The patriotism uproots all kinds of viruses


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Every country already obtains the patriotism, it is the potential immunity system like the human body has the immune system to protect the viral invasion and fighting the illnesses, diseases. The country remains the independence, development, and sovereign originates from the strength of patriotism. On the other hand, patriotism is a strong antibiotic to kill all kinds of treasonous viruses inside and outside. The communist countries like China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba, the national immunity system changed the patriotic gene and patriotism is led by socialism or communism, particularly, in China, Chinese patriotism has shifted to viral Maoist. Chinese patriotism is infected by viral Maoist since 1949, it causes Chinese patriotism was destroyed by viral Communism, and Chinese national immunity system disabled, its reason explains the people in the communist paradise lose the patriotism and the ruthless regimes remain although the people know the democratic loss, free speech gagged, even, Chinese people in the mainland have not reacted enough the heartless regime killed a hundred million people. The Viral Maoist destroyed the national patriotism by the brainwash plus the terror policy. The viral Maoist causes obscure syndrome, the patriotism effected.


Thousand years of Vietnamese history proved the strong patriotism, Vietnamese ancestor defeated Chinese dynasties invaded. Unfortunately, Vietnamese patriotism has been infected by viral Hồ Chí Minh and its viral communist party. Nowadays, in Vietnam, people have not reacted to Vietcong’s regime while Vietnam becomes the actual vassal of China. The viral Communism infected North Korea from viral leader Kim Il Sung imposed the totalitarian regime while South Korea rejected the viral Communism and the country is among the Asian dragon. Therefore, viral President Kim Dae Jung attempted to impose viral socialism into South Korea people, despite Kim Dae Jung couldn’t destroy the national patriotism of South Korea people, but South Korean taxpayers wasted $US 500 million by the fake peace of Kim Dae Jung.


The democratic countries respect freedom and democracy, certainly, the patriotism always installs into the national spirit. Therefore, the domestic viruses gently ruined the patriotism and collaborated with foreigners to destroy the national immunity’s system. From 2008 to 2016, viral President Barrack Obama imposed viral socialism, so the US patriotism infected by the syndromes of the hoax climate change, the same-sex-marriage legislation, and illegal migrants.


The Coronavirus or Chinese Virus devastated the nations on the planet, the death toll is up to 200,000 and the infected cases rise more than 3,500,000. The global economy is recessed by China Virus. However, the Chinese Virus arouses the spiritual patriotism and the domestic viruses appeared with the Chinese Virus (*). The viral billionaires like Bill Gates, Andrew Forrest, Kerry Stokes protect China and opposing the country to investigate Coronavirus. Moreover, the World Health Organization appeared viral Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus who helped the Chinese Virus spread by the medical misleading and delaying the pandemic outbreak. In the US, the viral politicians join the Chinese Virus attacking the US people, viral lawmaker Nancy Pelosi attacks President Donald Trump who fights against the Coronavirus. The viral Governor Andrew Cuomo exploits Chinese Virus to play the dirty game, he encourages New York residents using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) made in China, the den of Chinese Virus. Nevertheless, viral Governor Andrew Cuomo received 1,000 ventilators from China, he ignored the dire warning of British senior doctors and he also hid the medical supplies provided by the US’s federal government, so the death toll and infected case in New York are highest in the US. In California, on April 14, 2020, viral Governor Gavin Newsom spent $US 1 billion of taxpayers to buy China’s face mask while the US, Europe, and somewhere else knew China’s medical supplies are poor quality, the test kits giving 80% wrong results and the face masks attaching virus and contamination. However, the domestic viruses in the US like viral Governor Andrew Cuomo, viral Governor Gavin Newsom support viral Xi Jinping to develop more death toll and infection by using China’s medical supplies. When patriotism wakes up in the US, next election in 2020, the viral politicians will be vaccinated by the people and they will be retired.


Chinese Virus arouses the national patriotism and the national immunity’s system activates after a long time cheated by the viral businesses, the viral politicians of the viral leftist’s parties. The national patriotism stands up after the Chinese Virus attack and the domestic viruses appeared the treasonous face. Whoever tries to stray the Chinese Virus comes from somewhere else or opposing the investigation on Coronavirus, they are the domestic viruses. Certainly, the national immune system recognizes the domestic viruses, and the patriotism antibiotic can destroy the domestic viruses plus the Chinese Virus. The domestic viruses have hidden a long time into the democratic countries, therefore, when the Chinese Virus outbreak, the domestic viruses company with the Chinese virus. Patriotism is like the pesticide to kill all kinds of viruses, including the domestic viruses uprooted with the Chinese Virus./.


Notes: (*)


THE PATRIOTISM WAKES UP EVERYWHERE (Below, there is a patriotic reaction from a concerned Australian)


State Premiers need to allow Scott Morrison to get Australia moving on from coronavirus.


For the first time in decades, Australia faces real hardship. To get through it, we can’t afford the indulgent thinking – or state bureaucracy – that’s held us back in the past, writes Peta Credlin.


Peta Credlin


Subscriber only

May 2, 2020 9:00pm


When the deputy chief health officer of Victoria calls Captain Cook an invader and likens him to COVID-19, we have a history problem.


When two of our leading business figures oppose an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus because it might hurt our trade with China, we have a self-respect problem.


And when the same Premiers that demand we must all “heed the science on climate-change” reject the science on children going back school, we have a credibility problem.


Recovering from a corona crisis that will kill off tens of thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of billions in national wealth will demand a comprehensive reset in the way we approach our country’s problems.


For the first time in decades, Australia faces real hardship and, to get through it, we can’t afford any more of the indulgent thinking that’s held us back.


All credit to the Morrison government for protecting Australia from the many thousands of deaths that this virus has caused in Britain, Europe, the US and elsewhere.


I’m not one of those who want to criticise them for locking us, and the economy, up in order to save lives; it’s lousy to want to punish our country’s success. But getting the economy back on track is likely to make the health effort look easy.


The Morrison government deserves commendation for protecting Australia from the thousands of deaths that coronavirus has caused in other countries.


Last week, Roy Morgan estimated a staggering 10.5 million Australians have had a change to their employment due to this virus: 3.8 million have had their hours reduced, 2.7 million have been stood down, 1.4 million have had their pay cut and almost 700,000 have been made redundant.


The PM said on Friday that restrictions can now start to ease but it will be a long time before this virus has worked its way out of the economy. And that’s why the sooner we stop focusing on “First World problems” and get Australians back to work, the better.


Key in all of this has to be rebuilding manufacturing in this country — and, given high power prices are making the few industries we have left more and more marginal, fixing our energy mess remains an urgent priority.


For all the billionaires like Twiggy Forrest demanding the Prime Minister let China off the hook over this virus, let’s not forget it’s these same business types who contracted out to China all the things we used to make here for ourselves — putting balance sheet profit ahead of national security.


Yet there was Forrest last week, holding another dubious press conference to crow about importing goods from China that we used to manufacture here, then stinging the taxpayer hundreds of millions to reimburse him.


Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has raised concerns about the timing of an inquest into the origins of coronavirus.


Is it any wonder people are angry about how economically dependent we have made ourselves on China — how much of our farming land, energy and water companies, ports, roads, agricultural processing plants and heaven knows what else we have sold off?


While big business might have turned a blind eye to the Chinese Communist Party’s longer-term agenda, the ordinary public are awake to it. Last year, only 32 per cent of Australians told a Lowy Institute poll they trusted China to act “responsibly” — a 20-point fall on a year earlier, and this was before the coronavirus. And 74 per cent agreed Australia was “too economically dependent” on China too.


Convincing Australians we need to make more here won’t be such a challenge. But it might be more difficult to get them to understand that, in order to achieve this, we must get rid of stifling rules and regulations that make operating a business here so hard.


So much of our green and red tape comes from bogus international agreements and bodies that politicians sign up to strike a pose without properly understanding the impact.


By all means, we must have laws in this country to protect our magnificent environment but those laws should be a reflection of what Australian voters decide is appropriate to strike the balance between new dams, power stations and development with whatever local frog is at risk, or the farce of punishing us for emissions caused overseas by our coal being burned there.


Our economy will feel the effects of COVID-19 for years to come.


With well over a doubling of unemployment and a 10 per cent drop in GDP likely, persisting with the regulatory delays that have typically held up major projects looks like economic self-harm.


The federal government knows (even if the states mostly do not) that a strong recovery from this coronavirus crisis means lower taxes and less regulation, as well as a much more hard-headed approach to foreign investment, and self-reliance in strategic manufacturing.


A concern, though, are signals out of Canberra wanting a “consensus” on reform and suggesting the so-called National Cabinet might be the best way to achieve it.


The National Cabinet has worked well when the PM signs a big cheque but not so well when he doesn’t. So far, the National Cabinet hasn’t even been able to achieve a consensus on sending kids back to school, let alone hugely contentious issues like tax reform.


If everything has to be achieved by agreement with Labor premiers, then the bar is set low.


We might end up with a tougher line on foreign investment and maybe government intervention in strategic industries, but there’s no way we’ll get the greater economic reforms needed to get our economy back on its feet, and to start paying back the trillion-dollar debt left over from this crisis.


The National Cabinet works well when the Prime Minister signs a big cheque but not so well when he doesn’t


It’s leadership, not consensus, that’s needed to make a difference on hard issues. We only have a consensus now on border protection, for example, because the Coalition was prepared for a colossal fight to stop the boats. And this was only possible because orders could be given to the Navy that didn’t first require legislation in the Senate or the agreement of the states.


As things stand now, dams, power, planning, infrastructure, environmental regulation, public schools and public hospitals are all the legal responsibility of the states even if they are increasingly the political responsibility of the Commonwealth. Yet who really holds the states to account? Beyond maybe the premier, who can name relevant state ministers or even the opposition leader and how many of us actually understand how deeply in debt our states really are?


Since 2007, according to the Australian Election Study, our “satisfaction with democracy” has dropped 27 points to just 59 per cent. Much more than the revolving door prime ministership, my sense is that this is due to our national inability to get things done.


Of all the things that must change after COVID-19, this is No.1.





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