The terrible lies without a fact of left media


Posted on June 11, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Nowadays, people have no trust in the prominent left media after the lying records that recognized from the Vietnam War, the propaganda misled the innocent Western component to support Vietcong’s terror by protests with riots, looting, burned down the businesses, and the Black Panther Party was the main force. Nowadays, the lies repeat, the left media propagates and excite the innocent people to protest by exploiting the death of a serious felony George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the terror forces.


The left media companies like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others in the US. In Australia, mostly the left media companies like ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, SBS have misled the public by the fake news, concealment, false polls. Despite the left media lost the credit, but the left media companies plus their journalists snub the people and ignore the people’s feedback, certainly, the fake news killed the left media’s companies.


The gap between left media companies and the public is farther because the left media doesn’t mind the readers, audience although the media companies do need the public support that deeply affects the advertising and the profit. Certainly, the people abandon the liars and arrogant journalists lose the income, even losing the job when the companies down.


Despite the left media’s journalists, reporters are not military experts or military engineers, but they often published a lot of articles showing the negative technologies of warplane F-35, F-22. However, Japan, Australia, Israel, and others, those nations have no stupidity to spend billions of US dollars to buy F-35. Moreover, the journalists shouldn’t attend a flight, it is the career of the trained pilots, and the foreign countries must send the pilots to the US for training after ordered. Certainly, the left journalists can not access the US military airbases, even they can not sit in the cockpit of a warplane F-35. How did they know about F-35?. Instead, the left journalists praise China’s warplanes J-15, J-20 stealth, and the aircraft carriers (those copied from Ukraine’s aircraft carrier, the model in Cold War). The lies without a fact have repeated about China’s warplanes and aircraft carriers can destroy the US aircraft careers and nullify  F-35, F-22 if the war occurs. It is the phony propaganda of the left media.


The death of felony George Floyd who was arrested by the police officers after using the forgery $US 20. Democrats, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the domestic thugs have exploited the death of the dozen convictions for political purposes. It expects as the uprising of Communism in Western after the Ape Revolution 1917 in Russia. The protests with riots spread the cities in the US and Europe, Australia, Canada while the legal process has started the investigation of the suspicious death, certainly, the forensic and coroner do need to confirm the cause of death before the justice. Moreover, before arresting, George Floyd contracted Coronavirus,  he should be affected by drugs and alcohol. The US government and Justice Department has carried out the legal process, initially, four police officer stood down the duty and police officer Derek Chauvin becomes the main target of an investigation. Certainly, police officer Derek Chauvin is innocent, he has not appeared yet at court and the investigation is continuing. Therefore, the left media lies, almost the left media snubs the public, they think the people are stupid. When the court and judge have not decided a case, but the left media broadcast Derk Chauvin faces charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter. Three police officers charged with aiding and abetting murder. The bias news that proves the left media is a liar, but the lies without a fact like a house without fundamental. The journalists are not judges, the left media’s companies are not courtrooms, how come they judge before the justice? It is the terrible lies of the dishonest media workers.


The shameless lie of left media is the farce when the protestors appeared at the White House’s fence. The New York Times journalists Peter Baker and Maggies Haberman wrote an article on May 31, 2020, about President Donald Trump hides in a bunker, despite two’s fake news journalists didn’t stay at White House, how could they know? Therefore, the left media in Australia like ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, and others parroted as a barking dog’s herd. Those media companies practice the media’s career without a brain.


The criminal arrest is the domestic of the US and any country, therefore, George Philonise and the family’s lawyer asked the United Nations and UNHCR to intervene, and the left media chimes the illiterate lawyer. Certainly, George Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump who can tell anything to earn the legal fees including releasing the bullshit speech that is the job of a lawyer or the legal business for hire. Nevertheless, the United Nations can not intervene in the US justice department and the US court. The people laugh at the attorney of George Floyd’s family, he can drop the law degree to recycle paper’s bin.


The left media biased the reports and praise the rioters, Black Lives Matter, Antifa to create the mayhem and vilify the police while the lives of the New York Police officers have been risked, there are several police officers beaten, shot and stabbed in the last couple weeks during the George Floyd protests. The death of Democrats’ angel but the serious felony George Floyd’s death costs the taxpayers and businesses billions of US dollars, the police officers killed, the national interest harmed, and lives of people risk, the society complicated, therefore, the family of Georg Floyd collected $US 8 million. Nevertheless, the funeral of a serious felon George Floyd is like the US president’s funeral without half mast’s flag. It repeats the Vietnam War, the left media propagated and promoted genocide, rapist, and pedophile Ho Chi Minh is a hero and the prominent leftists in the US as Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton and others adore Ho Chi Minh who killed 1,700,000 Vietnamese people. The funeral of a serious felon George Floyd creates the mayhem in the US and the George Floyd pandemic spread to Europe, Australia, Canada. But the left media, Democrats idolize George Floyd as an angel.  New York Police boss Mike O’Meara slams the media:” stop treating us like animals and thugs and start treating us with the respectour legislators abandon us. The press is vilifying us, it’s disgusting” Moreover, Democrats activate to defund the police throughout the country and the left media support, they want the US fallen into the anarchic status and Antifa, Black Lives Matter control the US, possible, former President Barrack Obama is the commander in thugs. Brother of George Floyd is Philonise Floyd pushes the Congress passing the law to reform police despite, Philonise Floyd is not a member of Congress, who empowers brother of a felony George Floyd. In the United Kingdom, George Floyd’s supporters protest with violence, they defaced the historic statues including a statue of Winston Churchill. In Australia, the Black lives Matter’s protestors pressure to remove all statues around the country. On the other hand, the Black Lives Matter applies the Culture Revolution of Mao Tse Tung in the mainland, the Red Guard was the main force. Nowadays, Black Lives Matter’s revolution campaign in Western, the BLACK GUARD is the Black Supremacy to threaten the historic relics.


The fake news is supported by photoshop and creative video, it is the professional career of the left media. Recently, a video of a 75-year-old who provoked Police in Buffalo, New York and he pretended falling down after the police officers shoving. Therefore, the left media has used the picture and video to propagate, if Mr. Martin Gugion injured or he didn’t pretend, so CNN and others invited him to interview, it is the phony propaganda.


There is just some fake news that exposes the terrible lies without a fact of the thug of people, the foe of public, and the garbage of mainstream media. From the Cold War, the left media’s companies have misled the public and now, the dishonest media’s workers must pay the prices when the people distrust and abandon./.






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