The mercy mission of China turns nasty


Posted on May 7, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s Communist Party attacks the world by biological warfare, it is China’s untold declaration of Third World-War. The world’s largest communist country is malicious, the biological warfare’s culprit also exposes the hypocritical morality by sending the medical supplies to the victimized countries. It is not the mercy missions, but China sells the medical supplies and exploits the Coronavirus pandemic to blackmail the counterpart as France exchanges the purchase of medical supplies with the operation 5G of Huawei. In the Vietnam War, Vietcong called the deadly traps were the humanitarian blind ditches. China is the culprit of Coronavirus but covering the humanitarian face to cheat the people, therefore, the evil has no mercy. The communist has never repented the genocide, instead, Karl Marx-Maoist-Ho Chi Minh’s pupils enjoy the massacre, the robbery and enslaving the people under the revolutionary label.


China’s medical supplies aim for multiple purposes, nevertheless, the poor quality of test kits giving 80% wrong results, it is the medical cheat. British senior doctors warn China’s ventilators can kill the patients, commonly, the face masks attaching virus and contamination, so China’s medical supplies create more death toll and the infected cases outside China. Indeed, the medical supplies of China that hide under the title of humanitarian aid and supporting the biological warfare terror worldwide. The deep conspiracy of China debunked in the US, Europe, Australia, and somewhere else. However, the viral Governor Andrew Cuomo encourages New York residents to use China’s medical supplies, nevertheless, Governor Cuomo received 1,000 ventilators from China. The viral Governor Gavin Newsom paid $US 1 billion of taxpayers to order China’s face masks despite, the US companies can make the safety’s face masks except for Chinese companies in the US and somewhere in the world.


The face masks made in China and offshore Chinese companies operating in the Western are dangerous. On April 5, 2020, Police at Santa Clara, San Jose, California questions Chinese company Li Chan Wuan with Coronavirus installed into the face masks, so the government confiscated 18,000 face masks and shut the company. Li Chan Wuan company has 38 employees and two vans, initially, the owner and workers must quarantine in 14 days, but, they contacted family members, relatives, and someone including the supermarkets. The customers of Li Chan Wuan company are the nail shops in the state and the other adjacent regions. The US Police don’t know how many face masks sold in the market but California is among the hot spots of Coronavirus pandemic.


China deeply rooted in the economy, the financial system by the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap into counterparts, particularly, the Western governments are the main targets influencing the multiple levels (federal, state, and local governments). The Coronavirus outbreak emerged the Australian persons related to China, the businesses like billionaire Andrew Forrest, Kerry Stokes officially stand alongside with China after Australian proposed to investigate the Coronavirus.


China’s mercy mission turns nasty as a stratagem of Sun Tzu” hide a knife behind a smile”. The medical supplies airlifted from Wuhan to Tasmania (Australia) including the hospitals that are a farce when the fight returned to Wuhan carrying on board 11,289 tins of baby powder milk, and 35,000 kilograms of Tasmanian salmon. Western Australia residents don’t know about the goods comes from the returning flights to China of billionaire Andrew Forrest who ordered China’s medical supplies to donate the government, certainly, the left viral media companies in Australia as Channel Seven concealed as a cat hides the shit underground after defecated.


China’s Ambassador to Australia is Jingye Cheng who can not raise the brazen voices to intimidate to cut Australia’s import, tourists, and calling Chinese people to boycott Australia’s goods like meat, wine, particularly Australia’s baby powder milk. China’s communist background in Australia has rushed to buy Australia’s baby formula by the socialism method. Nevertheless, when three warships of the People’s Liberation Navy arrived in Sydney Harbour in June 2019. Behind the aggressive behavior showing by weapons to threaten the sovereign of Australia, there were 730 sailors, and officers rushed to buy Australia’s baby powder milk.


Possibly, Ambassador Jingye Cheng reflects a saying” when a communist is born, initially, a midwife sees the mouth” and the proverb” do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did”.


China’s mercy mission turns business and creating more death toll, the infected cases when the medical supplies made in China can kill, cheat the users. Moreover, Chinese companies in Western can not trust as the incident of Li Chan Wuan company in California. The Red Satan’s heart unmasked after the world community discovered the real face of China’s communist regime./.





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