Who is more dangerous than Coronavirus


Posted on April 20, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Coronavirus can reduce the deaths and infection if the World Health Organization didn’t mislead the health advice and early raised the alert about the deadly virus when the pandemic just appeared in Wuhan. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization becomes a deadly virus than Novel Coronavirus. The concealment of China to collude with the World Health Organization causes death toll and the infected population rose worldwide, it the crime opposing the humanity of the global medical firm and the most medical reliability on the planet.


Ape Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is the first director-general without a medical doctoral degree of the World Health Organization elected. The world questions about the selection of W.H.O director-general, the corruption involved and China’s Communist Party-controlled the World Health Organization, so its organization companies with China into the global biological terror launched from early December 2010 in Wuhan.


Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus is the communist, he comes from Ethiopia or Little China in Africa. In the United Kingdom, medical doctor Harold Frederick Shipman, an English general practitioner, but he killed 250 patients, so the court sentenced the life in prison without release. Therefore, the medical cheat of the head of W.H.O causes more than 160,000 deaths and many millions of people infected. The death toll and infected population still rise, it is the genocide of China’s Communist Party and the World Health Organization.


Almost, the countries of the planet are victims of China’s biological warfare terror and the World Health Organization. The collaboration carries out between Ape Emperor Xi Jinping and Ape Dogtor is like the evil works with Satan. On the other hand, China’s Communist Party created the Novel Coronavirus or CHINESE VIRUS and the World Health Organization helped China bringing the deadly virus to everywhere in the world.


The world condemns and distrusts the World Health Organization, President Donald Trump cuts the fund, certainly, W.H.O and its comrade China react and the domestic thugs follow as all kinds of insects struck by the insecticide. The people have no surprise when former Australian Labor Minister Kevin Rudd (someone dubbed KEVIN THUG), the hypocritical philanthropist Bill Gates, the viral lawmaker, commander in thug Nancy Pelosi and the viral politicians criticize the US cuts W.H.O funding.


The left viral media has tried to help China to escape the biological culprit by straying the Coronavirus comes from the bat and wild animal meat at Wuhan’s fish market, shifting the US and recently, the funny reason causes Coronavirus released from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory by the poor equipment. All arguments collapsed, certainly, the world knew China is the culprit of biological warfare terror. The Coronavirus pandemic transmits to the economic pandemic and the propaganda pandemic. The left virus media just broadcast the death toll and infected cases in the US, Europe, and the other countries, but they conceal the massive death toll in China. Unfortunately, high technological communication, social media, and multiple information sources defeat the fake news, the concealment. Recently, China must revise the death toll and the World Health Organization protects China as Juda defends the betrayal.


China’s Communist Party sowed the viral Communism or Maoist to infect the United Nations, the UN Security Council, the Human Rights Council, and the World Health Organization. Nowadays, world organizations become the dens of viral Communism, so the world must fight to remove the deadly virus of Maoist from those organizations.


Commonly, the virus needs a medium to live and develop harmful activities, so the human body is the favorite place. The Coronavirus can cure by the medicine and the vaccine plus separating the virus from the human, the isolation applies to prevent the Coronavirus.


The viral Communism laid inside the world organization can cure by cutting the fund, without money, the leftists in the United Nations and the World Health Organization must shrink the activities. The viral Communism infiltrated world organizations and transmitted those to be the dens of the deadly pandemics as Coronavirus.


The United Nations, the World Health Organization need to reform or disband, the world distrusted. Particularly, the World Health Organization loses the people credit, so any information releases from W.H.O is like the fake news of left media, do not listen to what the W.H.O talks, let’s watch what the W.H.O did. The global biological warfare terror of China hits back the rogue country and also eradicated the credit of the World Health Organization from the grassroots, the serious crime opposes the humanity of Ape Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus can not tolerate, his name has never removed from the world’s medical history and the world condemns forever the medical genocide of the Coronavirus pandemic./.






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