The world backs Australia to fight against China


Posted on May 23, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The global hegemonic ambition of China’s Communist Party has carried out by the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. The cunning business’s methods of the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of cheat that fit the profit lover’s businesses, the left parties in Western and the democratic countries, the corrupt politicians. The hidden face’s traitors have helped China deploy the soft army to colonize the country and develop the trade trap, debt trap, the government trap. The economic snare of China to catch the national interest of counterparts and gently transforming to colonial China.


The diplomatic relations between China and Australia recorded more than 28 years, it is enough for China to array the traps and cornered Australia after taking control of the major national assets as Darwin Port in 99 years with the lease is $AU 506 million, Merredin airport in Western Australia in 100 years exchanged on dollar’s lease. China-owned more than 9 million hectares, the water of the Murray river controlled by Chinese investors (soft army) with 732 gigalitres. Recently, China Mengniu Dairy bought the Australian Baby formula company Bellamy, and Lion Dairy company owned by China. Moreover, corruption has exposed under the political donation applying to both main parties, China’s Communist Party has played the double-cross game in Australia politics. Whatever the Australia Labor Party or Liberals Party rules the government, China gained a good policy. The dishonest politicians or the hidden traitors sold the national assets and sovereignty to China. The Australian people vote for the politicians and party for national interest, national security, but nerve mandated the politicians, a party the LICENSE TO SELL the sovereignty to China. Unfortunately, the hidden traitors have betrayed the people. Particularly,  China’s communist government favors comrade’s Australian Labor Party than the Coalition. On the other hand, when the government ruled by the Australian Labor Party, China has many facilities in trade, immigration, and developing the spy network in Australia’s soil. ( the federal election’s campaign held on May 18, 2019, Senator Penny Wong promised to admit Huawei operates 5G in Australia if Labor wins the election, while annually, the Coalition government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy and bans 5G).


The trade ties and trade agreements helped China to colonize Australia, so the people recognize the sovereignty being abused by China’s embassy and China’s communist government. The Coronavirus causes deaths, infected cases, and economic lockdown. So the Australian government proposed the independent inquiry to investigate the source of Novel Coronavirus during, there are many countries like the US, the United Kingdom, European Union, and others have the same requirement, but China just attacks Australia by the punitive economy, it is the economic blackmail.


The trade between China and Australia is unequal, Australia applies democratic law while China applies the bush law. Moreover, China snubs the World Trade Organization and breaks the contract between Australia and China by economic terror. The bush law applied in Macau Casino Resort, an Australian billionaire James Packer to be robbed $AU 4.2 billion, CEO of Rio Tinto Stern Hu detained 10 years in China, despite the Australian government tried to help, but China didn’t reply, instead, the uppish attitude applies as the master country treats a vassal.


It is the dire consequence of the trade ties putting above the fair trade, so after China cornered the economy and sowed the Red seeds into the multiple-level of the government system, China considers Australia as a province. Nevertheless, the henchmen of China are the domestic thugs to protect China’s interest. Mostly, the high profiles of the Australian Labor Party stand alongside China, the comradeship wins over the national interest. The hidden traitors have helped China to colonize the country and now, the betrayal faces appeared after the Coronavirus and China terrorize the economy of Australia. Whoever attacks or criticizes the government to protect the national interest and sovereignty, they are the domestic thugs. China snubs Australia when Beijing has henchmen in politics and businesses.


China’s communist regime applies economic terror by threatening the meat, wine imports, particularly, the barley taxed 80%. After the intimidation issued by China’s government, Labor Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk applied the communist tactic, she developed the damages of farmers, jobs to attack the federal government on the trade, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan raised the trade to influence government eases, Senator Penny Wong criticized the government and shadow Health Minister Chris Bowan, Labor Frontbencher Andrew Leigh, Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews exposed the comradeship with China, but they ignore the sovereignty.


However, the world community strongly reacts against China by 122 nations unify to support Australia. The Australia domestic thugs and Labor Party are the shame, possibly, the Australian people will abandon the traitors in the futuristic elections. China treats Australia as a vassal, so China humiliates Australia by the low-class language of a bandit than the diplomatic courtesy. Chinese state media labeled Australia is the dog of the United States. The diplomatic language fits in the underworld or the black society than the so-called second largest economic state. The crazy reaction of China unmasked the rogue regime and its sign proves China fears the investigation of Coronavirus.


The world community lines up to support Australia with 122 nations can help Australia to carry out a fair trade. Initially, India promptly responds to support to buy excess of 500,000 tonnes of barley, the trade is up 1,000,000 tonnes. The Australian farmers are happy, they know China is the malicious customer, and Australian farmers will wait for many customers to come, China fails the economic terror to Australia.


The Australian government needs not to retaliate, but the world community can help Australia escape the colonial hand of China, so the menace of China is vain. Former the US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley twittered:” this is what China does to Australia because they asked for an investigation of the World Health Organization. The goal for every county is to become less dependent on China so that actions like these won’t matter”. The concerned businesses and politicians learn the trade’s lesson between Australia and China. The trade’s policy of China-based bush law, not fair trade, so the trade with China is like doing the business with Mafia./.







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