Shithole emperor (Xi Jinping) plays the dirty game


Posted on April 23, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The days of yore, the Chinese emperor promoted himself as the son of god, the Chinese king had the absolute right to do anything, including killing its people. Chinese history had many brutal suzerains and benighted kings like Qin Si Huang, Zhou Xin (the last king of the Shang dynasty). Therefore, Confucianism or Ruism supported the king to rule the people by the dictatorial method. Nevertheless, strategist Sun Tzu interested in the art of war to advocate the invasion of China into neighboring countries. China’s Communist Party reflects the monarchic era in the 21st century. Initially, Xi Jinping controls its party and he becomes the life president after controlled the major members in Political Bureau.


Commonly, in a communist country, people must obey the order and comply with government policy. Moreover, the shithole Emperor Xi Jinping couldn’t crack down the democratic movement in Hong Kong, therefore, Chinese people in the mainland have suffered the ruthless regime since 1949.


Xi Jinping reflects the dictatorial character of a communist leader like Mao Ste Tung who launched the Culture Revolution (1966-1976) to purge the rivals wanting to dethrone’s Mao. The virals often occur inside the central communist party, and the beloved comrades easily become the enemies, the communists killed each other to control the party and also the interest. The Coronavirus pandemic killed many Chinese people, the death toll could be up to 21 million people (the numbers of mobile phone users vanished) but China’s communist government concealed. The Red Emperor Xi Jinping faces the people’s abhorrence, the world condemns and inside the party, the rivals can exploit the pandemic to dethrone.


Certainly, Xi Jinping cracks down the viral and the opponents. Initially, whistleblower Doctor Li Wengliang arrested because he raised the alert about Coronavirus and later, the concerned doctor killed by Coronavirus. Therefore, the death of Doctor Li Wengliang proved China is the biological culprit, so a hundred countries have the evidence to sue China to the international court and every nation, the victims can file the lawsuit against China to seek the compensation. The Human rights lawyer Chen Qiushi and former state television reporter Li Zehua to be arrested and tortured in the central detention camp. Law professor Zu Zhanggrum has been detained at the house and the internet, communication cut, but the world knew the incident. Therefore, billionaire Ren Zhiqiang vanished after criticized Red Emperor Xi Jinping and called Xi is a clown.


The Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping also plays the cowardly game in Hong Kong after launching the dirty war by a biological weapon. On April 19, 2020, during Hong Kong people are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong Police launch the terror campaign by arresting 15 prominent members of Hong Hong democratic movement is as media tycoon Jimmy Lai, the founder of the Democratic Party Martin Lee, the senior lawyers. The coward revenge of China’s henchmen in Hong Kong aggravates the world’s abhorrence to China’s Communist Party.


The victim nations of biological warfare attacked by China’s Communist regime are lining up to file the lawsuit against China. The legal forms can apply the International Court or the local courts to force China to pay the compensation. Moreover, the offshore assets of China are the bails, almost, China’s companies belong to its government, so the victims can freeze the assets after the court verdict.


China’s economy disabled from the mainland of the global market, but the rogue regime raises the mouthful speech about $US 3.8 trillion will pour into the one belt-one road or Silk Road’s project while China suffered the mountain debt estimates ten times of China’s GDP and after the Coronavirus pandemic hits back China’s economy. Where is the money to provide the Silk Road?


Nowadays, the Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping can not cheat the world including the African countries, the dirty war by using a biological weapon to carry out the hegemonic ambition hit back China’s Communist Party. The Red Emperor loses power from overseas and inside the communist party, the dirty games can not save China’s communist regime, instead, the fate of Xi and its party are sieged and decided by the international community./.






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