The obsolete empire China exhibits the power


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The innocent politicians, naïve businesses, profit lover’s academics, and the traitors (the left parties like Democrats, the Australian Labor Party, the UK Labor Party, Greens Party, and others) in Western have helped China’s Communist Party grew faster. Indeed, China couldn’t grow without the Western helped. Unfortunately, the Western has forgotten their potency of economy, technology, so the ruthless regime bullies and conspiring to control the world in 2025 as China’s Communist Party plans with the deep collaboration of Democrats plus the domestic thugs in Western.


The socialism framed Chinese people’s invention plus the obscurantism has applied. The rogue regime has ruled China’s mainland by brainwash and terror, the vital purpose to keep the totalitarian government remains. Its reason explains the communist countries always trace behind the US and Europe. China grew from a poor country but dealt with the world’s largest population after robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949, China’s Communist Party grabbed an opportunity when the US President Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972. The ruthless regime exploited the trade ties, diplomatic relations to array the trade trap, debt trap and government trap (beauty trap and bribery trap) to expand the Red Ape’s empire and colonizing the world, China has carried out the global hegemonic ambition that calls Chinese dream.


The Ape dynasty stole the technology, applying the cunning methods in the free market, so China has developed the military and economic power come from the Western. Despite China’s communist regime has not enough capacity on military strength and the economy plus financial system belong to the free market of” capitalist”, but China always shows the brazen and arrogant attitude to the world. It is the traditional habit of Chinese Emperors like Qin Shi Huang who treated the neighboring countries and other states as the vassals in the old days of Chinese history. Therefore, the monarchic era was no longer exist, but China’s Communist Party remains the dynasty in China and wants to impose the power on the world including the US, Europe.


China’s Communist Party always promotes itself as the global superpower, and  Beijing self empowers and self mandates to control the world. The obsolete chauvinism has applied at the wrong time and the wrong target. Certainly, the counterparts have not belonged to the Ape’s dynasty. Indeed, China must respect the sovereignty and treat it equally in international law.  The intimidation is a professional policy of China applying into foreign relations, some counterparts fell into the trade trap and debt trap like South Africa.  In 2011, Archbishop Demond Tutu invited Tibet’s spiritual Dalai Lama for the Peace Nobel Prize’s reunion, but China warned and South Africa’s government feared. Eventually, South Africa President Jacob Zuma canceled the entry visa of Dalai Lama. The menace has applied everywhere, including the Western for every visit of Dalai Lama.


China’s communist government always treats the world by the brazen attitude. Moreover, the Chinese embassy, consulate general around the world often cow the counterparts like China’s Ambassador to Australia is Cheng Jingye who intimidated Australia after the government proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus. Recently, China cows Australia, the United Kingdom about helping Hong Kong refugees to resettle.


China could use the money to corner the United Nations, the World Health Organization by bribery, but China could not intimidate the US, India, Japan, and other nations. Mr. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres can not exploit the UN to impose China’s policy on the US and its members. After misleading the media advice,” the World Hell Organization” director-General,  Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyeus loses the world trust, he talks as a disgraced clown, certainly, the US and other countries can cut the fund. Nevertheless, China can not impose the bush law and wild rules to Hong Kong people while the deadline 2047 can flinch Beijing by the strong reaction of the world community, particularly the US, United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe. Hong Kong executive Carrie Lam has no authority to mandate China occupies  Hong Kong, possibly, Beijing must receive the punitive economy and finance, those are the death vulnerability of China’s Communist Party being engaged the low tide of revolution come from the trade war and Coronavirus plus the heavy flood threatening the Three Gorges Dam.


The world community does not trade with the Red Mafia or the Ape regime in Beijing, nowadays, the real face of the Red empire appeared. On the other hand, China’s Communist Party is the super gang, the Ape dynasty has never respected international law, instead, the bush law and wild rules threatening the democratic countries. The world community and the victimized nations of trade trap, and debt trap must get out of China ties as soon as possible. The democratic countries like the US, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and others are good places for trade, investment.


The Western-made critical mistake to help China infiltrated the free market, now the dire consequences paid. Trade with China gets more harm than good, the trade war unveiled the negative aspects and the vulnerability of China’s communist regime, the ugly economic pattern cheats the world community” the free market is led by socialism” that peels off the real strength of China. Beijing does need the Western from A to Z, and China also needs the global market, the generous consumption of Western, the technology, those are the vital facts of China’s economy. So the US, Western and democratic countries just isolate, no trade with China, the regime risk by the massive jobless.


Do not fear what the communist does

Let’s do what the communist fears


The economy disabled, the financial system is on the brink of collapse, therefore, China’s communist regime has never given up the global hegemonic ambition. Therefore, the world community recognizes the aggressive attitude of China that reflects a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east, then strike in the west”. Certainly, the obsolete empire can not hide extreme difficulties by creating tensions in neighboring countries and threatening the world. The crippled power of a giant with the clay of foot plus the terminal cancer of economy that hit back China. The world community isolates and sanction China after discovering the communist paradise also the paradise of pandemics and the mainland becomes the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of a cheat./.






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