Ngo Dinh Can. Who are you?

(Part 4)

Nguyen Van Luc




The fate of Phan Quang Dong and Ngo Dinh Can was scheduled to complete with the death penalty. It is not the case that Deng Sy escape the death penalty narrowly! Another article will show the reason that helped Deng Sy escape the death penalty?


Secret Service leaders go to court. Public or sin?


Phan Quang Dong (1929-9 / 5/1964) and his wife before his execution.


The remaining limbs of Mr. Ngo Dinh Can as Duong Van Hieu, Thai Den, Nguyen Thien Dzai.Or people in the police sector also suffer the same fate as Nguyen Van Y, Khue Van Hai, Nguyen Van Hai, Tran Buu Liem, etc. with the heavy sentence: wrongful death in accordance with the law “revolutionary”.


Just look back at the nature of the past war and then to understand what their role is? And do they really deserve these heavy penalties?


The war was a total war not only in terms of ideology, war between the communist and capitalist blocs, urban and rural warfare, and military and political warfare.


According to Dang Van Sung, the head of the Communist Party newspaper, the Vietnam War is only 25% militarily, while the other 75% is political.


But the other 25% in the eyes of the Americans as well as the military in Vietnam is a decisive factor. To the Americans, especially to Defense Secretary McNamra, with their arrogance and their ridiculous confidence that they know how to win this battle with the minds of experts who look at the numbers, the tables Statistics, methods of calculating corpses and sophisticated electronic systems on the needs of firearms, weapons and ammunition.


McNamara's calculations are only of theoretical value. So when he consulted Ed. Lansdale about this. Lansdale responded that the calculations lacked an “x factor”. That is the human factor, the politics of the war. That's the other 75%.

(Rufus Philipps, “Why Vietnam Matters: An Eyewitness Account of Lessons Not Learned” (2008), Preface)


In the remaining 75% there is work between Americans and Vietnamese do not understand each other, do not agree on strategy, strategy, culture, human history. It is because of this lack of understanding that Americans see only the advantages of people, equipment and money, the number of bombs dropped in North Vietnam and in the South.


They have failed and lost.


That defeat is still visible in the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan that lasted until now. A battle known as the War of Terror.


Americans after 1964 were no longer interested in pacification and rural development as in the early 1954-55 period. The period when only 5,000 to 10,000,000 Americans were present gave a good image of the United States.

The number of American casualties at that time was only a small number, representing 50 people compared to the number of casualties of 58,000.


If the Americans did not massively rush into Vietnam with the high cost of lives and money, would Americans abandon and abandon Vietnam?


People like Can's Central Secret Service lie in the battle that the challenge posed to Communist soldiers recognizing that they were wrong. They have no living land, no place to breathe in a stable countryside, a countryside brings peace and prosperity to farmers.


People like Edward Lansdale and his later aides, Rufus Philipps, whose remains are concerned with how rural development, road construction, clinics, schools.


It is a two-faced battle: the pacification of the countryside and the development of the countryside.If understanding such a war, the role of the secret police Ngo Dinh Can must be re-evaluated.And also need to determine whether the war need to climb steep or not? As for Nhu, there is the policy of Replica Hamlet of Malaysia.


Strategic Hamlet. Source: OntheNet


I think that the Strategic Hamlet is too focused on security and not enough attention to the social security of the people, so they are not supported by the people. There are no achievements in life, no school, no clinic, no stable health, no loss of life, especially in Southern provinces. , sparse unlike Central and Highland.)


The disadvantage and unlucky of the Secret Service


When a soldier comes to the front if he kills the enemy, he will be rewarded for that victory so that he can go up to the cans and get many medals and certificates of merit. That is common sense because they have brought their bodies, their lives, to protect their homeland.


Senator Nguyen Huu Hoang, the head of the Ca Cacao police station on the occasion of the boat control lucky to catch Ba Man. He was awarded a special award from the Senator to Lieutenant.That is also very normal. Many lieutenant colonel and lieutenant colonel were on the battlefield to win their feats.


But when a Secret Service officer assuming heavy responsibility for secrecy, such as secret agents, counterintelligence agents, commanders, failed to do so, there was no clear promotion, except for those who did not. be in the military. Is there anything more dangerous than the detective soldiers, sent to the North?


How did a Senator catch the Three Dead like that when Duong Van Hieu and his accomplices captured the Ten Commanders, how would the Director of Communist Intelligence be rewarded?Such as replacing Bui Van Luong, acting Minister of Home Affairs?


Because of secret intelligence, the press did not publish the news, the people were completely ignorant!


Until more than 40 years later, a hundred people claiming to be anti-communist infamous, shouting in any rally, 99 out of 100 people do not know who are the Ten Thousand? What is Duong Van Hieu? Does anyone know the achievements of Duong Van Hieu? And I know in part because of the five communist documents written.

(The five books are Ngo Dinh Canh's Secret Dictation by Van Phan, Dang Dinh Loan's Tang Dynasty, Special War, Dinh Thi Van's Memoirs, and Two Receptions. Van Quoc and “Tran Quoc Huong, intelligence commander” by Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hai.)


Source: Publisher: Hong Bang Publishing House


Suppose at that time, the press was posted everywhere, press conference, then Muoi Huong and his fellow refusal to turn out to the public to see, try to ask what the results will be?


I have yet to find an explanation, why should I keep secrets of such accomplishments? The North Vietnamese Communists, when caught by US pilots, were shot down in the North Vietnamese sky, carrying a pilot who was tied behind his back to the streets for the spit.


It is not only for individuals Duong Van Hieu but for the South.


And later, the Revolution dared to take Duong Van Hieu to trial and sentenced to life imprisonment because before that Duong Van Hieu was honored as a hero, even the hero kill the communists?


Our enemies wrote five books of praise, honored Ngo Dinh Can and Duong Van Hieu, and the National accused them, insulted them, defamed them? Between Ngo Dinh Can and Thich Tri Quang, who was credited with and guilty of the South? Who deserves a slash? And who cuts?


Have any books written about them? Not. Absolutely not. Except for the interviews of the Virgin Mary in Spirituality, 2007


Here, the writer is quoted as a scene of a communist cadre who diverted the success of the Duong Van Hieu Secretariat:

“Until the zoning, the base was collapsed lacquered, clinging to the people can not stand anymore, must turn up the mountain. Clinging to the mountains, the cadre still directs the movement in the plains.Climbers climb, cut the line of contact, supply .. Food dry up, contact congestion. Life is meaningless if you stick to the high mountains, in the jungle, around the forest and gorillas. Let's talk about what is high, this stomach first. (It's a good way to slap your thighs) It needs to be addressed first. Out of rice, dry wages, everything. Too hungry, starved to death. Can not starve to maintain proletarian gas? That is, the situation in Central China, the context like that-somehow he has envisioned the characteristics of the local special movement, the particularity of the situation. I, along with some former comrades, are also responsible officers for my local people, in the same situation: surrender. (...)

To such an extent, so much so that the human nature of change leads to an irresistible chain reaction, a resentment of the Party cadres and officials. People feel betrayed. In fact, after that the people have the conclusion that: “where cadres go to mourn to where the dead” so the people definitely “out of the cadre out, grabbed his head, handed over to the authorities.”

(Quoting Van Tien Manh “Reluctant Writer” on April 20, 1995, 26 pages long)


On the military level, how many battalions do we need to surround and disrupt a county logistics facility? And if any of the ARVN officers who fought this battle was an enemy of the enemy, would the officer be offered the promotion at the front? The problem of recovering the people's heart so that people can hear the public how much time do the public?


Yet, the Central Secret Service delegation was delineated, blotting the communist sticky landings along the Central, firmly in place before and after the Geneva Accords. I used to live and familiar to the central provinces. However, after 63, especially from 66 onwards, going from Nha Trang to Phan Thiet, military aircraft.


What were they rewarded? How? By letter, which decree of the Ministry of Home Affairs? Or did they not receive any direct praise from Mr. Ngo?


For example, Duong Van Hieu's Secret Service would later be rewarded to encourage them because of Ngo Dinh Diem's ​​black fund. But Mr. Hieu's staff, during the nine years of dedicated service to the Secret Service, provided security for the entire District 5 and the neighboring provinces, and what position was they promoted? How to get money? Senator Duong Van Hieu himself, whose office may be equivalent to the director of public security, was not allocated government housing.


It would have been better for them to assume the rank of deputy sheriff or vice chancellor of that area to be worthy of their merit and to keep the security of the area long lasting. The disadvantage is nonetheless acceptable.

But when the government collapsed, as in the First Republic, they were considered as regimeists and severely punished.


Whereas a government apparatus, ministerial leaders often serve the regime effectively, they are exempt from all criminal responsibility? For example, what is Vice President Nguyen Ngoc Tho responsible for the death of the Ba?


Hereafter, I summarize the list of Secret Service agents who went to court and were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court.

The case of the Secret Agents Duong Van Hieu with 42 witnesses (44 places).


According to a report by Nam Dinh, published in the newspaper Chung Chung.

“The trial was on June 26, 1964, with the famous Consul General Nguyen Van Duc. The case is based on 4/64 law. The witnesses were 42 people including doctors, lawyers, professors, civil servants, journalists, abducted abductees, tortured tortured, just like torturing bandits, murderers. Torture to find out, then look at the house and take the money, get gold. They take the car losers: they take away from the drapes of money, watches ... to the glasses, they also take notes. No treasure in the house they left behind for the victim's wife and children.

The Act establishes the Revolutionary Courts to be charged with “unlawful confiscation” and “illegal imprisonment” charges ... the maximum penalty of “no right to diminution” is death penalty.”


Unfortunately, Nam Dinh journalist also did not name or list 42 witnesses, but only named one person: Mr. Phan Khac Suu. Later, I also did not have the opportunity to read the memoirs of 42 people, victims of Ngo Dinh Can?

Hereafter, please cite following the question of the Institute for Questioning the Surgeon Duong Van Hieu:

“IN. Nguyen Van Duc on behalf of the prosecutor's office asked the defendant Duong Van Hieu for ten minutes about the word 'special affairs':

- Why not call, for example, 'anti-Communist work' or something, do not set the word “special”. What is special about? 
Hieu confused, I do not know where to reply. The Attorney General asked again, Hieu replied: 'Special job nouns have long been ...'

The attorney general says alone: ​​'No! Special work is special! ' 
Each time the witness testified, the chief judge asked the defendant: 
- Did the accused see ...?

And each time, the defendants replied: 'absolutely none'. “

(Nam Dinh, ibid., The Chung Daily)

Results of the Sentencing Secret / b>


After that the court sentenced only four heads. All other employees are acquitted.

·                     Duong Van Hieu: living in miserable life.

·                     Thai Nguyen Nguyen Nhu Thai: General body suffering. (In fact, there are two Thai White Thai, ie Le Thai Thai worked for Tran Kim Tuyen).

·                     Nguyen Thien Dzai: General body suffering.

·                     Phan Khanh: 10 years of hard labor.

According to Duong Van Hieu's subsequent disclosure to the lawyer, Lam Xuan Trinh, ”widow named Dinh Xuan Quang, wife of a former Minister of the Bao Dai era, interrogated me. But there is no concrete evidence. ”


According to Duong Van Hieu, if I had killed anyone then surely Mai Huu Xuan had “made me”. It is Mai Huu Xuan also with Duong Van Hieu. However, the Revolutionary Court was presided over by a civil judge. (Including Colonel Duong Hieu Nghia as a member.)


But soon, in 1964, the government gave three planes carrying all the political prisoners of war, about 40 inland. (In fact, the release was signed by Tran Van Huong release paper)


The conviction of forced labor and then released shows that this is a purely political case, without any legal basis as well as proceedings.


Shortly thereafter, Duong Van Hieu received a letter from the Central Intelligence Agency, General Nguyen Khac Binh, and Bach Dang to invite him to work in the Intelligence Research Division. office, sit and play.)


This is also the case of Dao Quang Hien, a director of the Internal Security Department of the Interior Ministry imprisoned for seven months, later also to work in the Central Intelligence Agency Secretariat as the Director of the organization under the authority Colonel Le Van Nhieu, Nguyen Khanh's men.

(Lam Sin Trinh, “Awakening, National & Communist,” p. 425)


Other prison sentences

Please summarize that these people are not in the framework of the Secretariat of Ngo Dinh Can.Trich again article title of Reporter Nam Dinh, newspapers Chung as follows:


Lord Sunday 18, Monday 19-7-65. 13 senior officers in the National Police. Imprisonment of Unlawful Detention and the Abolition of the 13 Patriots: 10-6-1964."


The following 13 patriots have the following names:

1.                 Nguyen Phan Chau, Ta Chi Diep himself

2.                 Huynh Huu Thien, self Yu

3.                 Huynh Thien Tu

4.                 Nguyen Van Tap, teacher training

5.                 Nguyen Van Danh

6.                 Le Hoai Nam, Truong Van Kinh himself

7.                 Vu Tam Anh

8.                 Lam Hoang Ba

9.                 Chen Chi Tai

10.             Lý Tâm Nghiệp

11.             Ton That Duong

12.             Nguyen Bao Toan

13.             Phan Xuan Gia


In the end, only four sentenced to life imprisonment. Also be absolved.

The four hardships include Nguyen Van Y, Nguyen Van Hay, Khue Van Hai and Tran Buu Liem.Also acquitted: Huỳnh Phuoc Bang, Le Van Thao, Nguyen Van Ngoi, Nguyen Thanh Huan, Nguyen Van Hieu, Vo Van Chai and Vo Van Duong. “

In this case, it has something to say. First of all, I would like to quote the article of Nam Dinh journalist in Than Chung:

After 4 hours of deliberation, Chief Justice Tran Minh Tiet and his people's deputies and military personnel answered many questions and agreed to close the charge of “trying not to plot” so all four new people from death. “



A child knows that the political assassination must be ordered from above and to make, to have a good plan .. However, the revolutionary court has to break this is a “ to avoid the death sentence for the accused?


Who can believe the decision of Chief Judge Tran Minh Tiet is to comply with the law? 


And again, the case of Major-General Dao Quang Hien did not understand why he was acquitted? Because in front of the court, Khieu Van Hai declared that he only followed the orders of Major Quang Quang Hien?




I have lived my entire youth and adolescence between the First and Second Congo backgrounds.I understand somewhat the achievements and failures of both. I love and are proud of the First Republic and can not say otherwise. I let the hateful regimes out of my ears because I realized that the general political tendency in both the American and Vietnamese worlds was aware of the truth and the horrible death of them.


But there is a deep difference between the two regimes: First Republican leadership is young and inexperienced, but the ideal of nationality, patriotism and high service ideals in people like Diem.Besides Ngo Dinh Diem are exemplary civil servants who live in a professional manner, such as Quach Cong Duc, Vo Van Hai, Doan Them and other Secret Service personnel.


In particular, I think the return of justice to the core officers of the First Republic Republic has been wrongfully judged to be re-evaluated. Their work is more sinful without clear evidence.


Just compare the system of messages between the two periods well enough. After 1963, the Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency headed by General Nguyen Khac Binh, with a large number of staff, full money has made what merit? Or just to see, communist cadres have been invading almost openly in schools, in some temples and in government agencies!Huynh Van Trong, the spy detective Vu Ngoc Nha, in the Presidential Palace published publicly in the press by the CIA, which has the merit of the Special Government.


Looking back to the first years of the First Republic, at least it is a discipline, orderly, orderly society. If there is anything to regret on my part, I have had a great deal of appreciation for Tran Kim Tuyen both in his profession and in his loyalty to which I later knew I was mistaken. That is also true in the case of Duong Van Minh.


But later I could not find such minimum things in the leaders after 1963 as Mr. Duong Van Minh, Nguyen Khanh, etc.


I remember as after the successful revolution, the generals allowed to open the tea room, to dance. Disclose Strategy without any alternative policy solution.


The uproar and grievances of the generals of the Revolutionary Military Council, right from the beginning, were never revealed.


The deaths of Diem and Nhu instead of helping them peace of mind, unite together is the germ to divide them. The split, Americans know all without interference. US liquid hands for Nguyen Khanh corrected.


Then the division became worse when Duong Van Minh eliminated General Nguyen Khanh and General Do Cao Tri in the Military Council. After this it will be the cause of the adjustments.


In particular, looking back at the work of Duong Van Minh are all negative. His political life is a scapegoat role in many cases.


Take an example. Chinh Luan, May 8, 1964 reported as follows:

“Ordinance refusing petition of indulgences of East and Cẩn.Saigonton (VTX). In the morning of May 5-5, Lt Gen Duong Van Minh, the Nationalist leader of the Republic of Vietnam, signed a two-day Decree No. 0006-QT / SL and No. 0007-QT / SL dismissed Phan Quang Dong's request for an amnesty (dated 28- 3-64 and of Ngo Dinh Can on April 23rd-64. “


Kill the Nationals, but release all communist cadres arrested before 1963. This does not understand why, the press media did not speak out! What other action is a “treason” action?


Listen to Ten Thousand comments:

“Duong Van Minh's coup attempted to silence Diem's ​​factions, not mind the old political prisoners, so it was very crowded and easy to drop. Nguyen Tu Thai (assistant to the Central Special Forces) later said that in 1965, Tran Van Hai, the chief of the special police investigation unit, shouted out to the coup leaders that they could not eat anything. Bribed to drop Communist cadres, and mistakenly dropped an important intelligence officer, Muoi Huong. His profile commented on the summary:

“The party closed down in 1955, did not join the Communist Party and was detained for six years.” “

(Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hai “Tran Quoc Huong, intelligence chief”, p. 155)


I do not know who made the fake record as to have the excuse of dropping Ten Thousand?

Muoi Huong was released on May 18, 1964. That is six months after the revolution that overthrew the First Republic. When released, Ten Huong laughed at the faces of those who released him by making the following statement: “The joke is: Now, we released his brother out to eat Ho's birthday.”


I am humiliating for Duong Van Minh. More humor when looking at the picture he stooped as a sinner to the radio to read orders to surrender.







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