The technical cheat of media in US election


Posted on July 21, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The main profit of the media company comes from advertising, nevertheless, the elections could help the media companies earn more money from the political parties, the politicians of the ruling government party, an opposition party rush in the campaign. Mostly, every candidate needs to advertise on television, newspapers, online media, social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others. The campaign must spend much money, so the political parties always organize the fundraising. The election season busies the parties and also an opportunity for foreigners influence by illegal donation like China’s super espionage agent John Huang donated the campaign of Bill Clinton-Al Gore in 1992 and China’s financial agent Charlie Trie donated the second campaign of Bill Clinton in 1996.


The presidential election in 2016 occurred the mayhem, the left media attempted the rigged election by the false polls to mislead the public and wooed the ballot of undecided voters. Throughout the election campaign, the left media always guaranteed Hillary Clinton who makes the historic journey to the White House, candidate Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump at least 4 points, the highest poll was 12 points. Certainly, Hillary Clinton completely believed on the polls, she showed the arrogant attitude in the debates and acclaimed herself as the commander in chief, she supposed candidate Donald Trump unfits this position.  Unfortunately, on the night of November 8, 2016,  Candidate Donald Trump transformed the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton to the nightmare. After the loss of the election, Hillary Clinton and the left media knew” what happened”. Therefore, the enemy of people, the foe of public, and the garbage of mainstream media have not learned yet the false polls, fake news to kill their credit.


The presidential election in 2020 is quite different from the election in 2016. After more than 3 years, the US patriotic President Donald Trump makes America great again, the enemies fear, the allies trust, the domestic thugs appall the White House’s swamp-draining out and Justice will find the treason plus the corruption. Moreover, President Donald Trump achieved the major promises in the election 2016, particularly, the border wall that keeps America safe, even the Coronavirus outbreak, the wall prevent effectively the pandemic. However, candidate Joe Biden has swum into the quagmire of the hub of scandal, the corruption, treason, and sexual harassment pursue an actual henchman of China’s Communist Party. The people believe China’s Communist Party rewarded $US 1.2 billion for Hunter Biden that reflects Vice President Joe Biden served the best for China in 8 years at White House. Nevertheless, candidate Joe Biden seems to contract the mental health, he loses the memories and often talks garbage in the campaign. Recently, Joe Biden was among the high profiles of Democrats to kneel paying the respect a serious felony George Floyd, the ugly scene aggravates Joe Biden’s personality when the US futuristic president adores a criminal with a dozen convictions. The election day comes closer but no one in Democrats wants to be a run mate of Joe Biden. However, the left media currently releases the best polls for Joe Biden as they did for Hillary Clinton. Certainly, nobody believes Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump 12 points, but the left media does, they snub the public, the pollsters think the people are stupid.


The false polls are the obsolete cheat, mostly, the pollster couldn’t hide the deception, they just based on a few hundred or a thousand persons and concluded Joe Biden leads the polls, therefore, Joe Biden will help President Donald Trump to claim the landslide victory on November 8, 2020.


The left media companies must release false polls for business, it is the manner that has applied to the elections. If they poll Joe Biden loses, Democrats and the supporters will not advertise and Republicans will not spend more the money on advertising. The false polls give Joe Biden and Democrats an anesthetic, the left media feeds the dream of Joe Biden until the outcome of the election announces. Possibly, behind the false polls, China’s Communist Party rushes the psychological warfare’s campaign to prevent the second term of President Donald Trump and China’s undercover activists, espionage networks collaborate with” comrade” left media to mislead the public by the false polls. The false polls spread from the US, Australia (the most media companies are left), the false poll’s campaign extends into multiple nations in Western.


The left media formulates 3 F= 3 Frauds= False poll+ Fake news+ Fabricated stories. Particularly, a false poll applies flexibly in every election. The Australian Labor Party victimized by false polls like Hillary Clinton. During the federal election campaign in 2019, Opposition leader Bill Shorten and Labor Senate leader Penny Wong often exposed the arrogant attitude, both believed Labor wins and Bill Shorten would be Australian Prime Minister, certainly, Senator Penny Wong guaranteed to hold Foreign Affairs Minister, so she promised to admit Huawei operates 5G in Australia despite the Coalition government banned that causes the national security risk. Unfortunately, on the night of May 18, 2019. Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed the landslide victory and Labor wiped out in Parliament House, they also lost some Senators. Whatever, the Australian Labor Party is the hidden communist party, so Senator Penny Wong always protects China’s interest and criticizes the Coalition government on the national security policy.


The false polls are the basic business, it is the technical cheat in the election. Possibly, the false polls encourage both parties to pay more money for advertising, it is the cunning tactic of the left media has applied in the elections. The false polls are fraud like a crime, so the Western law markers need to issue the criteria of the poll, a pollster must survey at least 1% of the population, the fraud pollster faces the criminal charge as a fraudster.


The US presidential election in 2020 that witnesses the disaster of Democrats when the US people recognize the Donkey Party is like a super gang or the Pink Mafia. The real face of Democrats appeared after the dirty campaigns have attempted since President Donald Trump getting the office. The treasonous party will not escape the loss of election in 2020, moreover, Democrats will lose the Congress, plus the governors, so they have tried to attack President Donald Trump, but the US people trust the patriotic president./.






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