The time to get out of the red empire China


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The business without politics is like a driver who has no map, a chef without a stove, the music show has no stage. Commonly, a business owner must study carefully the market, location, customer’s status, and others before the investment. Unfortunately, most businesses in Western forgot politics, it is the most important fact to ensure the business’s security, so they have paid high prices plus the dire consequences. The critical mistake has made after the first historic visit of US President Richard Nixon in Beijing in 1972.


Despite China is the communist country, the perpetrator in the Vietnam War (China and Soviet-Union were the main supporters of  Vietcong), therefore, the Western businesses blindly invested in China. The cheap laborer, the world’s largest consumption market, the profit made that helped China grew faster. Western companies also solved the unemployment in the mainland, but the Western people lost the job. The negligent investment created an opportunity for China dominated the world market, cornered the Western economy. China has never given up communism or Maoist, although China recognized that socialism completely failed after the bloodshed campaigns of Mao Tse Tung impoverished its people, therefore  China’s Communist Party always keeps the Maoist as the backbone. The ugly economic pattern” the free market is led by socialism” has cheated the Western’s innocent leaders in the US, Europe, Australia, and other nations. The global hegemonic ambition of China aims to colonize the world, the trade with China that risks while the counterparts believe in the bilateral co-operation of economy between two countries that benefits both sides. However, Western countries neglected the deep conspiracy of China to control the world by exploiting the economic and diplomatic relations to set up the trade trap, debt trap, and the government trap. The cunning tactics have applied to multiple methods like beauty trap, bribery, and sowing the espionage agents into the counterpart’s government from multiple levels. Particularly, Western businesses have fallen into the trap, after the foreign companies built and operating, the money invested, China’s communist regime blackmailed and pressured the companies handed over the invention, technology (including stolen technology) and Intellectual Property, the foreign companies were forced to comply with China’s demand and China used the Western’s technologies to make the same products and selling back to Western countries with the cheap prices. Nevertheless, China also stole the trademarks of Western companies to make the counterfeit, the prestigious labels ruined, therefore, the lawsuit is vain because China ignores the international and business law of Western. From China joined the free market, annually, the Western lost hundreds of billion US dollars. The trade with China is like doing the business with a gang, the Western countries have tricked in a long time.


If in 2016, Hillary Clinton elected, China will control the world in 2025. Luckily, the US people voted billionaire Donald Trump, he is the patriotic president, so the global hegemonic plan of China cracked down. The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of commander in chief and great economic talent General Donald Trump defeated China’s ambition, Red Emperor Xi Jinping is the loser after the malicious tactics failed. The enormous evidence proves  Coronavirus is the biological weapon of China, despite Beijing always denies and the left media has tried the stray the investigation, therefore, the world community knew China did. Certainly, China’s Communist Party appalls the compensation that estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, the bankruptcy obsesses the rogue regime.


After 1972, China grabbed an opportunity to infiltrate the free market and joined W.T.O (World Trade Organization), the Stock market (Wall Street), the world market. Before, the world market developed without China, but after China involved, the world market currently complicated. The Coronavirus pandemic pushes the world unifies to fight against the world’s largest communist country. Nowadays, China’s mainland becomes the paradise of pandemics, the den of counterfeit, the hub of a cheat, and the hell of human rights violations. Certainly, the Western investors frighten the Coronavirus, no one wants to do business in a dangerous place. Nevertheless, the totalitarian government in China has never respected the businesses, instead, the bush law and wild rules could change any time. The Australian billionaire James Packer was the bloody victim of China after Red Emperor Xi Jinping changed the law and James Packer lost $AU 4.2 billion, although billionaire James Packer employed Xi Jinping’s cousin is Ming Chai in the high roller of Casino Crown (VIP), certainly, Ming China earned the high salary. Do not trust what the communist talks, let’s watch what the communist did.


The Coronavirus hits back China, the economy disabled, the financial system is the brink of collapse. Despite the left media misleads the public about China’s economy and passed over the pandemic, therefore, the high technological communication debunked the phony propaganda. There are more than 20,000 foreign companies moved out of the mainland to avoid the profit’s loss and pandemic. The world isolates and sanctions China by Coronavirus and the malicious method in business. The world has changed and shaken up, the US gathers allies and the victimized countries of China’s debt trap, trade trap, government trap. Recently, Sri Lanka intends to admit the US to build the Naval base at the north-eastern port city, but China used the debt trap to take Hambantota port in 2018.


Australia learned the bloody lesion after 28 years deeply involved the trade ties with China. The Australian Labor Party helped China to colonize Australia, moreover, Labor  Senator Penny Wong was the Finance Minister under the rule of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, Penny Wong made the huge profit for China in NBN (National Broadband   Network) and wants to admit Huawei operates 5G in Australia, she always stands alongside with China, she supported China to create the debt trap (where is ASIO?). The Labor’s undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull flagged China took Darwin Port with the lease validated in 99 years. China terrorizes the economy of Australia after the government proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus. China’s intimidation to stop the barley, meat, and wine import and Chines tourists that arouses the Australian people and government, possibly, Labor Party doesn’t, they always put the comradeship above the national interest and national security (The Australian Labor Party is like Democrats in the US). If the Australian Labor Party rules the government, the sovereignty loses. On the other hand, the Australian Labor Party is like a branch of China’s Communist Party. The Australian people recognize former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Paul Keating, Bob Hawke (he died in 2019) and other Labor high profiles always protect China’s interest.


China’s economy disabled, the world community boycotts, therefore China shows the aggressive attitude in Indochina Pacific (not China Sea), created the tension at Senkaku islands with Japan, threatening the Philippines, Indonesia, and provoked India in the border. Recently, Beijing intervenes in Hong Kong by approval of the bush law called security law, China ignores the deadline 2047. China exposes the global enemy, the world unites to fight and isolates China.


Now, the time to get out of China’s communist regime as soon as possible, its economy likens a sinking boat. Particularly, the victimized countries can find a stable counterpart to deal with and co-operate. The critical mistake made after the visit of President Richard Nixon and following the henchman of China was like President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, the naïve President George W.Bush, that created an opportunity for China to take control the world and transformed the US to be China’s vassal. The victimized counterparts must escape from China and they can file the lawsuit against China to seek the Coronavirus’s compensation. The Western companies can flee from the dangerous land and withdraw in involvement on business, investment. The democratic countries as India, Japan, South Korea, and others are reliable places for business and investment. Except Vietnam is China’s vassal like North Korea, do not move the company or invest in Vietnam.


Western businesses and investors ignored politics, so China has terrorized the world by economic weapons in a long time. After waking up, foreign companies pay the prices for moving out including the potential loss since 1972./.






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