China fears the investigation of Coronavirus


Posted on April 29, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Commonly, a felon often fears the investigation of Police or any investigating agencies. Dishonestly, China’s Communist Party always avoids the US, and the independent bodies to investigate the source of Novel Coronavirus after the hypothesis quibbled the deadly virus originates from the wet market in Wuhan and the bat plus wild animals meat couldn’t convince the people. Moreover, China failed to shift the Coronavirus comes from the US. The world knew China’s communist government is the totalitarian regime, the genocide of a hundred million Chinese people proved the mercilessness of the Ape covered the human’s body. Nevertheless, the massive compensation appalls China’s communist regime, China will face the legal action from two hundred victimized nations, the compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, it is enough to bankrupt and the fate of China’s Communist Party.


From more than 28 years ago, Australia fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and particularly the government trap carried out by political donations, the corruption. Mostly, when the Australian Labor Party ruled the government, China gained the best policies on trade and economic facilities. Labor politicians like Prime Minister Bob Hawke (deceased), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Labor’s undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Penny Wong, former NSW premier and former Foreign Minister Bob Carr, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, and others have stood alongside with China’s communist government. Australia sold a lot of national assets to China including the strategic port in Darwin with the lease is $AU 506 million in 99 years, Merriden airport in Western Australia leased 100 years with one dollar. China’s communist regime often uses trade and debt traps to intimidate, bully the Australian government.


After the Australia government required an investigation about the Coronavirus, China outrages, it reflects the fear of biological culprit. China’s ambassador to Australia Jingye Cheng exposes the brazen attitude of a bandit than an ambassador, he accuses Australia playing the political game and intimidating to stop the imported goods from Australia, he threatens to call the Chinese public to boycott Australian products and Chinese tourists will not visit Australia in the future. His provocation arouses the patriotic spirit of Australian people that reflects on social media.


The agricultural products made in the communist paradise of China match the poor quality, poison, and contamination. Even the baby’s powder milk, Chinese people do love Australian than China’s powder milk. In 2008, the infant formula of Chinese milk killed six babies and more than 300,000 babies poisoned. Although China took over the infant formula company Bellamy’s Organic priced $AU 1.5 billion but Chinese people doubt China Mengniu Dairy company. During the Coronavirus pandemic spreading, Chinese people in Australia rushed to buy Australian baby powder milk and sending to family in the mainland. Moreover, Chinese people like Australian beef and pork, and Chinese people favor Australian wine.


The Coronavirus comes from Wuhan, the false reports, concealment plus the poor test kits and face masks attaching the contamination, so the world suspects every Chinese tourist including students and diplomats can carry the deadly virus. Instead, Australian tourists and other countries fear traveling to China, the communist paradise transformed into a viral paradise.


The intimidation of Ambassador Jingye Cheng is a farce, therefore, the Australian government can file the lawsuit against China. Now, many countries prepare legal action to the International Court or the local court. The massive compensation obsesses with China’s communist government. In Australia, China’s assets are plenty, so the Australian government and the victims can confiscate or retrieve the national assets./.






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