The US people fight against the Donkey gang


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Commonly, a country has never accepted the gangs, drug syndicates, or any form of crime. The US and democratic countries fought against Communism in the Cold War, particularly the Vietnam War. Therefore, the comrade of communist regimes have operated in the Western, the domestic thugs have left media (the voices of the gang), the left parties have exploited the democracy to support the Communism.


The communist party is just a SUPER GANG, the APE SUPER GANG, or the RED MAFIA derived by a jobless and dishonest academic Karl Marx who labeled his followers come from the Ape or a kind of money without a tail. Karl Marx poured the anger on the society by the books to teach the dishonest components of how to rob, kill, and enslave the people, particularly, the wealthy people are the number one enemy including Friedrich Engels who supported the income for Karl Marx and family to rest the life, so the communist’s character is a betrayal. On the other hand, the communist has never had a constant to whoever, do not trust what the communist talk, let’s watch the communist did, the trust in communist is like trust a bandit.


In the US, the Democratic Party is the hidden communist party or the SUPER GANG is like APE SUPER GANGS in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, and others. Possibly, Democratic Party is not a political party, indeed, it is a super gang covering the criminal activities by the political activities, mostly the demagogic policies and propaganda to brainwash the innocent people and the ebullient youth, so Democrats succeeded in the elections, sometimes they won the presidential elections and drove the US into a disaster like Democratic President Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama disappointed the US people, they sold the national interest to comrade China, it caused the US people lost the job, the industry declined but China grew faster. The hoax climate change of Bill Clinton to curb the US and Western industry while China freely releases the dioxide. Moreover, the Most Favored Nation’s policy of Bill Clinton destroyed the US economy but helped China’s growth.


Nowadays, Democrats expose the corruption and the treason like the left parties in democratic countries (*). The prominent politicians like Nancy Pelosi who exploited Congressional power to prevent the wall and the other national protection, national interest to be hampered by Democratic Congress and Senate. Democrats appear the domestic thug, they act as a super gang in the US, the people recognize Democrats have attacked the US valuation, national security and the perpetrator of social mayhem, that comrade China wants to. The record marked Democrats have never respected the people, instead, they put the comradeship and individual favor above national interest, so it is very hard to find a patriotic politician in Democrats. The US people knew many Democratic high profiles like John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, and others are the corruption and treason. The international money laundering ring links Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and other high profiles that proved Democratic Party is the super gang.


The US people elected the patriotic President Donald Trump who makes America great again, the allies trust, the enemies fear, the domestic thugs appall the White House’s swamp-draining out. Certainly, the Democratic gang must react for survival while the justice bight comes closer. Moreover, the legal safety net of Barrack Obama has uprooted, the Obama judges appeared the legal thugs to be kicked out from the legal system. The democratic gang exhausted the tactic by tipping the Antifa and Black Lives Matter into the crucial battle while the presidential election’s day in  2020 is in a corner. Unfortunately, the panic of Democrats aggravates the worst situation when they chose a wrong idol, the death of a serious felony George Floyd to be used for the protests with violence and globalizes. Certainly, the death of George Floyd and his greatest funeral couldn’t overturn the worst situation. Therefore, iconic George Floyd promotes as an angel, so the prominent politicians of Democrats paid the respect to a serious felon like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led her Donkey gang to kneel more than 8 minutes at Congress, presidential candidate Joe Biden, former President Barrack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and others solemnly attended the funeral of a criminal, it proved Democratic Party is like a gang. The incident of George Floyd helped the US people and the world debunked the real face of Democrats, the victims of looting, businesses burned down, the police officer killed, the society complicated and other consequences hit back Democrats. The Democratic government in Seattle flagged the Antifa and Black Lives Matter occupied a small area and set up the so-called autonomous zone, the tool of Democratic gang acted as the bandits, the town ruined, so the local businesses sued the city for extensive harm and seeking the compensation. The people and businesses and the victims including the dead and raped people can file the lawsuit against the states’ Democratic governments and cities to seek the reparation made by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The Democratic governors, mayors must take full responsibility for the riots, loots, police officers killed and other damages. The victims of Coronavirus in New York can file the lawsuit against Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo who hid the medical supplies that caused many deaths.


President Donald Trump announces the Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the terror organizations. China’s Communist Party and comrade Democrats face the disaster, China’s economy disabled by its Chinese virus, the world boycott and isolate the world’s largest communist paradise, China appalls the massive jobless that risks the ruthless regime. Moreover, China obsesses the massive compensation that estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, the old lesion of Boxer Rebellion can repeat. Nevertheless, the US presidential election will be held on November 8, 2020, that rushes China to find a rescue plan. Unfortunately, China’s actual henchman Joe Biden helps nothing while Joe Biden and his family become the hub of scandals, sexual harassment, and treason. The Democratic gang or PINK MAFIA will face the disaster after the election 2020, they will lose the last base in Congress but Republicans control the Senate. The US lawmakers will succeed the bills to force China pays the damages of Coronavirus, China fears the Stock Exchange in Wall Street will list out and China can not do the business, plus China’s currency ruined and Yuan loses the valuation, the inflation without control that cost China’s communist regime.


Democratic Party is the super gang labeled the political party, the US people must fight against the gang as Mafia. If Democrats storm White House as Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and others, or Democratic gang storm the Congress, Senate, the court, FBI, CIA, National Security Agency. The US interest places for sale, China does want to deal with comrade Democrats. Nevertheless, the lesson of riots, loots, police officers and civilians killed, the properties damaged by Antifa and Black Lives Matter come from Democratic perpetrator, moreover, the Democratic governors, mayors are the culprits of the mayhem by using the death of George Floyd to create the violence that aims to take down President Donald and paving the way for Joe Biden to win the election../.


NOTES: (*) The Australian Labor Party is comrade with China, Democrats, the most Labor politicians put the comradeship and Marxism-Leninist stance above the national interest. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews signed one belt and one road with China in 2018. Moreover, Labor politician Adem Kubilay Someurek, minister for Local Government and Small Business of Daniel Andrews received the bribery, this corruption is just an iceberg floating on the surface. Senator Penny Wong is a Labor leader in Senate, she always stands and protects China’s interest, but she is the boss of the Labor Party in the shadow. Deputy opposition leader Richard Marles activate the Australian defense collaborates with the People’s Liberation Army while China threatening national security and using the hacker attack Australia. Recently, Labor member of New South Wales Legislative Council Shaoquett Chaher Moselmane’s home is raided by Australian Federal Police, ASIO, he related with China’s agent, so China warns Australia after the incident. In Western Australia, Premier Mark McGowan recruited Pierre Yang, a China’s communist in Legislative Council and Premier Mark McGowan granted the contract is worth $AU 136 million for Huawei operating 4G in state’s train system.






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