China has been declined the battles and waiting for the peril





The US National Defense Authorization Act permits the military expense up to $USD 716 billion, the act signed by President Donald Trump on Monday, August 12, 2018, that upsets China communist regime. The war fighting against the global economic terror and also the last communist vestige on the planet battles on multiple fields, including the military, space race.


Almost, the war belongs to finance as Napelon Bonapart said “army marching by its tummy”. Certainly, China couldn’t involve the war without money, therefore, China has been suffered the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of President Donald Trump that could break the pocket and cripple China’s economy plus the finance. The economic weapon decides the battle, but China loses the upper hand on currency while the US dollar is the most credible currency on the planet. On the other hand, the US holds the handle and China grabs the sharp blade.


The US has launched the total battlefields aiming the vulnerability of China that affected the domestic economy and offshore companies, almost the largest population’s communist country to develop on the export section, it helped China employed more than 120 million people. Therefore, the fair tariffs imposed by the US that fear the Red dynasty, actually, the Red Emperor Xi Jinping who couldn’t secure the top job during his comrades are lining up to wait for the next turn. The employment rate decides the fate of the Red dynasty, multiple thousand years of Chinese history recorded the collapsed formula of dynastic government came from the lost harvest and corruption.


Without money, China could carry out the global hegemony or the Chinese dream. Therefore, China has been lost in the economic battle that signals the first loss. The National Defense Authorization Act causes China loses the contract of  ZTE is the giant company owned by the communist government, the revenue estimates 108.8 billion Yuan and it has the sub firms in the US, Canada, and the other countries. ZTE is the multiple telecommunication equipment and systems, the headquarter located at Shenzhen (Guangdong). In 2017, ZTE to be fined by the US because of it illegally exported the technology to Iran and North Korea. Nevertheless, in April 2018, the US Department of Commerce banned this company export for 7 years. Nevertheless, Huawei owned by the People Liberation’s Army loses the contract too, China outrages but they do nothing to change the situation.


Under the era of President Barrack Obama ruled, Taiwan seemed to abandon, the rumor released Obama flagged China attacks Taiwan, but Beijing failed to attempt because of Taiwan acquired the modern weapon and the people vow to fight the invasion. Nowadays, Taiwan has the facilities to defend the country while the US supports Taiwan remains the freedom and out of Beijing hand.


The first round of battle noted China is not the strong as the left media promoted, the propaganda is vain, actually, China begs the US deal, but everyone has no surprise the talking while fighting’s tactic of communist when they face the low tide of revolution. Certainly, the author of the art of the deal is President Donald Trump knows China and its hands very well, so China is going to fail the battle, actually, the Chinese people will remove the obsolete regime after more than a half-century ruled the country by violence and corruption ./.







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