The Novel coronavirus changes the world


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The hoax climate change has activated from President Bill Clinton that becomes the most deception on the planet of a Democratic president. Certainly, President Bill Clinton is a lawyer, not a scientist, therefore, he exploited the US presidency to repay for China illegally provided the money in the election 1992 and 1996. The hoax climate change is the excellent cheat of the Democratic president Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore while China freely releases dioxide, but the Western curbing. The innocent people, particularly, the young component worldwide to be brainwashed by the malicious perpetrators of hoax climate change exploiting the ebullient character of students to protest and creating the social mayhem in Western that matches the policy of China to disturb the backyard of” counter-revolutionary countries”, China called capitalist. Moreover, China also gets free advertising to sell solar power around the world by naïve supporters. Nevertheless, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres created a Swedish teenage zombie Greta Thunberg who becomes the most hateful teenager on the planet, she becomes the global teenage thug. Certainly, the illiterate climate change’s lecturer Greta Thunberg can not convince the world, except the stupid academics, and the silly politicians adore Greta Thunberg as the icon. Whoever invited and listen to illiterate lecturer Greta Thunberg is like an illness patient comes to an abattoir and asking a butcher diagnosis, indeed, a medical doctor and clinic or surgery is the right place and right person to take care the health.


The Novel Coronavirus created by China’s communist regime, it is the biological warfare of Ape Emperor Xi Jinping, and its Communist Party to carry out the global hegemonic ambition. The World Health Organization names  COVID-19 or the people call CHINA OF VIRUS IN DECEMBER 19, it appeared from December 1st, 2019, but China’s government concealed and wanted to spread the pandemic worldwide. Its reason explains whistleblower Dr. Li Wengliang was arrested by police after he raised the alert about the deadly virus outbreak. China can not sophisticate the culprit of Coronavirus.


The invisible cohort’s strength exposes the death toll and infected people skyrockets in China, but, the communist regime and the left media in Western concealed, instead, the left media companies propagate the death toll occurs into the” counter-revolutionary countries”, particularly, the US. On May 28, 2020, the major left media in the US, Australia (the prominent companies are ABC, Seven Seven), Europe are happy to release the death toll in the US passed 100,000. Therefore, the left viral left media companies have no report about the death toll of China, despite the mainland is the paradise of pandemics. The phony deception of left media can not conceal the public as in San Diego, California, the stronghold of Democrats, Governor Gavin Newsom (nephew of Nancy Pelosi) recorded 194 deaths by Coronavirus, indeed, there were only 6 deaths and the other deaths come from many causes. In Washington State, the left media inflates in the death toll of Coronavirus increase 80%, but they added the shooting victims in totals.


The global travel ban, the international community isolated, the stock market plunged, the world is nervous since the Coronavirus has started in Wuhan. The global stock market lost at least $US 16 trillion in February and it continues to plunge, the dire consequence of the Chinese Virus on the economy is immeasurable. China’s economy disabled and the financial system is underway to face bankruptcy but no one can know what happens occurred behind the bamboo curtain. Certainly, China’s propaganda machine and the left media in Western can not save China by the public misleading. The fake news, concealment, fake reports are not workable. The high technological communication debunked psychological warfare.


The Coronavirus forces the religions to change the worship and religious services during the pandemic spread. The social habit changes by reducing handshake and kissing can transmit the virus. Certainly, Coronavirus hits hard China as a saying” the sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. The world suspects Novel Coronavirus created by China’s communist regime, the biological weapon exploded at the largest communist paradise and the prime suspect is Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory. The Coronavirus radically changes China’s economy from the mainland to overseas:


1-In China, the industry, business including transport are disabling, the Coronavirus eradicates China’s industry from the grassroots. In February 2020, the International Transport Association dropped 19 % revenue, almost, the link of the fights to China suspended. There are many airline companies like Virgin Blue in Australia faces bankruptcy, and Qantas deals the financial difficulty. Certainly, 231 airline companies in China can not escape the worst stage, the prominent tycoons as Jack Ma lost $US 28 billion of his valuable assets are worth $US 38 billion in March 2020.


2-The global market and the world

-The world isolates China is due to the Coronavirus outbreak, mostly, the Western countries suspend the flights to China and also strictly apply the travel ban to Chinese tourists including Chinese students. Nevertheless, in March 2020, the international aviation industry paralyzed, almost, the US, Europe, Australia issued the travel ban, the continents isolate that is due to the Chinese virus spread from Chinese tourists, Chinese workers including Chinese students.


– China’s Town, Chinese restaurants, Chinese groceries ruined, the global consumers fear the deadly virus, so they boycott any linking to China including the food, goods, and the products.


-China’s stock market has suffered big losses, China’s businesses, China’s companies, and the Western companies related to China face the disaster.


-The world fears Chinese people may have the Coronavirus, it is the global China-phobia, not racist as the pro-Beijing claims.


-The world faces wartime to fight against the deadly pandemic that calls CHINESE VIRUS. After the world locked down, the continents isolated itself are due to the spread of Coronavirus. The people killed and infection spreading worldwide, the global economy disabled, everyone is affected by the Chinese virus. So China’s communist regime becomes the global enemy.


The Coronavirus wakes Chinese people when China’s Communist Party conspires to create biological warfare to reduce the population and the massive jobless that threatens the regime (Chinese people fight against the Coronavirus, so they forget the massive jobless). China’s Communist Party ignores the life of Chinese people, there are just 22 tyrants to control 1.4 billion Chinese people and terrorize the world after 1949. The world and Chinese people need to change the totalitarian regime in China to democracy. It is the only solution to save Chinese people and peace in the world. The key holds in the hand of Chinese people, they just eliminate 22 tyrants in the Political Bureau, China will change and the world avoids the threat plus the biological warfare.


The Coronavirus unmasked the World Health Organization helped the pandemic develops, W.H.O director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus who is close comrade with Beijing. Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyus colluded with Ape Emperor Xi Jinping to launch the global biological warfare attack, they match the genocide against humanity. The Novel Coronavirus uprooted the credit on the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Possibly, the corruption should have inside W.H.O doubts.


-The international events canceled including religious worships.


– China’s Burqa spread worldwide, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, and all the religions comply with the untold order of Coronavirus to wear the mask.


3-The Western countries identify domestic thugs:


– Western businesses wake up and staying away from China. The foreign companies have no courage to make a profit in the dead land or the paradise of pandemics. They moved out or repatriated to the homeland.


-The spy networks of China eradicated, China’s undercover activists, the soft army of China (businesses, tycoons) appeared the face.


-The traitors can not hide the faces after the people discovered the businesses linking to China. The icons collapsed as Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates who plans to help China carrying out the Nuclear Reactor in China, but the US hampered. The Western Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, Kerry Stokes who has forgotten to bring the patriotic heart in business with China.


-The left media received more boycott after the fake news released and the fabricated stories made to praise China contains the pandemic and conceal the death toll in the mainland.


-The left parties in Western can not apply the demagogic policy to cheat its people when they stand alongside China like Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews of Australia who signed the agreement of one belt and one road with China while the Australian federal government opposes. Premier Daniel Andrews appeared an actual henchman of China in Australia, he will get big trouble when the federal government acts to protect the sovereignty and national interest.


-Chinese Virus arouses the patriotism, the world community wakes up and recognizes China’s communist regime is the most dangerous enemy. Certainly, the untold sanctions apply to push China into the peril, so the ruthless regime faces extreme difficulties since their biological warfare launching, the economic disaster conducts the collapse, it is the death vulnerability of the world’s largest communist country. Ape Emperor Xi Jinping and his powerful comrades in Political Bureau fears the doomsday is coming as the fate of Soviet-Union decided by its people in the early 1990s./.







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