The major colonial tactics of China apply


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China’s global hegemonic ambition becomes the backbone of the world’s largest communist country. Nowadays, the old fashion of invasion can not apply by the armed force, instead, the modern weapons decide the battle. Possibly, the People’s Liberation Army can not win the war by the human wave tactic of Mao Tse Tung, it became the military genocide with a million Chinese troops barbecued in Korea War, in Vietnam, Four-star General Võ Nguyên Giáp and leader Hồ Chí Minh wasted tens of thousand lives in Điện Biên Phủ battle and 1,500,000 troops in Vietnam War. Certainly, the military equipment and weapons of China trace behind the US, Europe, and Russia. Mostly, the People’s Liberation Army, Navy acquired the weapons and military technology from the steal and copy, even the newest fighter J-20B stealth has announced, China just made the jet body but the engine comes from Russia, China exposes an obsolete burglar


China’s Communist Party changed the invasion tactics by using the soft army, and espionage networks have activated into the counterparts, the major targets focus the Western countries, especially, the US. The silent invasion has carried out from China joined the free market and nowadays, China sowed the unarmed army deeply around the world. If Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, China will control the world in 2025. Therefore, the US patriotic president Donald Trump wakes the world since he inaugurated on January 20, 2017. Moreover, the Chinese virus pandemic alerts the world community about the most rogue country on the planet.


From many decades ago, China has applied the colonial tactics into their counterparts, the cunning tactics have performed smoothly, so the world and innocent politicians have fallen into the traps. China has applied the colonial tactics by multiple methods:


1-Buying the leaders: when China bought a national leader as Prime Minister, President, governor (the US), premier (Australia), Beijing gains the best policy when the national leaders and high profiles become the actual henchman of China.


-In the US, China’s espionage agent John Huang paid money for Bill Clinton-Al Gore in the election 1992, and agent Charlie Trie provided the finance for President Bill Clinton in the second election. President Bill Clinton served for China in 8 years as the executive, his government granted the Most Favored Nation, so China grew faster. Moreover, President Bill Clinton planned to give away China the top military technology GPS (Global Position System), but Congress prevented, if not, nowadays, China can launch the missiles exactly any targets including the US. President Barrack Obama behaved as an executive of China, he and Vice President Joe Biden drove the US into China’s orbit, so China treated President Barrack Obama like a vassal’s leader in the visit 2016, he accessed the stairway, without the red carpet.


-In Australia, Labor Premier Daniel Andrews signed one belt and one road with China in 2018, now, Victoria state becomes the hot spots of Coronavirus while all states and territories eased the restriction. The people believe Premier Daniel Andrews applied the negligent quarantine and restriction so Coronavirus outbreaks the second wave, but it matches the retaliation of China after Australia proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus. The situation of Victoria’s state worsens, the Australian government and people worry and condemn Premier Daniel Andrews as the traitor, therefore, the Xi Jinping protects henchman Daniel Andrews, he praises” Mr. Andrew is doing an excellent job” (Xi Jinping’s speech translated to English). Moreover, Xi Jinping said about the infected cases increases in victoria:” a few thousand cases is not a big deal”.


Annually, the Coalition government spent a hundred million dollars to fight the cyber spy and banned 5G of Huawei, but Senator Penny Wong (Labor leader in Senate) promised to admit Huawei operates 5G in Australia if the Australian Labor Party wins the election on May 18, 2019. The Australia Labor Party’s Senator Sam Dastyari stood alongside with China while the government alerts China creates tension into the disputed waters and threatening Australia. The Australian people believe Senator Penny Wong who is the boss of the Australian Labor Party, so all Labor members in Senate, Parliament House including opposition Anthony Albanese are the puppets. If the Australian Labor Party rules the government, China has an opportunity to colonize Australia.


-China just bought Executive Carrie Lam, so Beijing has used Carrie Lam to serve for China, recently, Carrie Lam issues the bush law that called security law, Hong Kong people and foreigners being endangered when the bush law applies.


2-The infiltration’s government: China always conspires to sow its people into multiple levels of government. Chinese or pro-Beijing politicians can help China to carry out the global hegemonic strategy. From many decades ago, Chinese politicians boomed in Western countries, they are the members of Parliament House, Senators, Councilors, Mayors, and hold the important position in the country. The infiltration tactic has applied flexibly,  . In Western Australia, Labor Premier recruited China communist Pierre Yang in the Legislative Council (state’s upper house). Liberals Party recruited Maoist Gladys Liu in the Parliament House despite the people strongly react but Prime Minister Scott Morrison ignores. Chinese politicians influence the government policy and they could leak the secret information to China, they are the high level of the spy.


-The left parties are wonderful places for China’s agents because the left parties are China’s comrades, they put the comradeship above the national interest.


-The bribery is the sharp tactic to help China’s agents infiltrate the political parties. China’s communist regime and its financial agents (businesses, investors) introduce China’s espionage agents after the donation. The most political parties in Western are hungry money in the elections, so China easily sowed the agents in the parliament, Senate, city councils.


-The beauty trap also applies to politicians and China’s spy agents could insert into the parties. President Bill Clinton fell into the beauty trap since he was governor in Arkansas,  super espionage agent John Huang covered the trips for the lustful President Bill Clinton traveled to Hong Kong plus the luxurious accommodation and sexual services.


-The red seeds sowed into high profile families: China is keen to sow the red seeds into the families of politicians. Labor’s undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull who became the Australian Prime Minister after a coup in 2015 and he ruled the country until 2018. The daughter in law of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is Yvonne Wang who comes from a hardcore of China’s communist family. During Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was ruling the country, Darwin port leased for China in 99 years and Malcolm Turnbull secretly dealt one belt and one road with China, Trade Minister Steve Ciono who held the document.


From China joined the world community, the major colonial tactics have applied around the world. Chinese politicians climbed higher and dived deeper into the Western government, it is very dangerous when the enemy infiltrated the top government’s level. Nowadays, China has a soft army in Western and also sowed espionage agents into the top government’s body, the democratic election created an opportunity for China’s espionage agents to penetrate. Nevertheless, the left parties often deserve the facilities for comrade China and also recruit Chinese politicians./.






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