The trade ties with China turn trade threat


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China often exploits economic strength to intimidate a counterpart when the government doesn’t listen to China or opposes a demand from Beijing, on the other hand, China’s communist empire treats the counterparts as the vassals. China’s communist regime is malicious, the global thug always conspires to colonize the counterparts by the soft army, an unarmed army has used the monetary weapon to control the counterparts including the US, Europe, Australia, and others. China’s soft army has activated everywhere, even the US, Europe, and the United Nations are the targets. The bribery and political donations are effective tactics to corner and control whoever received the money from China’s monetary agents as John Huang who provided money to Bill Clinton in the election 1992 and Charlie Trie illegally provided the money for the second election of Bill Clinton-Al Gore. The soft army represents Chinese businesses, Chinese investors like Huawei to pay the overseas trips plus the luxurious accommodation for 12 Australian politicians of both main parties (Liberals and Labor), among, there was a senior politician of Liberals s Julia Bishop who held deputy leader and Foreign Affairs Minister from the rule of Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull, so Julie Bishop often stands alongside with China, even she retired. The soft army applied the monetary weapon effectively, so China gained a good policy in Western from the treasonous politicians. Nevertheless, China’s soft army recruited the local henchmen, they are the profit lover’s businesses supporting China to control the country. The local henchmen put individual pocket above the national interest, the wealthy traitors often attack its government to protect China’s interest.


Certainly, China’s trade doesn’t reflect the signification of the bilateral economy’s exchange between the two countries. Instead, China has exploited the trade ties and diplomatic relations to colonize its counterparts by the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. So making the trade with China is like opening the door for the dangerous invader, when the global thug controlled the economy, financial system, and cornered the government, the country loses the sovereign and China carries out the colonization’s plan.


Australia is among the victimized country of the trade ties, within 28 years related he trade with the rogue country, China had enough time and conditions to colonize Australia after more than half national assets fell into the hand of Chinese tycoons and businesses in Down Under. The innocent politicians, the left parties (Australian Labor Party, Greens Party) created an opportunity for China to take control of the economy and financial system. The prominent politicians are Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Senator Penny Wong (now she is the leader of Labor in Senate and holds shadow Foreign Affairs Minister), former Premier, and former Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr have stood alongside China, even they retired but they always serve and protect China as the hardcore communists in Australia. The high-level traitors have ignored the national interest, so Australia fell into the traps of China from many decades ago.


China considers Australia is the vassal, so every time, when Australia issued the national security policy, the cyber spy, particularly, the tension created by China into the illegally artificial islands, China angered and threatened by economic punishment, mostly, the targets aim to Australia’s agricultural products, the meat, wheat, and wine have used as the trade threat.


The Coronavirus or Chinese Virus outbreak causes Australia to lock and isolated the states and regions, the death toll, and infected cases plus the economic damages, so the Australian government requires an independent investigation of the original Coronavirus. China’s Ambassador to Australia is Jingye Cheng reflects the chauvinism of the Red Empire, initially, he intimidates to cut the imports and Chinese tourists, China’s Ambassador Jingye Cheng acts as a bandit than a professional diplomat.


The intimidation doesn’t flinch Australia, certainly, Beijing continues to bully while the Australian government keeps a strong stance to protect the national interest and sovereignty. The tension rises between the two countries, on May 10, 2020, China’s communist government intimidates imposing the tariffs on barley is up to 80%, and suspending the meat’s import from four Australian abattoirs.


Trade Minister Simon Birmingham describes the brazen attitude of China as coercion. He claims Australia’s call for an investigation on Coronavirus that doesn’t relate the abattoirs:” We certainly don’t see any relationship, and we would expect that no other counterpart country should see between those factors either”. Nevertheless,  Australia is preparing to take China to the World Trade Organization because China breaches the rules, the WTO doesn’t allow the members to discriminate against each other. China raises the reason for Huawei bans the 5G operation in Australia, therefore, the WTO’s rules admit a member can refuse the trade by a national security risk. Australia doesn’t breach the WTO rules because of Huawei threatens the national security, moreover, the well-known cyber spy unit 61389 belongs to the People’s Liberation Army. Annually, the Australian government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy. However, the Australian Labor Party exposes the comradeship with China, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan granted the contract is worth $AU 136 million for Huawei to operate 4G in the state’s train system. Moreover, in the federal election held on May 18, 2019, Senator Penny Wong vowed to admit Huawei operates 5G if Labor wins the election. Eventually, Australian people abandoned Labor Party and Coalition re-elected with the landslide victory so China dislikes Australian’s incumbent government.


China has applied the master country to Australia, therefore, the Coronavirus arouses the patriotism. The people recognize China is the dangerous enemy and the culprit of the pandemic. The uppish attitude of China provoked Australia from its country falling into the trade trap and debt trap. Nevertheless, China often shows the brazen attitude into the diplomatic relations in trade, China applied the bush law to confiscate $A 4.2 billion of Australia billionaire James Packer in Macau’s Casino Resort and detained Stern Hu, an executive of Rio Tinto in 10 years despite Australian government tried to help its citizen. China sowed the spy network into multiple levels of government and using the bribery to buy the politicians as Labor Senator Sam Dastyari. China treated Australia like a vassal, Beijing locked the visa of federal parliament members Andrew Hastie and James Paterson to raise the national concern and China’s threat. The Coronavirus exposes the comrades with China, billionaire Andrew Forrest, and Kerry Stokes stand alongside with culprit of Coronavirus, they have forgotten to bring along the patriotic heart with the business.


Commonly, the communist has applied the basic tactics are buying the time, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward and talking during the fighting. China’s communist regime applies the tactics flexible. After using the Coronavius cohort to attack worldwide, the biological warfare hits back the culprit as saying” a sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. The Coronavirus devastated the global economy and also China’s economy disabled, the financial system is the brink of collapse, moreover, the massive compensation appalls China. It is the low tide of revolution, so China begs to negotiate with the US, but the author of THE ART OF THE DEAL knows the death vulnerability of China is money, so President Donald Trump rejects China’s proposal to reopen the trade talk. However, China’s communist regime uses the strength of the economy to intimidate and blackmail Australia. The bandit’s attitude of Ape super herd can not subdue the Australian government and its people, moreover, the allies can not ignore the threat of China, the US’s Ambassador to Australia Arthur Sinodinos and 27 Senators, House of Representatives back Australia when China creates the deeply disturbing to threaten the punitive economy after Australian government proposed the inquiry about the source of Coronavirus. Certainly, the Australian Labor Party can not protect the comradeship while the Australian people anger the uppish attitude of China, moreover, the sovereign being threatened. The US government confirms a letter:” no matter the external pressure or coercion, we will always have Australia’s back, just as Australia has always had ours”.


Australia’s lesson can wake up the world, whatever, do not trade with China, the malicious regime can change the attitude and apply the bush law as turning a palm. China’s communist regime has distorted the trade ties to trade threat when the counterparts fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap.


China contributes less than the US to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the UNICEF, the UNHCR, UNESCO, and others but China-controlled those by the bribery tactic. China invested less than the US in Australia, from 2010, China invested $AU 19 billion and in 2016 was $AU 87 billion. Mostly, China’s investment purpose in services, consumption, national assets, tourism, agriculture (buying farms, dairy, and baby formula’s powder milk), natural sources (water, mining industry). Therefore, the US and Australia’s trade is worth $AU 1.4 trillion (the US invested $AU 860 billion in Australia). Moreover, from the US launched the warfighting against the global economic terror, in 2018, China’s investment dropped 36% or $AU 8.2 billion. However, the left viral media in Australia propagates China’s economic strength while the US invested more than China. The threat of China is vain, Australia can find the other markets in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South America, Japan, and somewhere else. Moreover, Chinese people need meat, wheat, but the threat of China exposes the real face of the rogue regime. The trade-based on fair relations between the two countries, but China applies the bush law and the uppish trade to bully Australia./.







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