The UN treated unfairly Chinese people


Posted on May 14, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Republic of China ruled the mainland from 1912 after the Qiang dynasty collapsed, the nationalist government applied democracy and respected the freedom. Unfortunately, China’s Communist gang robbed the authentic government of the Chinese people in 1949 and Chinese people in the mainland have been lost freedom when the Ape super herd has controlled the people by the terror, the brainwash, the impoverishment, and the obscurantism. Nevertheless, the Republic of China was a charter member of the United Nations, Chinese authentic government joined the UN from October 24, 1945, and became one of five permanent members of the UN’s Security Council. Therefore, on July 15, 1971, the incident overturned and ruined the United Nations after 17 members were led by Albania (a communist country) activated the United Nations and colluded with the robber China’s communist gang to replace the Republic of China by the People’s Republic of China, and the robber also took the permanent member of US Security Council. Certainly, China’s Communist Party applied malicious tactics to buy the members and pressured the US, Europe.


The robber has devastated the United Nations from the grassroots, initially, China’s communist regime snubbed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and declared the different issues. The United Nations has complicated, the most peaceful resolutions to be vetoed by China and Russia when the conflicts related to China and Russia’s interest.


The United Nations becomes the cesspool after China cornered the UN, Human Rights Council, The World Health Organization, and others despite China contributes less than the US but the robber has controlled the world organizations by bribery and economic trap. China’s communist regime has applied the bribery’s tactic successfully inside the United Nations and drove its international organization to communism. Nowadays, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is the hardcore communist and W.H.O director-general, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus are the comrades of China and the Vatican has socialist Pope Francis who signed an agreement to accept the bishops appointed by China’s communist regime. Cardinal Joseph Zen says Pope Francis being manipulated in China.


The robber often raises the brazen attitude by calling Taiwan is a rebellious province of China and pressuring the world accepts the so-call One China-Policy despite Taiwan represents Chinese people, and Chinese authentic government still exists in the international community. Nevertheless, China’s Communist Party is not Chinese people, they are apes as Karl Marx labeled. Indeed, Taiwan has the right to call the robber must return the mainland to Chinese people and the Republic of China is the authentic government.


The United Nations have treated unfairly Chinese people from China’s Ape gang colluded with the members to rob the position of the Republic of China in the United Nations and Security Council. Moreover, Taiwan also lost the representative in the United Nations while North Korea and South Korea are the members. It is the discrimination of the United Nations that has applied to Taiwan, it proved the United Nations is controlled by robber China’s communist gang.


The Coronavirus pandemic wakes up the world and appearing the evil face of China’s communist gang. The international community has started to restore the authentic government of Chinese people by campaigning to promoted Taiwan in the World Health Organization, although China angers and condemns the supporters as New Zealand. Nevertheless, the US should endorse Taiwan returning to the United Nations. Moreover, there are more than 22 international airlines listed for Taiwan while the communist paradise in the mainland becomes the paradise of pandemics.


Chinese people in the mainland have suffered the animal rules by bush law from 1949, but Chinese people live in Taiwan and Hong Kong have freedom and democracy, the democratic lands respect human rights and develop the economy. Therefore, Chinese people live in the mainland have been enslaved by Ape’s noble class. After applying the communism or Maoist more than 70 years in the mainland, the daily income of major Chinese people is about from $US 2 to $US 5 while the communist members become the wealthy class, and the high ranking cadres are millionaires, billionaire. However, Taiwanese and Hong Kong people gain a standard living.


The Ape super herd has never had the pity, instead of the animal instinct caused a hundred million Chinese people killed, and China’s communist regime can use the virus to kill many hundred million people for the regime’s protection. The life of Chinese people in the mainland are threatening, the Ape super gang can create the bloodshed by killing or using the pandemic to solve the massive jobless.


The United Nations lose direction and function since China’s communist regime replaced the authentic representatives of Chinese people into the international organization. Let’s return the rights of Chinese people and expel the robber out from the United Nations if not, the United Nations can not remain the function of the common firm on the planet./.







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