The victim of politics and free speech in Canada


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FOREWORD: respects and supports democracy and free speech. In Canada, Mr. VU PHONG who exposed the free speech, but he became a victim of  Canadian Senator Ngo Thanh Hai (Ngô Thanh Hai) or THANH HAI NGO represents in Ontario. Despite Senator Thanh Hai Ngo is the first Vietnamese succeeded in the Canadian parliament, therefore, the Vietnamese people doubt about his stance after meeting Vietcong’s deputy Foreign Minister Nguyễn Thanh Sơn. Below, there is an opening letter of free speech victim in Canada.



Dear Mr. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Parliament of Canada to all News Press Canada also to the Judges.NDP Party, Green Party, Quebec Party,  Please save us. Sorry about my English for you understand please need the translation of the injustice document. Thanks.please God Bless Canada 


    This documentary injustice it’s not for a few minutes to understand because I had harmed by group dictators of the Conservative Party of Canada. Senator Ngo Thanh Hai, also he is representative for Vietnamese around in Canada threaten called to action to who against Bill S219…act and  his those organization supported Bill S219 slander me with 6 criminals 7 days in the jail, at last, no trial.  In 5 years our Community thought I am is the crime danger criminal

Please save us, I have no way to live please open the court give back my  honor and for my family


    Please save us, I have no way to live please open the court give back my honor and for my family   I’m VU PHONG COMPLAINS ABOUT MY  TRIBUNAL CASE B-219 -Vũ Phong polite entreats persistently the Government, the Tribunal Judges, the Press and the people of Canada to save my life.  First of all, I am afraid of the authority and influence, but because of the Canada law is impartial I must live to make clear my injustice suffered and I must recover back my honor because it was promoted the heavy effect of my mind and it makes my living life which is not like dead life…. -VuPhong politely needs the Canadian law to clear my utter injustice trial; during about approximately four years, my life was more worst than animals because there were some dishonest Vietnamese who made a slander without any evidence and the senator Ngo Thanh Hai from the Conservative Party Of Canada called for action against the fighting group…   (We have known more than enough to think that the Quoc Han 30th April was the Principal Festival of the National Lost Country Resentment and also to remind to memorial sacred day the whole people of Vietnamese refugees around the world While the law S-219 “The Itinerary finding Liberty” was intentionally created on the same date Quốc Hận of April 30th in order to establish its personal objective ….But what a pity almost all the Senators Ngo Thanh Hai and almost all The People’s Representatives of the Conservative Party were supported the law S-219, Senator Ngo Thanh Hai said: “(We are good enough to understand think as the April 30 is the main and the bill is the direction into the April 30, so as us must know, all Senators of the Conservative Party, all congressmen of the Conservative already supported bill S219, so all of you heard on the TV … The second, the third, all of you must know  Who was fought against this bill, who supported of this bill we must take to “ACTION” on that, that is for the billS219)      Behind the legal unfounded and cruel case in power who force the lonely personal with six (6)injustice criminal offenses, and being the victim of injustice for seven (7)days in prison, but no trial at the end.      


    PleaseI’d like to request the Government, based on the law to catch and to sue  Senator Ngo Thanh Hai because he had violated the Proclamation Of The International Human Right” and The Canadian Law, he called for “ACTION” against the people who fight for Human Right, fight against bill S219  (He schemes to drive a wedge between the people, he discriminates between people and makes the society lack security…)    Because of personal self-interest, he had called “ACTION” against the fighting personal! It was not a true reason that the people life was equal to garbage? down with the dishonest Vietnamese Nguyen Van Phat former President of the Reserve Officer Student Thu Đức-Ont, who slandered me to use gasoline to fabricate bombs….at Toronto City Hall, Ottawa, and use gasoline burned the Vietnamese Communist flag by gasoline…The dishonest Vietnamese  Đang Chi-Hung slandered me to make the picture of Senator Ngo Thanh Hai with a pig face and said to the police my car is Toyota Accord…


    I’d like to request the tribunal to request 43 witnesses to give some real evidence concerning my trial if they did not have any real evidence that means they were fraudulent witnesses.  To screen a criminal an accomplice of a crime. I protest the lawyer Paul Tomlinson who does not defend the defendant but he still works against my defendant. Especially I’d request the Tribunal to investigate the interpreter David Huong at the tribunal on the date that I was guaranteed and I’d like to denounce the four emails which carried out the artful propaganda and back-biting the trial… I protest the police who do not allow translation when I request it, to catch me with a personal act which was not confirmed to regulation, not the trial, and confiscated my cell phone and not give it back to me…. I know my injustice suffered a complaint will be very dangerous for my life one more time but because I had lost all my hopes.  


 Vu Phong was is determined not to repent and is determined not to repent in order to protest my innocence.  



                             Vu Phong wishing all of you LUCKY and GOOD HEALTH  

Tai liệu kêu oan Bill S219…. Ngô Thanh Hải và Phát Nguyễn



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