The world era of the left Television channels


Posted on June 24, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The television industry radically has changed and continues to the renovation of technology. From the black and white television to color, and the Analog to Digital, the people can afford, enjoy, and access the update communication. The left media’s television channels have been shaken up from the grassroots. The high technological communication applies to the internet that competes for the television industry, Google, Youtube, and social media popularized, so the television channels lose the exclusive right on communication. Even Facebook, Twitter couldn’t gag the free speech, they must comply with the law, possibly, the US government can fine or retrieve the license and the other communication companies can replace, it is the competitive communication’s era. The profit decides the fate of any business including the media companies and television channels, moreover, the audience is the essential fact and vital condition to keep the media’s business and television channels remain.


The golden time of left media is gone and the audience declined plus the advertising reduced that follows the advertising prices affected. Nevertheless, people need not businesses, services, and products advertise on television, instead, the internet as Google can provide any information. Certainly, the businesses and companies recognize the old way can not interest the consumers. It causes the yearbook, telephone book, annual publication, the Yellow Page in Australia, and somewhere else that has disappeared. The newspapers, magazines face the same situation. On May 28, 2020, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch shut 112 print papers in Australia, New Corp company changes about 100 newspapers to digital-only or disappeared forever. Moreover, 76 regional and local papers will be available online.


The businesses measure the quantity of audiences for advertising on media and television channels. However, the left television channels like CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and others in the US. In Australia, private television channels are Seven, Nine, Ten are struggling for survival, particularly, Channel Ten seems to lose the audience. Moreover, the unpopular programs like Project hosted by Muslim Walled Aly that doesn’t interest the people, sometimes, Mr. Waleed Aly created the controversy when he inserted the Muslim culture to the Australian audience. Religious propaganda causes the audience to boycott Channel Ten. The Australian audience upset host Walled Aly, he is an arrogant host, but Channel Ten ignored the public feedback and complaints. From 2017, Channel Ten has dealt with the financial problem and the US giant CBS covered, therefore, Channel Ten still downgrades, the audience declined and its channel dropped the bottom in the Australian television networks. Therefore, the national televisions funded by the Australian government being feared the cut, on June 9, 2020, the government cuts $US 41 million of ABC that reduces 250 jobs, possibly, the Australian government recognizes the television lags and lessens the public favor. From 2014, the Australian government announced the funding cut $AU 308 million to ABC and SBS in the next 5 years. SBS loses $AU 25.2 million and ABC loses $AU 254 million. The end of finance of the year 2019, the prominent left Channel Seven in Australia recorded the profit lost $AU 444.5 million, last year in 2018, Channel Seven lost $AU 133.7 million.


The fake news, fabricated stories, and the concealment worsen the numerous audience. However, most television companies are leftists, the traditional lie has carried out with fake news, concealment, biased shows, fabricated stories. The poor propaganda reprises on the hoax climate change with the setup scenes to appall the people, but the social media and multiple information sources unmasked the obsolete cheat. The deception misleads the public about human rights that turn human wrong when the refugees couldn’t assimilate asylum seekers, moreover, the terrorists could infiltrate under the refugee’s title. The homosexual promotion just serves for a minority, but the left televisions have supported on their channels, certainly, the major population and religious followers upset and they abandon the channels.


The left television channels have favored and promoted the hateful faces as the fallen presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former President Barrack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, former Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Paul Keating, Malcolm Turnbull, Senator Penny Wong who always stands alongside with China’s Communist Party and many. The audience has felt the eyes and ears to be raped, so they switched off the loathing shows. Nevertheless, TV hosts often exposed the arrogance, so the people have no sympathy and they boycott the brazen reporters and hosts, it means the channel loses the audience. In the US, the prominent hateful reporter Jim Acosta of CNN, in Australia has reporter Mark Riley and Mike Amor of Channel Seven. ABC in Australia has the disgraced show called Planet America with two clowns John Barron and Chas Licciardello distorts the US president Donald Trump by the fake news and biased information from the left media in the US.


The false polls have repeated from many decades, it is a form of the rigged election. Therefore, from the US presidential election 2016, the false polls debunked after the outcome overturned badly, so Madam Hillary Clinton has never made the historic journey to White House, instead, billionaire Donald Trump who traced behind Hillary Clinton from 4 to 12 points, but he claimed the landslide victory night of November 8, 2016. The obsolete false polls destroyed the dream of the Australian Labor Party’s leader Bill Shorten after the outcome of a federal election held on May 18, 2019. The left media companies like The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and others must take a long time to remove the title” FAKE NEWS” of President Donald Trump, the people trust the patriotic President Donald Trump, instead, they boycott the fake news companies like the CNN and others laid off the workers that dealt with the financial problem.


The false polls, fake news, and set up scenes plus the arrogance of reporters and TV hosts that aggravated the worst situation of the television channels. Nowadays, the audience has nothing to watch on television, including fake news become boring and upset plus anger because the television channels snub the public as they did in the Vietnam War, now the time changes. The cooking shows, building shows, Big Brother, Survival shows, Bachelor, and others, those are the short programs, while the televisions often displayed the old films, but those repeated, it shows the television channels face the financial difficulty.


Nowadays, television channels face a real challenge with high technological communication. Unfortunately, the left television channels lost the people’s trust and advertising, how could the televisions survive?. Everyone can buy a T.V and transferring the programs, films, news, and others from the internet, so the television channels lose more audience./.






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