The stock market is the death rope of China


Posted on May 24, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s giant telecommunication company Huawei received the death certificate from US President Donald Trump, and the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei is Meng Wanzhou has been detained in Canada. The funeral of Huawei perpetuated a year and now Huawei became the ghost’s telecommunication company. The death of Huawei conducts the decease of ZTE, offshore stores, so China’s telecommunication companies disabled.


The Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, the world community believes the deadly virus comes from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory, it is China’s biological warfare to create the Third World War without a declaration by Coronavius cohort with the super commander in viruses in Red Emperor Xi Jinping, the most malicious man on the planet. Therefore, China’s communist regime always denies the culprit of the pandemic, even the Australian government proposes an independent investigation, China angers and applies the economic terror to Australia. Therefore, the world community shows strong solidarity by 122 nations lines up to support Australia. If China’s Communist Party didn’t create the Coronavirus and conspiring the biological warfare, they fear nothing an investigation. The investigating avoidance of China is like a felon frightens the Police.


China’s Communist Party has never cared about the life of Chinese people and the world, but the Ape super herd fears the monetary loss, so the economy and finance are the death vulnerability of the world’s largest communist country. The US patriotic President Donald Trump has struck right to China’s vulnerability by the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariff Missile that eradicates China’s economy from the grassroots and China launches desperate biological warfare to retaliate. Unfortunately, the biological weapon hits back to China, although the economic world damaged, the death toll rose more than 338,000 and infected cases reached more than 5 million (it based on the report on May 23, 2020), therefore, the world community isolates China, it is an undeclared sanction by the people apply strictly to boycott China’s product and travel to the paradise of pandemics. The world community lines up to fight against China, possibly, the lawsuit files that appalls the culprit of Coronavirus, the compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, the bankruptcy is coming.


The economy of China’s communist regime is disabled by its Chinese Virus from the mainland to overseas. Nevertheless, China’s growth based on the offshore market and investment. On May 20, 2020, the US Senate passed a bill boosting oversight of companies based in China and other countries. The bill targets to remove China from the US stock exchange, the Congress may pass or prevent, but the bill will be the law after the presidential election in 2020, Democrats will lose the Congress. The bill obsesses China’s communist regime and its investments stuck in the US or somewhere else around the world.


China is going to lose the crucial battle at Wall Street, the giant companies like Alibaba, ZTE, and others will have nowhere to go. The US companies have China’s shareholders being nervous, the investors must find out the way to escape. The bill of the US Senate is like the death certificate that is going to grant to China. Moreover, the lawmakers of every country can mandate the local courts to force China pays the compensation of Coronavirus, so China’s assets or the investments of one belt and one road are available to confiscate to pay the damages caused by Chinese Virus.


The actual toll of China is the left media became the fake news, so they can not help China into the propaganda as they did in the Vietnam War. The panic of China exposes to the 13th National People’s Congress occurs on May 20, 2020, gathered 3,000 Ape members. The dyed black head hair’s Ape Congress signals the extreme difficulty of China’s communist government that causes the Chinese Virus to thrash its regime. While all the Congressional members wear China’s Burqa but Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping and his close comrades preside without the face mask, certainly, the Congressional hall is disinfected. But When Xi Jinping visited Wuhan or somewhere else in Beijing, he always wore the face mask N95 made in the US, therefore, China has sold the face masks made in China to the other countries.


It is the first time, China’s Congress and Red Emperor Xi Jinping abandon the GDP, it means China’s growth worsens, the mountain debt is up to 313 % GDP and the Coronavirus aggravates the deficit plus the economy disabled, Premier Li Keqiang tells to the sole Congress about the economic growth that was difficult to predict and confirms China must tighten its belt. The two Sessions aim to the geopolitical and geoeconomic context of the new Cold War between the US and China. Certainly, China becomes the global economy after launching a biological warfare attack, not the war with the US. The defense increases by 6.6%, China also globalizes China’s made in 2025, the project of one belt and one road.


Despite China fell into the deep debt, but Beijing promises to invest more than $US 1.4 trillion to make the profit for Huawei, Alibaba, SenseTime Group, and the others. Unfortunately, Huawei is dead and many China’s companies including Alibaba are going to de-list from the US stock exchange. However, the top-secret plans are on the desk of Political Bureau, those released policies are the propaganda as saying” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth”. China knows the US is going to grant the death certificate on the stock market as Huawei, so China tightens the bush law to quell Hong Kong people. Therefore, the deep conspiracy aiming at the US’s 1,300 companies and 300 British companies in Hong Kong, the new bush law is like throwing a stone to target many birds.


The risky plan to take over Hong Kong before the deadline in 2047 that will cause a dire consequence for China. If China occupies Hong Kong, initially, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC bank, the tycoons and the wealthy persons will move out, including the US, British companies, and the other countries. Hang Seng index will be collapsed and Shanghai follows. Moreover, Hong Kong people will protest with the massive numerous people, it creates the mayhem, but China and its henchmen can not hand over the complication. The US and the United Kingdom can react when China uses the force to invade Hong Kong. Possibly, the lesson of the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 may repeat with 8 nations gathered 45,000 troops to rescue the international legations in Beijing and defeated the Boxer Rebellion, so the Qiang dynasty compensated 67 million pounds, it is worth 5 times of China’s GDP today. The US, the United Kingdom, and Europe should use the force to drive China’s Liberation Army out from Hong Kong and force China to pay the compensation.


After China to be kicked out of the US stock exchange, China’s currency is uncertain, it is very hard to carry out the trade. Whatever the US currency and the Wall Street Stock Exchange are the financial standards of trade and other economic activities in the world. The countries fell into China’s traps like Australia after China de-listed from the US Stock Exchange that deals with the big problem because the seven banks of Australia face the peril when China infiltrated the banks and using the Australian Security Exchange (ASX) in Wall Street. Moreover, Australia may cancel as soon as possible the currency swap agreement signed between the Reserve Bank of Australia and the People’s Bank of China that was worth $AU 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan in 2012 under the rule of Finance Minister Penny Wong, and the Labor government, the treasonous politicians, and traitors created the dilemma for Australia.


It is like all kinds of insects struck by the strong pesticide, the physical reaction occurs before falling into the motionless state. So China reacts to the Sole Congressional plan and aiming to occupy Hong Kong as China reacted after Huawei received the death certificate of President Donald Trump. Now, the US lawmakers are going to grant the death certificate for China’s stock market../.






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