The silk road in Melbourne emergers Chinese virus


Posted on June 25, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



During the states and territories in Australia ease the restriction and underway to recover the normal life. Therefore, Victoria’s state, the capital city is Melbourne becomes the hot spot of the Chinese virus spike. Everyone in Australia recognized Victoria is the first state signed one belt and one road with China’s communist regime in 2018, the Australian Labor Party’s Premier Daniel Andrews who overrode the authority, ignored the national security and betrayed the Australian people. The secret deal with China that breaches the law, the agreement is illegal because Daniel Andrews didn’t have the advice from the federal government plus the Defense and Foreign Affairs Department.


The Coronavirus outbreak becomes the national disaster, the economy being recessed, the death toll and infected cases alert the federal, states plus local government. Therefore, the residents in Victoria have suffered the pandemic more than the states in Australia. The incident of abattoir Cedar Meat in Melbourne raises the grave concern about China’s medical supplies, the cluster of Coronavirus affected the workers of Cedar Meat after China donated 2,000 face masks, therefore, the left media and Premier Daniel Andrews concealed.


The Coronavirus pandemic has appeared the second wave in China and also the station of one belt and one road in Victoria’s state. On June 25, 2020, its state has 141 active cases, so Premier Daniel Andrews re-imposes the restriction and operating the test on the streets, public places. The scene in Victoria is like Italy occurred in the high tide of a pandemic outbreak. The one belt and one road’s Premier Daniel Andrews who is fallen into the panic state, he urges the Australia Defense Force, the federal government, and states to help. However, when he signed the one belt and one road’s agreement with China, Daniel Andrews didn’t need the federal government’s advice, he is a cunning politician. The federal government sent more than 1,000 military troops, they are coming to Victoria to help the people. The states are N.S.W, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland respond to assist.  The Chinese virus starts the second wave in Victoria’s state should come from the reasons:


-The Black Lives Matter ignored the deadly virus, they protested to support a serious felony George Floyd in the US. After the protests with vandals, some protestors tested positive Coronavirus. Victoria’s Health Department doesn’t know the numerous infection of Coronavirus after the protests, it is the problem.


-The people doubt China’s medical supplies could sell in Melbourne, so the migrant communities have a high infection than the others. Chinese migrants and businesses should distribute the face masks made in China, and Victoria is a good place for China products. Moreover, Chinese people bought and hoarded Australia’s medical supplies like the face mask, sanitizers, and sent to the mainland. Instead, China sends the poor quality medical supplies to Australian people, so the Sanitizers made in China that can not guarantee to kill the virus, the Australian consumers do not use any China’s media supplies. The world warned China’s medical supplies as the face masks install the virus, the test kits giving 80% wrong result.


Despite the Coronavirus outbreak the second wave in the only land of one belt and one road in Australia. Therefore, Premier Daniel Andrews and the comrade left media have not told the causes of the virus, instead, they conceal and mislead the public. Whatever, the Coronavirus response in Victoria that proves the capacity of  Premier Daniel Andrews, he perplexes while the infected cases increase and calling for help. His attitude conflicts the arrogance before, moreover, Daniel Andrews often shows the brazen attitude when the people question about the one belt and one road’s agreement./.







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