The one viral belt and one pandemic road


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The global hegemonic ambition of China’s Communist Party has carried out by the global economic terror with the soft army (trade, investments, businesses, and other economic activities), the military expansion exposes at the disputed waters in Indochina Pacific with the illegally artificial islands built and militarized (those are the piratical stations of China threatens the maritime transport in Asia, annually, the goods are worth $US 5 trillion). The diplomatic offices (Embassy and Consulate-General) are the shields to support the soft army and military intimidation. Therefore, the most rapacious plan is one belt and one road aiming to build the intercontinental road’s system included the ports, rail lines. It revives the Silk Road to control the continents and setting up the strategic brace of the Ape empire in Beijing.


However, the project of one belt and one road burden on China’s budget when the golden time from 2000 to 2017 of economic growth is over after the US patriotic President Donald Trump cracked down the global economic terror of China. Nevertheless, the project of one belt and one road is unfair, because, the bilateral agreements signed between China and the counterparts based on the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap (corruption and bribery) to force the counterparts sticking the intercontinental road while its people anger.


China poured about $US 1.5 trillion to 150 nations, and now, China can not revoke the money while China’s debt reached 313 % GDP and it worsens while China’s economy disabled by its Chinese Virus. Moreover, the one belt and one road’s nations can claim the massive compensation of the Chinese Virus. It is the dire consequence of the Chinese dream that turns the nightmare, so China fears bankruptcy coming any time.


The one belt and one road mired into the debt and risk after China’s communist regime launched the global biological warfare attack, so China also failed the one viral belt and one pandemic road.


Once again, China can not use biological warfare to destroy the US economy and the world community. Instead, the Chinese Virus hits back China’s communist regime. One viral belt and one pandemic road overturned the deep conspiracy that fed on more than two decades ago and now, the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping carries out. Unfortunately, the dire consequence of one viral belt and on pandemic road pushes the world community unites to fight against China. The undeclared sanction has applied after the world community discovered the World Health Organization colluded with China to conceal and delay the pandemic outbreak.  Particularly, director-general Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who transforms the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION to the WORST HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Dogtor director-general WHO has no medical doctoral degree but he is head of W.H.O. In October 2017, the Worst Health Organization promoted dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to be a Goodwill Ambassador but the world strongly reacted. Once again, the Worst Health Organization has promoted the Ape Emperor’s wife Xi Jinping is Peng Liyuan into the Goodwill Ambassadors but it doesn’t succeed, so W.H.O becomes the medical rubbish tip. President Donald Trump terminates the relations with W.H.O to save $US 500 million of the taxpayers when the W.H.O becomes the medical thugs.


One viral belt and one pandemic road affected in Italy, a station of one belt and one road in Europe, despite, Italy is a member of the European Union (Italy becomes the hot spot of Coronavirus in Europe). In the US, the unofficial stations of one belt and one road located in the strongholds of Democrats as New York, California, the death toll, and infected cases are high during the Chinese Virus outbreak. In Australia, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews signed one belt and one road with China in 2018, the illegal agreement conflicts the national security and federal government. Therefore, Victoria state (Melbourne) becomes the hot spots of one viral belt and one pandemic road in Australia.


The one belt and one road cost much of China’s economy and financial system while China faces the mountain debt and the monetary investment on this project being lost when the counterparts file the lawsuit and claim the compensation. One viral belt and one pandemic road disabled China’s economy when the world community sanctions and isolates China that is due to the pandemic spread. One viral belt and one pandemic road is the heartless plan of the rogue regime in Beijing. Initially, the Chinese Virus killed Chinese people in Wuhan and the mainland. The global biological warfare spread worldwide and bracing one viral belt and one pandemic road. Therefore, the viral road locked and isolated China from the world community, the fate of one viral belt, and one pandemic road to follow the death of one belt and one road’s project. The innocent politicians, the left parties, and the profit lover’s business in Western helped China carrying out the Chinese dream as Sun Tzu quotes” create something from nothing”. However, the global hegemonic ambition plus the heartless regime that transforms Chinese from anything to nothing.


The failures of one belt and one road plus one viral belt and one pandemic road that risk China’s Communist Party. Moreover, Hong Kong’s tension created the desperate conspire of Ape Emperor Xi Jinping to take Hong Kong before 2047. China and its comrade Democrats in the US appall President Donald Trump will claim the landslide victory on November 8, 2020.


The riots spread in the US after a black man names George Floyd, 46-year-old died in the Police custody politicalizes. The Police said George Floyd who is suspected by using a forgery case in a grocery store and he resisted arrest. Possibly, behind the riots and looting are the domestic thugs. Moreover, Democrats use the death of a black man to help Joe Biden in the election 2020 and straying the culprit of Coronavirus to help China escapes the crime opposing humanity. Certainly, the left viral media companies in the US, Australia (ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten, and others), Europe develop the propaganda about the death of a black man, the obsolete psychological campaign is vain. Whatever, China can not hide the culprit of biological warfare, Democrats can not exploit the death of George Floyd to change the outcome of the presidential election in 2020, and the left media can not mislead the public by the phony propaganda as the Vietnam War.


In 2017, a Police officer in Minneapolis is Mohamed Noor (Muslim’s migrant) shot dead an Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk Damon after she called Police to help, but there was no riot instead of the vigils. But a black man George Floyd died while Police arresting, the riots spread many places in the US and even in London./.






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