Ngo Dinh Can, who are you?

(Part 1)


Nguyen Van Luc




For the title of this article, I am inspired by the three-hour defense of lawyer Vo Van Quan posing to law-abiding people such as Nguyen Khanh with a 4/64 law, The name of Justice can be heard by Mr. Can, for witnesses who accuse Mr. Can, for all those who hate and love Can can answer the question: Ngo Dinh Can. Who are you?


Mr. Ngo Dinh Can, 53 years old, went to court on 16 April 1964. IIng declared innocent. Source: UPI



Watching the trial with Quan's attorney for Mr. Can, there was almost a silence running through the courtroom. The silence was that the lawyer had struck something, something of those present.


Nam Dinh has asked: I do not know 9 years in Hue he shouted out how fire, do not go to court today, I sit away from the defendant 4 meters I did not hear anything, although I was near the river Huong Mountain Ngự how many years. (Reported by Nam Dinh journalist for Than Chung newspaper).


Please quote the lawyer Vo Van Quan after the defense for Mr. Can:

“Quit, I sat down in silence. At the end of the courtroom there was a lonely applause from someone. (...) I looked at Mr. Can again. He said: Thank you very much. The former prosecutor of Phan Khai Khuong looks at me and nods with a smile. The head of lawyer Nguyen Van Huyen calm down, pulling my hand in particular: “This commissioner of government is not medium hands. You should be careful not to overheat, too early to give the Court an excuse to make it difficult for him. I'm always in the courtroom to defend you.”

(Vo Van Quan, “Lawyer, Profession or Karma?, Some feelings and memories of a period of professional practice, Ngo Dinh Can case.”) Or “From counsel to guide death”. , 1992)


Notes on Ls Quan: Lawyer Vo Van Quan graduated with a law degree in civil law in 1954 in Saigon, moving to criminal law practice in 1960. He has been a lawyer for many political-civil cases. The First and Second Republic as Caravelle, General Duong Ngoc Lam, Major General Lam Van Phat, Doctor Nguyen Van Man, Colonel Dam Quang Yeong, Representative Tran Ngoc Chau, engineer Zhang Liang, etc.


Lt Vo Van Quan's courage and courage in the case of the Caravelle group, the Republican Party, was the source of his appeal to Tran to ask him to argue for Can. There are many well-known lawyers who are familiar with their families who refuse to accept arguments.


Why is there such silence? That is the adversity of this trial. Under the right people, go in and out, bear the rain of hooks now become the judge. At the meeting with journalist Hong Phuc, Lt Vo Van Quan revealed that, “After the first trial, Mr. Can said his men (three colonels, a lieutenant colonel), Mr. Can made the name clear. Sometimes Mr. Can looked at them with glittering eyes through his glasses, those who met that look shyly turned away.”


(In the case of Mr. Ngo Dinh Can, according to lawyer Vo Van Quan, when interviewed by Hong Phuc journalist for World Today Day, 17 March 2012).

According to Ls Quan:

“Judge Ngo Dinh Can included: Le Van Thu, Judge. Juror: Colonel Nguyen Van Chuan, Colonel Dang Van Quang, Colonel Truong Van Chuong, Lieutenant Colonel Duong Hieu Nghia. People's jurors include gentlemen: Nguyen Van Phuoc, Nguyen Van Yen, Nguyen Huu Suu and Bui Van Nhu. Attorney General: Major Nguyen Van Duc. Clerk Nguyen Van Tam. In the record: The Revolutionary Court, due to the law 4/64, February 20, 1964.”


The component of this trial was handed down by Nguyen Khanh himself to the Order No. 120-TP appointing his men as the colonels mentioned above.


According to Lt Vo Van Quan, the four officers mentioned in his book:

“The achievements of Mr. Dang Van Quang galaxy know too much, please excuse.The achievements of colonel Nguyen Van Chuân, please you readers poisoned Vietnamese author Tran Van Don's book Vietnam will see nothing worth mentioning. Colonel Truong Van Chuong later became involved in a smuggling operation. As for Lieutenant Colonel Duong Hieu Nghia, less than a year after the case of Ngo Dinh Can, I met him again in this courtroom, but he slumped down on the seat of the accused in a coup on 13-9. -year-1964, life story is very unforgettable as such.”

(Vo Van Quan, ibid., World Today's Newspaper, No. 108, March 2-3 93, p. 89)


Is this a flip-flop? Is the accuser becoming the accused?


In the interview of journalist Hong Phuc with Vo Van Quan, there is a quite important question as follows:

According to lawyer, Mr. Ngo Dinh Can is guilty or innocent?


Ls. Vo Van Quan: To answer this question, I base on the record of the defendant Ngo Dinh Can. Based on the records, there was no evidence of any of Can's papers ordering the police to extort money and kill the Central spy victims. I asked the Government Commissioner, “In what document do you hand over Mr. Can's command of the judiciary, is there a directive signed by the accused to order the officers?” Absolutely no. Without a clue, there was no evidence of this, and the commissioner had to bring witnesses to charge him. But if not objectively substantiated, there is no guarantee that impartial witnesses are not distracted for self-interest, free from bribery or intimidation. Who are these called witnesses really who are they? These witnesses are the flip-floppers, you can not believe their words!


Attorney Vo Van Quan cited a legal principle in the Criminal Code as clearly defined as follows:

“A law in the Criminal Tribunal provides that the Court must - and only - base its case on judgment, even what the judge knows by itself, but not on the record, The judge is also not entitled to rely on that privacy. The law is very fair: private insights are not documented in the record, are not approved by the Institution and by the defense, and can not be used as a basis for the investigation. Trial can be.

(Vo Van Quan, ibid., Day Nay, No. 107, January 1-93).



And here is the last word of Mr. Can:

He slowly said he was innocent, did not have power, did not issue orders to the police officers to do illegal. He begs nothing. He knew the ruthless rule of politics and he seemed calmly accepted, even though the object of the game was his life.”

(Vo Van Quan, Ibid, Day Nay, No. 110. May-93)


On the side of Mr. Ngo Dinh Can, after being sentenced to death, Can not plead guilty and an innocent cry.


Lawyer Vo Van Quan and Mr. Ngo Dinh Can in krom Chiasm (1964). Source: Petrotimes.


But Lt Vo Van Quan also knows that there is no possibility of acquittal. The trial in Saigon from Ngo Dinh Can, Tran Trung Dung, Ls advocate is convinced that: The death sentence has already been determined. All is just a performance like a play in lang lang in the beginning.


People wonder where Justice is in the Court? Located on the top three large buildings with Le Van Thu, Chief Judge. Le Van Duc, Attorney General? Or is it behind the door of the courtroom with whom the late Tran Trung Dung in the United States has the opportunity to tell every detail to Ls Quan about the scandalous money harassment, fraudulent tricks after the case? And more importantly, the exchange on the corpse of Ngo Dinh Can of Nguyen Khanh wants to appeal to the Tri Quang Buddhist group? Khanh changed his alignment with the factions that promised to look good for him, and he would lean towards it.


Lawyer Vo Van Quan understands the mind of Nguyen Khanh:

“To buy the sympathy of the Buddhist world. The authorities announced they would bring Ngo Dinh Can to trial immediately. Right. Mr. Can must be brought to trial to answer his charges. But abruptly brought him to trial, with the aim of bribing the support of the Buddhist world, buying time for the government - it was not just the act of justice, but the “political tricks of abuse of justice.

(Ls Vo Van Quan, ibid., The Daily News, No. 107, January-March)


Nguyen Khanh prepared a legal corridor with the decree 4/64 dated 28.2.1964 to bring people such as Phan Quang Dong, Ngo Dinh Can and Dang Sy to court and they would not avoid launching the death penalty. . Khanh sent Colonel Nguyen Van Mau, Director of the French Navy, to the Justice Minister to make the law 4/64.


Currently no one knows the identity of the lawyers who drafted the 4/64 law. And even now they know, they also deliberately hide without revealing identity. Then who is signing this law to implement?


National leader Duong Van Minh or Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh? But Nguyen Khanh affirmed that he had committed all charges to Duong Van Minh: the deaths of brothers Ngo Dinh Diem and Ngo Dinh Can were due to Duong Van Minh's personal revenge.


The principle of this Code is not to respect the principle of non-retroactivity of the code. Therefore, the court may hear the crimes committed during the period from October 26, 1955 to October 1, 1963.


Article 5 prohibits the revolutionary court from reducing the right to refusal, nor is it suspended.Article 16 prohibits the defendants from appealing.


These are extremely cruel murder laws. Pity for the country at the end of the show should encounter the crooks who are incompetent to dishonesty, denial.


For defense lawyers, he said that when “politics goes in the front door, the law must go to the back door.” He also did not forget to refer to the case of the French Revolution as the final word before the court's judgment as follows:

“In the 1789 revolution of France, the Congress called the Convention Nationale, elected during the La Terreur era, consisting mostly of people led by bloodthirsty tycoon Ropespierre. Ropespierre has declared a death sentence. In that special trial, many of the Convention Nationale questioned the vicissitudes of King Louis XVI, suggesting that they would vote for the death penalty.


When he stood up for Louis XVI, lawyer De Sège bravely spoke to them:

“I came here looking for the magistrates, but I only met the executioners.”

(Vo Van Quan, Ibid, 119, May-March)


This evidence of the lawyer Vo Van Quan is different to pointing to the officers sitting on the court, they are not judges but just executors no less than no less!


The conviction was so severe that the judges sitting in silent silence voiced no objection.


Or, conversely, is it located on the accused side of the horseshoe rim? Who is Ngo Dinh Can? If no 4/64 law, then the head of Ngo Dinh Can still stick on the neck? Can not die for the crime of death, because the legal framework as inhuman death scythe.


So, until I got this pen, who was Mr. Can's answer? is not easy for anyone. Many of them are still there.


General Khanh denies all charges against him


During the Second Republic, almost no one ever used the mind to retrieve records of the death sentences Phan Quang Dong, Ngo Dinh Can and Dang Sy. Do you want to forget? At the same time many people mention the death of Diem-Nhu brothers with hundreds of documents mostly written by foreigners.


Where Mr. Can is completely forgotten.


Praise may not be desirable compliment is not convenient because he is just a little rural people, his main job is to take care of his elderly mother. Normally, people tend to ignore the less learned.Even brothers in the house can also have the despicable attitude “Cẩn”. Plus the guidance of the Central Command that certainly does not have the official letter of the president. According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Minh, due to the need to combine mass organizations in Central Vietnam, it was decided to set up a steering office headed by Ngo Dinh Can. It has no budget, not a government administrative system. Of which the guidance office is only local, local, not governmental, was established in late 1957.


Later on, I saw that there were many sporadic records related to the past, such as Trí Quang's autobiography, Trí Quang's Story, Ngoc An's wife, Lt. Col. Tran Van's wife. Reward, director of the Central Police Department. The Unified Buddhist Record of Do Trung Hieu. In particular, Le Du, the head of the Thua Thien National Police, sent the General Secretary of the Committee Operating Central Plains Region. Then White Letter of TT Center. There are suspicious documents in photocopy, not the author's name as: Giac Mo leader, referring to activities of Tri Quang and Buddhism in the Central.


The more readings you hear, the more things you need to think about and say.


I also know for sure, ten of the ten do not have a chance to read the Human Rights Record: Report of the Buddhist investigation delegation. The full report of the United Nations Delegation Survey interviews victims' witnesses, 1963. And when they return to their conclusion: There is no religious repression in Vietnam.


And if anyone has the opportunity to read this book, understand the nature of the Buddhist struggle, avoiding so many futile arguments?


Regarding American books related to Buddhism, I very much appreciate: Lotus Unleashed, The Buddihst Peace Movement in South Vietnam 1964-1966 by Robert J. Topmiller. 2002.


Read this book to understand Tri Quang is who? And Buddhism in the period 1964-1965 was essentially a political force that went parallel to the MTBBQ.


However, personally I began to pay attention to Ngo Dinh Can when Colonel Nguyen Van Minh, Office Can for nine years wrote two books: Ngo Dinh family, the dream has not reached and the second book recently : Ngo Dinh family, dream is betrayed. I have the opportunity to know more about you and the external sources.


However, I only really paid attention to the records of Ngo Dinh Can when I read the documents on the other side: The Counterfeit or True Right of Du Van Van as well as the article “Reluctant Writer” of Du Van Quan. (This document was given to Nguyen Van Trung by Du Van Cao when abroad).


The next material is that of Muoi Huong in “Strategic Intelligence. And the most recent one is just a reminder of the past: Tran Quoc Huong, intelligence chief, written by Nguyen Thi Ngoc, 2015.


But I have to confess the book is capable of attracting and convincing me fiercely and definitely is the book of lawyer Vo Van Quan, while still in the paper on Today Day, 1992 on: Lawyer Occupation or Industry. Now the lawyer is no longer available.


I write this article largely based on the author's paper, who has heartily advocated Ngo Dinh Can.And now bowed to the spirit both of them: the accuser and the defense.


Next are the interviews with Ls Lam Le Trinh with characters such as General Nguyen Khanh (interview with Nguyen Khanh now no longer accessible) Ton That Dinh, Colonel Nguyen Van Y, General Huynh Van Cao and so on.


It is impossible not to mention the interviews of journalist Hong Phuc Tran Van Thuong, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Minh.


Then to the article by the author Tú Gàn condemned the crime of General Khanh. Just like Bui Duy Liem, the television station of Hoa Thanh Dau, interviewed Nguyen Khanh and in this interview, he clumsily avoided Xiu Gan's arguments.


In this section, we record what General Khanh said to answer his convictions in the plot to kill Phan Quang Dong, Ngo Dinh Can and Dang Sy.


General Khanh responded to an interview with the Washington Broadcasting Corporation.


During an interview with Vietnamese television station in Thanh Hoa, Viet Nam, THiMMD in Washington DC by Bui Duong Liem. The interviewer mentioned who ordered the murder of Ngo Dinh Can to ask General Khanh.


General Khanh said: he is very fond of Mr. Ngo Dinh Can, because Can is the sacrifice to stay at home for his mother, instead of him.


But he replied clumsily that he no longer remembered him or Duong Van Minh had signed them.


He found all ways to save Mr. Ngo's network. He acknowledged that he signed the ordinance appointing jury officers including Dang Van Quang, a Catholic, very close to Can as well as two other Catholic officers and two Buddhist officers. (There are only four jurors, not five). And he hopes three Catholic officers will vote without conviction of Can's death.


But Khanh, in the end, Colonel Quang did not do anything. On the other hand, Do Mau also goes to court every day and threatens to sit on it.


When he was convinced that Can was killed, according to General Khanh, he was in pain. He said he has close family connections with Ngo Dinh Diem, outsiders do not know. He also once told Mr. Duong Van Minh, then head of state, the right to forgive or kill Mr. Can is the right of General Duong Van Minh. The head of state can change the death penalty to life imprisonment, why not do it.


Khanh also said that the documents related to the case Ngo Dinh Can now no longer, who accused him, please excuse him.


Mr. Bui Duong Liem poses the question: ”The law of the court of war is not appealed. Who made that law? “ Khanh said. ” I do not know. But let me see the documentation!”


In particular, he specifically mentioned the meeting place of journalist TiGan, Lujiang in a paper written in California. Then Tú Gàn posted an answer on 12.4.2009.


I think, Duong Van Minh was built by Mr. Khanh, then left as a do thing because. Absolute power is in Nguyen Khanh alone.


General Nguyen Khanh as well as other generals, until death, no one dares to tell the truth.


That is true in all truth. They are all cowards.


Record the scene of the day Mr. Ngo Dinh Can in the law by journalists recorded on the spot. 

Here, we would like to quote the scenic scene in the case of Mr. Can. Perhaps it is in the atmosphere of death and mournfulness that shows how scary the atmosphere is. And it is the death itself that can leave each one of us a lesson !!

Journalist Ly Quy Chung.


A young journalist Ly Quy Chung at that time, would not have had any resentment with the regime of the First Republic recorded the following summary.


“I still remember Mr. Can's attitude to the court very arrogant, he did not care about the progress of the trial. Pay no attention to the charges against him. He wore a white silk blouse, his eyes closed as if sleeping through the proceedings. There are times when there are gestures of contempt when the generals are sitting on their hands.


And when executed, Ly Quy Chung wrote:

“He was tied tightly to the execution column and was about to be blindfolded, wanting to see for himself the execution. But the verifier explained to him that the rules were not supposed to allow them to do otherwise. People are still blindfolded by him and a series of third-person death rifles and the youngest of the Ngo family since the 1-11-1963 coup.


My account emphasizes two points: Mr. Can not be afraid of death and despised by his handlers in court.”


(Nguyen Van Luc, Ly Qui Chung's Diary of Silence, DCVOnline)


In my opinion, the article, though brief. But the meaning of the trial as well as the meaning of death spoke enough about him. Public opinion can despise him, consider him a wicked warlord, is a god! But before facing his courageous death forced people to think back about him.


News and commentary in the May 12, 1964, issue of “The Capital Press and Two Can-Can, Eastern executions”


About 18 hours 27 minutes, silence comes instant, requires a break within about 1.2 seconds.


10 Military Police (QC) focus on the goal of death. 10 QC turned into 10 statues, not budge. For the first time in my life, I heard strange silent silence. The ball is about to turn a blink of time to formally transform into a French school. The pale appearance of life in the air. The command “shot” is emitted, the crunching sound of the sense of liberation partially masking the flatness.


Death fell to the right side of the face, falling down, blood left in his left hand, his body spilling down, but he was holding the half of his body from the front pillar.Blood splashing out in the pants legs, bright red. The two legs of the criminals kneel at the knees, out, curled.


The silence became frightening, the sound of the death knell was heard in the wind. The commander of 10 military men, running to the death row - now a corpse - fired a shotgun at his head. The doctor examines and confirms a death, a new white stretcher, and then charges the guilty person from the battered window frame.


People were untied tied to death, so embarrassing, thanks to the hands of his expertise Done. The death knell is placed on a stretcher, back into the cribbed window, closed.


And he (Chu Zi) end:

“He who is dead, is no longer a” man “, is no longer our enemy. We all want to put them aside, send them into oblivion, but it takes a great time and a beautiful fact to erase the tragic choking yesterday.


A few remarks made by Chinh Luat on 12-4-64.


Do not understand the writer Zhou Zu has a skirt out to talk or not. Only know he recognized for Need a point that Can knows dead relative well. He said that “As soon as they were about to shoot, the silent silence was so great that the journalists sitting more than ten feet away could hear the breath, the sweat of Can and the wind blowing on Can's white pants.


His general feeling is:

“The need to die is immeasurable, but the death penalty is one that should not exist in the world. In this world, no one should, in the name of justice or in the name of the revolution, or in the name of human civilization, to “shoot” another person, even if a felony piles hundreds of crimes on his head. like Cẩn.


I do not think it is necessary to have any further comments, since the commentary on the revision of the article by Chu Zi, they have comments.

Writer Nam Dinh, newspaper Chung


The following is the article of veteran Nam Dinh newspaper, newspaper Chung. A newspaper was shut down by Diem at the end of 1954, suspected of being a Christian newspaper. Mr.Viet:

“Imagine that I was suffering more than anyone else, when I endured nine years: from 1954, Diem ordered the closing of Shen Chung. What crime?”


He attended the 42 Intellectuals' Courts of Torture and Torture, dated June 23rd. Department of 13 senior staff in the National Police, Sunday 18, Monday 19-7-65.


And of course, including the Ngo Dinh Can trial that the Nam Dinh journalist has set out with a lot of titles such as: All three brothers Diem Cam Nhu died many times. Diem escaped death in 1945. Who gave the need or execution time. 12 noon that need not hungry. When news is not amnesty. Private 10 minutes with Father. The Holy Name of the Needle. Why blindfolded me.Details. Ngo Dinh Canh before the dead.


With a tone of disparagement and hatred unnecessary for a crime. I do not serve the practice of journalists Nam Dinh. He lacked a heart as well as the lack of a professional journalist before a crime. I quote:

In the shooting trial of Ngo Dinh Can, besides those responsible like Attorney Nguyen Van Duc, Chancellor Lam Van Sau, Doctor Phuc, Colonel Bui, Cha Thí (Linh mục của Trung tâm cải huấn Chí Hòa) Và ông Trung tá Quản đốc Trung tâm cải huấn và hai hiến binh. All this crowd was on the third floor, where it should have been detained. Carefully lay his clerk heard him read the death sentence, perhaps to more than 10 minutes. After the death sentence, to the Chief of State decree dismissed the amnesty.

When the clerk heard him read here, he needs to put his hand on the shelf, take deep string that Christians often.

Can he read a rosary

The clerk asked him:

He may have said no?

Be said:

I pray for the nation of Vietnam ... I'm ready to die.

“The gun roared right 6 hours 20 minutes. Buu Union? Randomness is venerable prayers at Three Penguin Le Quang Vinh Tho factory up sword, is venerable in Buu Union. One other coincidence is Ngo Dinh Buu day toward the Union at life form. As well as determining points as given in the hospital St Paul near Xa Loi Pagoda!

(Nam Dinh Quote Journalists, Newspaper Shen Chung, 9-5-64)

Priests For christening for Ngo Dinh before the execution field. Source:


Rather formidable human intentions and political career as so many that injustice makes!


There are also about 200 people to attend as the family of the accused, media representatives, representing all walks of society, both bad and good guys, representing the justice of international judges, judges, lawyer. Representing the press also. Chu Tzu as above, as Nam Dinh, Ly Quy Chung like. Representing Buddhists also, Catholic clergy were not lacking. 


200 people can also represent those who are not present, sitting at home track on the radio as the school press conference Nguyen Khanh, Duong Van Minh and Quang Tri.


Who feel guilty? Chu Tzu above also commented that Ngo Dinh die with dignity? How is death with dignity? Live indecent that the dignified death? Then again sentenced, has advised ships military death: “No one should be in the name of justice or revolution... then organized the” feast “shot another person as Ngo Dinh.”


Read reports in the press time directly in 1964, I think of the story Strikes hanging branches of Nguyen Tuan, record the scene treating the prisoners guillotine of the French colonial administration.


Although this association does not necessarily have the same content and context. But the atmosphere of death hovering somewhere where they, too, do the same.


Death became a message of the decedent for the living.


But it is the same in the cool air, the smell of death Where vicious air with mournful and eerie silence.


And in that moment he, who caused “crimes” he thinking? Who put to death Ngo Dinh? The question is only important for the survivors, but it becomes meaningless to the dead.


I was alive, I had occasion to read the newspaper unfinished stance, fighting agencies of the People's Council of National Salvation outside Hue article iron smell of blood: Hue and Central Vietnamese compatriots think? Dang Sy trial in Saigon? According to the article: When handling Ngo Dinh Can, all Saigon wrote that the people he was tried before a court Be treated. For Dang Si, too, the people were treated before but where have the revolutionary court? (Newspaper stance, June, 1964)


Thus the death of Ngo Dinh due to which even the treatment People like Mr. Le Van Thu Judge is only the executor of the people's attention? Then the defense lawyer as Vo Van Quan know exactly what you do and have done a hard, lonely in the trial?


The main ones that indirectly kill Council Phan Quang Dong, and Ngo Dinh. .


The strength of his Council after becoming a government “ghost”. Main Council denied that the government triumvirate (Mr Minh, Mr. Khanh-Khiem). And then he and Mr Oanh Minh City to Hue ringing endorsements pulled together to petition the Council. Council with power issues bilaterally with the government. In several central provinces, many Council has been set up and they saw the comedy of those remnants should work out his present Mayor. He moved past governor of the Council hearing.


Therefore, the death of Ngo Dinh final is to satisfy hatred disguised under what is known as the People? But People Who new?


In an initial plea, lawyer Guan said:

“I start with a deep voice: “Outside is a sea of ​​hatred. Hatred towards the regime was ousted, hatred against the accused Ngo Dinh Can, became a symbol of Wu Dynasty. Pending court, but many people claim to be a decision Nhut death sentence, requires the network to the atonement, the blood debt to pay with blood.”

(Vo Van Quan, Ibid. Today, No. 108, May 2-3-93)


In my opinion, kill Ngo Dinh care is a futile death for all sides. At most satisfactory only brings hatred of a minority


However, in my opinion between the death of brother Ngo Dinh Diem and Ngo Dinh Nhu-his death Ngo Dinh have differences should say.


Brothers in the massacre Diem-Nhu. Until now, people are not seen in the one who directly ordered the killing of Diem. To avoid, or run the offense, not one general got killed Diem, even one who is considered the mastermind many as Duong Van Minh evidence. Duong Van Minh has sought to blame from the Nguyen Van Thieu! Nguyen Van Thieu reacted aggressively and blamed Duong Van Minh coward. The majority, it's best to just blame Cabot Lodge or the Americans he was the mastermind killed brother Ngo Dinh Diem.


Duong Van Minh is one of the times Pilate, wash your hands so as to not get into the blood until he died.


In my opinion, Diem and Nhu were killed not because of hatred but because of the disaster comes from themselves, because they are too strong. Generals too scared both of them, especially Mr. Nhu. So the best way is to avoid a post-painting except turn the flag as the recovery in 1960, then their fate will be like?


The death of two brothers Diem is to post-painting except that Americans can impotence can not intervene or indirectly accept!


Recently, veteran journalist Nguyen Ngoc Linh has just died, Nguoi Vietnam has for playback 6 interview Nguyen Ngoc Linh. Nguyen Ngoc Linh in which he also recognized the South Vietnamese generals not out anything, has not established, nor have the knowledge, it is imperative for fear Diem brothers that they must eliminate. And later, they pulled into the pits RVN.


He also frankly acknowledged he personally injured Diem much. Diem speak English fluently, but when exposed to high-level US officials, never provide false Diem Vo Van Hai Nguyen Ngoc Linh cried as interpreter.


His death Ngo Dinh different. It is a political case, within legal framework 4-64, dated February 18, 1964 under the Nguyen Khanh, to establish revolutionary courts. This law has retroactive effect. Take his fate in the hands of Nguyen Khanh and the so-called People. People here that namely People's Revolutionary Council outside Hue and some central provinces like Nha Trang, Da Nang, Quang Tri, Quang Ngai. Then the Council of National Salvation was converted into by Tri Quang and some university professors chaired Hue.


The reason I can say this, because later in the SCS central region, Most Venerable Thich Tri Quang personally met Ls Vu Van Quan to because he defended the chicken house as the meeting Dr. Chow, Mayor of Da Heavy.


The death of two brothers Diem-Nhu, confess I did not learn a lot and it does not haunt me how much. At most contempt for the incompetence of the generals because they do not know the coup done that they have to do, in addition to obey the Americans.


His death left Ngo Dinh taught me many things about politics crazy island, about life, about attitudes in harsh circumstances. And more importantly, if he is not the death penalty, then my attitude towards him uneasy, as well as a lack of respect. The deaths that made him become a great and shows that something petty and trivial many.


His attitude and his style before the courts as well as when faced with death made him grow up and let the enemies he sat smaller, more despicable.


The rewritten lawyers in final encounter before he was executed in the courtyard Be rear explore Chi Hoa. Can he and the lawyer were talking to each other for three hours and he needs to have confided a lot. And for the first time, he revealed the secret he kept from before. He said that Ms. Tran Trung Dung was narrated to him before he was brought to trial, “man” (he still signs do not reveal their names) promised if he agreed to move to the “people” of several million dollars cash in his accounts in Switzerland, he would be smuggled through Singapore aircraft alive. But he knows that person is a flip parasols, if he mistakenly believed their funds transfer would be scene “money lost disability longer”, he adamantly refused. Later, on the occasion of a priest to explore Chi Hoa with his ceremony, he signed a power of attorney for her religious order of priests territorial aforementioned amount,authorization sheets tucked in a scripture of the priest. He said: “I would rather give to You and not be enriched to them!”


Then lawyers concluded:

“Come on, I could not convince people whisper courage, knowing tragic death is adjacent narrowly that retains demeanor casually, leisurely sit for several hours to chat with me.”

(Vo Van Quan, ibid., Newspaper Today, No. 110, May 5-93)


Indeed, in the trial advocate. Ls The disclosure is only through him he needed to have a view dieu- something he did not want to say. That is:

“These witnesses are the duplicity, flip parasols, you can not believe in building their words are. Claiming they had humbled me with those of the old regime. They had been sycophantic enough ways to solicit favors. In the old days, how much they butting after the coup, the more they toady, cursing, tramples people to round out past old flattery and incorporation time with the new regime. “

(Vo Van Quan, ibid., Newspaper Today, No. 110, May 5-93)


Vo Van Quan lawyer also contacted his case Ngo Dinh on those flip parasols help think of the case of César Roman antiquity. Brutus was a close César minister is considered a child and support their best César. But to date against incarnation faction murdered and stabbed César dust bag, he fiercely resist. But when he saw Brutus also among SAS's privacy. César coal: Until the child but also reflect father again? Then take the cell bodice covered his face, despite the killing murderer!


Among the generals of the First Republic, has many Brutus?


But on the other hand, there is a comment indispensable is the attitude opposite to death on the shores of Prince Birth is an attitude of Ngo Dinh Can, but little match, according to the version of the lawyer Vu Van Quan!


Vo Van Quan and lawyer, who took a job humiliation is justified in the case against the accused wrote as follows about the Si Dang TT Tri Quang did not testify in court:

“In poetry, TT statement clearly willing to testify in court about what happened in the Central, because he led the struggle was. Of course, the court did not invite TT Tri Quang to court as a witness so that he does not use the trial as a political forum. Still prosecute him, “they” dare they did long ago. Not to mention behind the court, there is “the infamous money harassment, the underhanded tricks perfidious.”

(Vo Van Quan, lawyer or Professional Occupation, No. 100, May 5-92)


This is the heart of the exchange between Mr. Ngo Dinh Quan and the law after the Court sentenced to death:

“Before no room for deliberation, the Court for the last words he needed to say. Slowly he calmly said that he was innocent, no authority, no police ordered the members as illegal. Imploring him not conjure anything.

He knew the rules of the political ruthless and he seems calm acceptance, although the game is the main object of their lives.

After deliberation to khya. (I guess they prolonged the time to rest, eating) or the Court declared capital punishment.

Mr. Be silent.

I grab his shoulder comforting.

Two military police to pull him away step, as they approached the door, suddenly he looked back at me, eyes suddenly tragic after white glasses. The first time was the only time I caught sight distressed, so tragic where he needs.

Until now look that still haunts me every time remember the case. “

(Vo Van Quan, lawyer or Professional Occupation, ibid., No. 110, May, 1992)



Mr. Ngo Dinh (1964). Source: OntheNet


If you need to say anything else about his death sentence Ngo Dinh thi I only have a few lines: this is the death of a goat that god. He died for his family. For the saintly are trusting of your brother Ngo Dinh Diem. For the confusion irrespective of religion with Ngo Dinh Thuc life, of her habit of steering Loan Ngo Dinh Nhu.


And he must also die for but who murdered him as Duong Van Minh Nguyen Tran Thien Khiem Do blood-capital Khanh- Ton That Dinh's just that we lack faith minister, lacks talent.


I borrow the word of God as a way of expressing crucifix symbol of the day instead of Diem and his regime:

“Popule meus, quid fecit tibi? Aut in quo contristavit te? Responde mihi. “ 

(O My people, what have I done to thee what? Please answer for me or.)


“Quia te de terra Aegypti eduxi: Parasti Crucem Salvatsrituo.” 

(Is it because I have brought you out of the land of Egypt. So therefore ye evil Cross for thy Savior).


Vibration when I write these lines.


And let us not forget, even one who had done by order of the four generals on, his fate no better: Major Nguyen Van Nhung, who is considered a direct hand killed two brothers tt. Point.


He eventually died carpet - more like a goat when Nguyen Khanh do than- immediately revised. This is murder to silence !!!


To borrow the words of Scripture as follows:


Today in the church of Holy Week Catholicism, people heard that after reading Scripture as follows:

“Then the Lord told Moses and Aaron in his two Egyptians that this month is the first month of the year, the first month in every month. Make sure the whole population knows that: On the 10th of this month, each of them and each must choose a lamb. If not enough people in the house to eat, then invite the best neighbor enough to eat. Must select rams, clean for a year. These people may also be replaced by a goat qualify like that. Keep it until the 14th of this month and all the people of Israel will consecrate it in the afternoon. Take blood it illuminate the doors and the bar of the people eat. During the night, eat barbecue with unleavened bread and wild vegetables. Do not eat raw or boiled, but roasted. Eat all the head, feet and entrails. Not to assume until the morning. If remainder then burned. This is the way to keep while eating: Be belts,Pierced leg boots, and holding a cane. Eat a hurry because the days pass, day pass God.”

(According to the Old Testament, fried meat festival is to celebrate the liberation of Israel from slavery in Egypt. On the other hand, the dedication was meant as a redemption .: All the crimes of the people will blame from the rams in the other clean and the animals were burned away, it carries all traces always dirty it).



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