The henchman of China could not escape the traps


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China’s mainland ruled by the communist regime, the genocidal party killed a hundred million Chinese people since Mao Tse Tung robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. Moreover, China’s communist regime is famous for the human rights violation, and China’s communist regime is keen to apply the bush law, wild rules and cunning methods in trade, diplomacy, so the mainland become the den of counterfeit, and the center of a cheat. Therefore, in Western and other countries, the corrupt politicians, the lover profit’s academics, greedy money’s businesses, and the social high profiles accepted to be China’s henchman after fell into the traps and loyalty tied for life with the world’s rogue country despite the secret deal and collaboration with China conflict the national interest, it matches the treason. How could China’s communist regime keep its loyal henchman?. Moreover, the henchman of China is the domestic thugs, they are dangerous more than a foreign enemy. On the other hand, China’s henchman is national cancer, the hidden enemy has helped China carrying out the invasion and to colonize the country.


China’s Communist Party has conspired the global hegemonic ambition since its party controlled the mainland. The so-called Chinese dream has applied flexibly to the counterparts by the trade trap, the debt trap, and the government trap, those have carried out by the soft army to colonize the countries falling into the traps and the diplomatic shield (embassy, consulate-general) support, protect the soft army. Particularly, China has applied the government trap effectively, the bribery tactic helped China influenced, cornered the governments including the US, Europe, Australia. Bribery’s tactic has rooted the Western countries into multiple levels of government since China joined the free market after the US President Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972.


In the Vietnam War, South Vietnam’s Brigadier General Nguyễn Hữu Hạnh who secretly dealt with Vietcong while his father’s grave located at the insecurity’s era in Phú Phong village, Châu Thành district, Mỹ Tho province. His father’s grave was safe, but Brigadier General Nguyễn Hữu Hạnh betrayed South Vietnam’s government and its people, he became  Vietcong’s undercover activist, so many lives of soldiers killed when to military information leaked to Vietcong. Eventually, traitor Nguyễn Hữu Hạnh was appointed the chief staff of Army of the Republic of Vietnam by another Vietcong’s undercover activist was Four Stars General Dương Văn Minh (the last President), both disbanded South Vietnam Army with a million soldiers and handed over the last democratic land to Vietcong on April 30, 1975. Eventually, traitor Nguyễn Hữu Hạnh died in poverty on September 29, 2019, at his small hut in a cemetery, Vietcong applies the tactic throwing the lemon’s skin after emptied juice. Whoever works with communists must learn the bloody lesson of Brigadier General Nguyễn Hữu Hạnh.


The communists and terrorists are professional on blackmail when a person fell into the traps, they must keep the loyalty with communists for life, so any change could cost political life or prestige. China’s communist regime has developed the bribery, and the beauty trap of Sun Tzu the establish contacts with the henchman, commonly, the politicians could fall into the traps above. There are a few circumstances of China’s trap in Western, indeed, many politicians and high profiles around the world have become the actual henchman of China, they must tie with Beijing, even selling the national interest to China.


In the US, President Bill Clinton fell in the beauty trap and bribery trap of China’s espionage agent John Huang, so Bill Clinton became the actual henchman of China, he served as China’s executive in White House from 1992 to 2000, the US interest sold to China. The US Senator Dianne Feinstein has business linking China, she employed China’s espionage agent in her office for more than 20 years. China gained much information leaked from her office (then US Senate). Vice President Joe Biden served for China’s interest from 2008 to 2016, China rewarded $US 1.5 billion (rumor is $US 2.1 billion) from China’s communist regime to his son is Hunter Biden. Now, former Vice President Joe Biden is the US presidential candidate, he always ties the loyalty with China. If he wins the election on November 8, 2020, China will have an actual henchman in White House like Bill Clinton. Nevertheless, the US patriotic President Donald Trump makes America great again, the allies trust, the domestic thugs appall the swamp of White House draining out and the justice will find the treason, corruption. The Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFF Missile of President Donald devastated China’s economy, so China’s henchman in the US must act as China demanding. Recently, a book of former White House’s advisor John Bolton to defame President Donald Trump, but it aims to help China’s actual henchman Joe Biden in the presidential election will be held on November 20, 2020, certainly, China does want Joe Biden wins, it doesn’t rule out Mr. John Bolton is China’s henchman.


In Australia, China’s communist regime has developed bribery tactic to buy the politicians of both main parties. Huawei paid 12 trips plus the luxurious accommodation to the politicians like MP. Andrew Robb (Liberals) traveled to Hong Kong and China from December 13-19, 2012. Mr. Andrew Robb has established contacts with China, he worked for China in Darwin Port with annual wage is $AU 880,000, he exchanges the national security for individual interest. MP. Julie Bishop (Liberals) enjoyed the trip to China on January 4-9, 2012, and the accommodation paid by Huawei,  she held  Foreign Minister and Deputy leader of Liberals Party from the era of Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull, despite she retired but sometimes appeared on television to criticize the government about the policies conflicts China’s interest. MP. Steve Ciobo (Liberals), Paul Fletcher, Alex Hawke, Alan Griffin, Harry Jenkins, Maria Vamvakinou were paid the trip plus accommodation to China by Huawei on March 3-8, 2013 ( Steve Ciobo held the Trade Minister), he retired after Malcolm Turnbull ousted, therefore, steve Ciobo held the secrets of one belt and one road that signed by Malcolm Turnbull’s government. MP. Jim Chalmers and Stephen Jones are Labor flew to China, Huawei paid the trip plus the luxurious accommodation on July 5-12, 2015. Now, Jim Chalmers holds shadow Treasurer of the Australian Labor Party. If Labor wins the next election, China will gain economic facilities and China will occupy more national assets.

The scandal of Labor Senator Sam Dastyari cost his job in Senate, he supported China illegally built and militarized the artificial islands into the disputed waters while the security of Australia being threatened. Therefore, Senator Penny Wong was the boss of Sam Dastyari, she is a Labor leader in Senate, the action of Senator Sam Dastyari that reflects the boss is Penny Wong’s stance. Moreover, Senator Penny Wong always protects China and criticizes the Coalition government for every policy conflicts China, recently, she stood alongside with China when the government proposed the independent inquiry on Coronavirus. On the other hand, Senator Penny Wong climbed higher and dived deeper in the Australian government, she is the Senator of  Australia but she always serves  China’s interest in the Senate.


Nowadays, the prominent henchman of China is Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews who signed one belt and one road with China from 2018 without the advice of the federal government (Defense and Foreign Affairs Department). Despite the Australian people, intelligence and federal government react against the secret deal of Premier Daniel Andrews, but he always protects the treason, he has nowhere to escape. The traps of China forces Daniel Andrews to keep the loyalty with China’s Communist Party.


Hong Kong’s Chief  Executive Carrie Lam knows China is the ruthless regime, but she always obeys the orders from Beijing, if she repents and returning to support Hong Kong people, China will leak the corruption and her political life will be ended by its government.


China’s communist regime is malicious, they have the tactics to sow the espionage agents into multiple levels of government and establishing the contacts the henchman and keeping the loyalty for life. A spy proverb quotes” when a hunter recognizes the dog can not do the job properly, a hunter must know how to eat the dog’s meat”. Mostly, China’s henchman couldn’t escape the traps, China’s communist will leak the information about bribery or the scandals, so the henchman must follow the demands that China wants to, it is the method to force the henchman must keep the loyalty with China. The traps affect the whole life of the henchman, even they retired as former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died in 2019), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull, former Liberal’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, former Labor’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr and others, they often protect China’s interest and attack the incumbent government issues the policies that Beijing upsets. The traitors must serve for life to China’s communist regime. The people warn about the former prime ministers, former president, former ministers, former officials, and others criticize the government about the national security, economic policies conflict China’s interest, they are China’s henchman for life./.







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