The toilet battle struggles between genders


Posted on June 9, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Obama lies matter, an iconic evil, a global thug and global war-maker, he just ruled the White House in 8 years, but the US nearly destroyed and the world is complicated. His dire consequence has remained in the US and the world. Barrack Obama helped Islamic State founded, he used the taxpayers to play the double-cross war game. During holding the power, President Barrack Obama called to fight against the terror, indeed, he provided the weapon, money, and training Islamic State. Before leaving the second term, the BLACK LIVES MATTER appeared and it spread worldwide. The protests with riot have spread from the US to Europe, Australia, Canada, the culprits are Democrats, hidden China’s Communist Party and the domestic thugs after the suspicious death of an idol of felony George Floyd who has a dozen criminal record, he was arrested and resisted the police officer after using forgery $US 20. The Black Lives Matter has applied the tactic of communists in the Vietnam War, the protests with violence, looting to pressure on politics and justice. On the other hand, the Black Lives Matter sits above the law because the death of George Floyd must carry out the legal process, with the forensics, and coroner needs to apply the justice while George Floyd was a drug addict and he contracted Coronavirus before arresting, so he couldn’t breathe that shouldn’t police officers fault, therefore, the left media distorts the career, so the protests spread despite Coronavirus outbreak.


The Black Lives Matter discriminates against the white, the BLACK SUPREMACIST has created the mayhem in the Western. Moreover, Barrack Obama advocated and promoted homosexuality and it becomes the global movement. HOMOSEXUALITY LIVES MATTER marks the mayhem’s record of President Barrack Obama, yes he can harm the world.


President Barrack Obama is considered as the Pope of the homosexual movement or HOMOSEXUALITY LIVES MATTER, the homosexual movement globalized as a religion has the global adherent, flag, but the homosexual religion has no bible, nor temple, neither church, instead, they have the slogan” love is equal” as Catholic has” amen”, and Buddhist prays” Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō”. On the other hand, the homosexual religion based on the practice than the bible. The sexually personal practice publicizes and politicized when the First US Muslim and communist Barrack Obama ruled the White House in 8 years (2008-2016).


Homosexuality is an untold religion of the unnatural sexuality influencing worldwide and the taxpayers spent for the rallies plus the plebiscite, the politicians spent a lot of time debate. In Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who carried out the postal survey cost taxpayers $AU 122 million. The prominent homosexual politician in Australia is Senator Penny Wong, she expects as a preacher and cleric of Homosexual religion.


The Homosexual religion politicalized by the left parties and Greens Party (Garbage Party), they use love is equal to gain the ballot of minor homosexuality and also legalizing same-sex marriage targeting worldwide. Nowadays, there are 30 countries legalized same-sex marriage, the United Nations have not hung the Rainbow flag yet but the UN respects homosexuality. Therefore, founder Barrack Obama changed the white’s color of White House by Rainbow and he destroyed the US Army to permit homosexuality and transgender.


The crucial battle occurs between the major natural couple, and the minor homosexual couple still conflicts into society, the same-sex-marriage won over the religions and multiple million years of human history. The gender battle is unrest, particularly, the toilet battle has struggled in public and the national budget spending the money to build the toilet deserves for the homosexual components and transgender. President Barrack Obama signed an Executive Order 13672 on July 21, 2014, the reason cited” it prohibited discrimination in the civilian federal workforce on basis of GENDER IDENTITY and in hiring by federal contractors on basis of both SEXUAL ORIENTATION and Gender identity”.


In 1969, the US succeeded the space program with Apollo 11 marked the first human landed the moon. Therefore, nearly a half-century later, President Barrack Obama conducted the US people to enter the toilet, it is not a normal restroom in public, but the toilet deserves for transgender. The toilet’s revolution activated by the first communist and Muslim President of the United States of America being controversial, the national budget spending for the special people decided their gender by themselves and doctor carrying out the transgender.


The restroom became the crucial battle occurring in the US, the transgenders have the right to choose their gender’s status and the taxpayers’ spending, therefore, the transgender’s toilet using confuses the public. The law is not clear about the toilet users, so the transgenders can use the public toilet based on the physic body that clarifies male and female by a doctor. However, the transgender’s toilet can be exploited by the sex predators disguised as the female and entering the restroom. It is an out standing’s achievement of President Barrack Obama who had the demagogic slogan” yes we can” including” Yes we can have the transgender”.


The homosexual movement deeply influences the politics, the left parties woo to support from the LGBT, the hungry ballot’s politicians need to win the election or retain the seat in parliament, so the homosexual movement becomes the political force in the Western countries, they often rallied and promote the love is equal and the left parties support as Black Lives Matter’s rally. Somewhere else, the homosexual force pressures the government to build a special toilet for homosexual people in the public and the government plus private buildings. In Russia, the Ape Revolution in October 1917 succeeded by Lenin and the Red flag globalized plus the bloodshed with more than 100 million people killed. The toilet’s revolution activated in Singapore, the WTO (World Toilet Organization) briefs as the World Trade Organization. The World Toilet Organization founded in 2001, initially,  the WTO had 15 members and now they have 151 member organizations in 53 countries. The WTO requires the United Nations to consent to the World Toilet Day is November 19.


China joined WTO (World Trade Organization) but the rogue country has exploited the free market to carry out the global hegemonic ambition. China also favors the World Toilet Organization, it called the Toilet Revolution. Xinhuanet published an article on November 11, 2018:” CHINA FOCUS: CHINA’S TOILET REVOLUTION BRING BETTER SANITATION TO RURAL SCHOOLS”


However, communist countries are such as Vietnam, China and the other communist paradise are keen to use human excrement into agricultural products. In Vietnam, the great leader Hồ Chí Minh of its communist party and also the icon of Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton, the left media…Hồ Chí Minh concerned the people is precious assets, so Vietnam communist encourages the people using the excrement on farmland and feeding the fish. In Vietnam, the common economic model of Uncle Ho’s Fish Pond popularized, the family has an Uncle Ho’s Fish pond to feed a kind of fish called” Cá Vồ” and also solves the toilet’s problem. The fish fillet’s Basa export overseas including the Western countries. In Vietnam, the excrement is precious so the burglar focuses that causes a saying” the toilet in socialism needs the enclosure”.


The excrement becomes the fertilizer in the communist paradise, the people live in the communist paradise appall their agricultural products. Its reason conducts Chinese people favor the US agricultural products as soybean despite China’s communist regime imposed the retaliatory tariffs on US products. Despite, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping calls Chinese people do not eat the US, Australia’s meat, soybean, but Chinese people do like the agricultural products of the capitalist than socialism food.


The toilet’s battle silently occurs in the Western, the transgender and homosexual movement require the special restroom for them, moreover, the Black Lives Matter currently activates in the Western as a cancer, it outbreaks when the left parties, the dishonest politicians and the foreign as China incites./.






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