The world isolates China paradise of virus


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Chinese Virus spread worldwide, the quarantine isolates 14 days that is effective to prevent the virus transmits from human to human during waiting for the vaccine. Despite, the actual hand of China is the World Health Organization misled the medical information to the world and delaying the pandemic outbreak to help China launching the globally biological warfare terror, but President Donald Trump responded to the situation quickly:” We are getting great marks for the handling of the CoronaVirus pandemic, especially the very early BAN of people from China, the infectious source, entering the USA. Compare that to the Obama/Sleepy Joe disaster known as H1N1 Swine Flu. Poor marks, bad polls – didn’t have a clue! “.


The enormous evidence proves China’s communist regime is the culprit of biological warfare, certainly, China’s mainland becomes the den of pandemics. SARS pandemic in 2003 appeared the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, and the center of cheat and now CORONAVIRUS comes from Wuhan plus the mainland. The world community must isolate China to prevent a pandemic. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime uses Chinese people as the Coronavirus stations to spread the pandemic, so the world must isolate the people to travel from the mainland and isolate China.


From 1949, China’s Communist Party has propagated to build the communist paradise by the bloodshed campaigns. The social purge caused the deaths of a hundred million Chinese people, Maoist becomes the disaster after the main development’s components are wealthy persons and intellectuals killed, jailed and eliminated from society, moreover, the discrimination policy affects the three generations, it called counter-revolutionary elements. China’s Communist regime must steal the technologies from the capitalist enemy to respond to the arms race, space race for the global hegemonic ambition. The communist paradise in China succeeded with more than three-quarter population earn daily income from $US 2 to $US 5, instead, the Red noble class affords anything from the people’s sweat, particularly, the members of the Political Bureau become millionaires and billionaires.


The cheap laborer plus the consumption market attracted Western, therefore, China exploited the free market to colonize the world by trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. Nowadays, the Chinese Virus transforms China’s communist paradise to pandemic paradise, so the foreign companies and tourists have not enough courage to access the deadly land. Possibly, the Chinese Virus originates from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory, it is the biological warfare of China aiming to destroy the US and control the world. Unfortunately, the culprit of Coronavirus can not escape the crime opposing humanity, the massive compensation mounts, the lawsuit file against China is inevitable, the compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars. China appalls the compensation, so China angers to whoever requires the investigation of Coronavirus. Therefore, China doesn’t strongly expose the brazen attitude to the US, United Kingdom, Germany, but China bullies Australia by threatening to cut the meat import, taxes 80% on barley, and stop Chinese tourists. The uppish attitude of China provokes Australia, moreover, the US backs the Australian government.


After threatening Australia, China’s communist regime offers the US to export barley, blueberries. Moreover, China’s largest state-owned food processor, manufacturer, and trader COFCO invoke to buy America farm goods, particularly the soybean. China applies the basic tactics are buying the time, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward, and talking during the fighting. While China intimidates to ban Australian meat and taxed on barley, but China also begs the negotiation with the US, therefore,  President Donald Trump rejects it. Certainly, China needs food feeding 1.4 billion people, but the economy disabled, the world community isolates the pandemic paradise, and boycotting China’s products, China faces the massive jobless and the global market losses. China can not sell its products in the US, the tariffs imposed plus the poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life products can not attract the consumers. The Coronavirus arouses the patriotism, the US people boycott China’s products and abominate China’s communist regime, it conducts China phobia in the US and worldwide.


China can not cheat the author of The Art of The Deal, certainly, China failed to use the import goods to deceive the US, President Donald Trump instead, the patriotic president Donald Trump strikes the death vulnerability of China. The communist has never given up the ambition, and never respected the life of people, but money can force communist step back and reduces the aggressive attitude, even begging the US. Therefore, do not trust what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fear


President Donald Trump knows what China appalls, so he has threatened to cut off the whole relationship with China, the US can save at least $US 500 billion (the US supermarkets will not import Chinese products). The US people can buy US-made, creating more jobs and the future, the US will not accept Chinese students studying in the scientific fields. Certainly, China’s regime will not send the high-level’s technology thieves, the numerous Chinese student reduces because, the law, art, and literature will not interest them and the regime needed to steal the technology. Nevertheless, China worries comrade Joe Biden will not win the election will be held on November 8, 2020, Democrats will lose the Congress where is the last base of China in the US. When Republicans control Congress and Senate, a bill introduces taking China to International Court and permits the local court can carry out the justice to protect the victims of the Chinese Virus, the compensation fears China’s offshore businesses,  investors, and assets. Moreover, when the US cut off the relationship with China, Chinese businesses, investors, and assets abandoned and the victims can confiscate as the court order. The spy networks and China’s undercover activists withered the finance and disconnect the mainland, the intelligence agencies will eradicate.


The countries of the debt trap and one belt-one road, they can take back the national assets and castigate China’s assets. Every country can make the law to protect the sovereign and society, so the drug traffickers face different verdicts from different countries, the death sentence deserves in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia but Australia, the US, Europe have no death sentence. When the US cut off the whole relationship with China, and the world community follows, it is a disaster for the rogue regime to face the assets, businesses, and companies isolate from the mainland, China will lose all, even the collapse as Soviet-Union./.







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