The supreme justices are coward in tax returns


Posted on July 11, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The tax returns of President Donald Trump has reprised after legal terrorist Robert Mueller failed to impeach the US patriotic president by the cunning tactic, the taxpayers wasted $US 34 million for the political game. The fabricated story wrote by a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele destroyed the hope of Democrats and the tax returns have continued to impeach, unfortunately, it is unable because the Constitution flinched the Donkey gang. The current president can not show the tax returns, therefore, the presidential election 2020 comes closer while candidate Joe Biden completely loses the people’s trust, he and his family are the hubs of scandal, corruption, treason, all disappoint Democrats and China’s Communist Party. Moreover, Democrats hit back after the greatest funeral of serious felony George Floyd plus the protests with riots, loots, killed police officers, abused the people. The Antifa and Black Lives Matter have acted as the terrorists, Democratic conspiracy cost billions of dollars of the economy that aggravates more hateful public.


Recently, on July 9, 2020, once again, the tax returns recycled by the senior legal servants in Supreme Court. The US people disappoint when the Justices ignored the Constitution as a lawyer doesn’t know the law. The jury voted 7-2 to revive the tax returns of the current president that makes the world laugh when the highest level of judges applied the bush law and wild rules like China’s Communist Party has applied from 1949 in the mainland, so the US Supreme Justices are not different from the” people judges” of China, Vietnam, North Korea into the landlord reform campaign. Almost, the communist’s people judges were low-educated, illiterate peasants, but the decided the fate of the wealthy family and the intellectuals. It is the shame of the legal system in the US when the Supreme Justices gained high education in the legal field, but they practice justice like the people’s judges in the communist regimes.


Nowadays, the US Supreme Justices cleverly apply the bush law to denounce publicly the patriotic President Donald Trump. The US legal system at the highest level’s justice is led by socialism. Behind the jury are Democrats with Satanic female Nancy Pelosi who is the leader of the witch gang in Congress. Nevertheless, the Supreme Justices are coward and irresponsibility, the highest level of judges avoid to touch the tax returns of President Donald Trump, it breaches the Constitution. Therefore, the Supreme Justices mandate a local court in Manhattan to hand over the unconstitutional matter. Possible, a local court is just a henchman but must take responsibility while the Supreme Justices are culprits of Constitutional violation. On the other hand, the Supreme Justices are malicious, they have done the dirty conspiracy of Democrats and possibly China, but a local court receives the consequences. The incident of tax returns appeared the real faces of irresponsible justices, the commander in Justices destroy the prestige of the highest legal firm in the US, the justice turns to garbage.


The tax returns are not easy to apply, certainly, the legal team of President Donald Trump will appeal, the time will take at least a year, and the Constitution will nullify the attorney power of Manhattan’s court and Supreme Justices sit above the Constitution but the passed the Constitutional violation to the lower court. Certainly, the Supreme Justices must understand the Constitution, it is the backbone of the US legal system. The US people and the world lose credit on the highest level of Judges in the US, they have played the political game that based on the cunning methods. The tax returns will add more failure of Democrats and it also dismantles the prestige of Supreme Justices who voted the Constitutional violation. However, the Supreme Justices have ignored the high profiles of Democrats, particularly, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who has been stealing from the taxpayers from many decades ago since she became the member of Congress in 1987, despite her annual salary is $US 235,500 but assets were $US 256,266,000 for 2018.


Democrats use the Supreme Justices to disturb President Donald Trump, therefore, they can not overturn the disaster that is waiting for the election 2020. Certainly, a local court in Manhattan will face the strong reaction from White House, President Donald Trump will withhold the request to show the tax returns and Treasury with IRS can not obey the court order when the Senate rejects although Congress accepts./.






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