opportunity to access the free market, Beijing exploited the fresh interest, the innocent national leaders and the negligent policy plus the bribery’s tactic to carry out the global hegemonic strategy. China developed the economy on the enemy’s profit, the stolen technology and currency. Indeed, China has nothing but they got something as their ancient strategist Sun Tzu quotes: ”create something from nothing”. The lacking technology and invention cause China become the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit.


From more than a half-century, the world seemed to ignore the rapacious ambition of China, almost, the counterparts put the trade ties, the free trade agreement above the fair trade. Nevertheless, China has deceived the world by the economic pattern:” free market is led by socialism”. Moreover, the left media has propagated the fake development of China, that convinced the investors pouring money into the mainland. The left media is the culprit to help China cheated the Western to involve into the economy and finance. China could use the Western media as the implement to excite the investment. Nevertheless, the most investor often studies carefully the facts before involvement in the business:


1-The marketing: the consumption, productive relationship. The most Western investors in China recognized the cheap prices encourage the consumer, its reason after China joined the world market, the Western investor poured money into the mainland plus the innocent leaders as President Bill Clinton who served China’s interest although he was the US president, so the Most Favored Nation’s policy created the massive profit for China.


2-Labor market: the cheap labor excited the foreign investment in the mainland.

3-The economically psychological warfare: It is the important part of the business, the advertising is a form of the economically psychological warfare. Therefore, China has used the left media inflated the great development of China, it helped China convinced the foreign investors entered the mainland without hesitation.


3-The political business: it is the most important fact in the investment, the government’s character deeply affects the business, actually, the stable country helps the investment more secures than the countries being occurred the war. Actually, the democratic countries are the better places than the communist regime.


The role of left and innocent media are very important to the economically psychological warfare applies to the economic and finance sector. The Western investors have fallen into the trap of China, the misunderstanding about the marketing, actually the political business that causes the loss of profit and the long-term disaster for the country.


The left, innocent and commercial media’s company exaggerate about China’s growth and sending the wrong message that has misled the foreign investors about the economic boom of China, the military ability. There were many articles published by the well-known media companies, almost, they confirmed China will surpass the US on economy and military race. (The people could find the media, journalists propagated China’s strength on the internet)


China should hire the lover profit’s journalists, reporters, T.V hosts and paid the advertising. Beijing just spent little money on the left media, but China could get the huge profit from the capitalist’s investors around the world.


The paid media represented the positive facts of China as cheap labor, the union threat, gaining more profit. Nevertheless, the Reporters came to Beijing and the industrial provinces, they showed the developed face of China. Therefore, the left media reduced or avoided showing the negative facts in the mainland, actually the politics. The business without the political understanding is like a house without fundament. The Bush law in China could rob the foreign investors as a circumstance of Australian billionaire James Packer who lost $AUD 4.2 billion in Macau Casino Resort after Xi Jinping changed the law.


The economically psychological warfare concealed the truth hid behind the bamboo curtain, so the Western investors and the democratic countries made the critical mistake and now the consequence has to pay. Nevertheless, the left media has misled about China’s boom and the currency Yuan. A time, under Labor government in Australia, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd inspired to establish the Pacific Bloc, therefore, the Australian Prime Minister who could speak Mandarin and has a son in law is Chinese, he failed to help China dominates the economy and currency in Asian countries including Australia. If not, nowadays, the Asian countries would be faced with the peril when China’s economy ruined that followed the Yuan lost the valuation. On the other hand, the left party Labor’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd conspired to promote China and the currency Yuan to compete for the Euro and the US dollar.


Nowadays, almost, there are many countries deeply involved the economy and finance with China are facing the disaster, they fell into the trap of economically psychological warfare of the left media. When President Donald Trump launches the battle fighting against the global economic terror comes from the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit, the countries being cornered by China have been influencing. When Yuan devalued, the currency follows the loss. Australia is the example, in 2012, Reserve Bank of Australia (under Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) signed the swap currency agreement with People’s Bank of China with $ AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan and now the Australia dollar plunges, it hit the record and Australia continues to lose the valuation.


From a half-century, the Western investor and government have been misled about China’s growth and the lost the profit after the real face of China’s economy and the bubble strength unmasked. The culprit is the left media, it is the cause of the fallen economy in Western and the investors. The world, investor wake up, actually, do not trust the fake news, the fabricated story released by the left media terror as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC…and the other global left media companies. During the US is launching the campaign to fight the global economic terror of China, the left media reacts to help” comrade” China to prevent and hamper the Commander in Chief is President Donald Trump who is confronting the most dangerous terror’s form on the planet. Recently, the thug of people is the New York Times fabricates the fake news calls” OPINION”, they lied the administration opposes against President Donald Trump. As the manner, The New York Times couldn’t provide the list of an opponent in Donald Trump’s staff. Once again, the left media terror failed into the fake news after the fabricated impact just released. The Western business may review and overhaul the advertising on the left media, they are the cause of the loss of profit, they helped China cheat the world from a half-century./.







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