The ghost politicians disuturb the public


Posted on August 7, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Everyone knows the dead people have never revived, certainly, the top medical doctors in Western can not get back the life of a dead human’s body, including the excellent socialism doctors and medical specialists in China, former Soviet-Union couldn’t revive the dead bodies of Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, so the communist regimes must embalm the bodies of their leaders; even a talented magician just makes a zombie in the fairy tale. The deposed politicians are the dead bodies in politics by multiple reasons, the reputation of corrupt politicians died after the scandal discovered or the faced the conviction, the common circumstance is the fallen candidate like a presidential candidate in the US, after the loss of an election, the former candidate rarely returning in the next the election. In Australia, a fallen leader in the election resigned or stepped down the leadership, it is a political manner, because the people have no favor and its party must choose a new face for the next election. Therefore, ghost politicians like the former presidents, the former prime ministers, the former ministers, former FBI director, CIA boss, National Intelligence chief, including the presidential advisers have tried to appear the public, and the left media is keen to introduce them in newspapers, online, radio, television. Certainly, the political hateful faces abuse and disturb the public, therefore, the left media snubs the people when they invite the ghost politicians to impose their stance on the nation, the audiences feel the eyes and ears raped by the inappropriate speech. Certainly, the current government has its policies, so they don’t need to follow the partial opinion of the deposed politicians.


In Australia, the most hateful faces are former Prime Minister Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, and others who disturb the public when they appear on the media. Certainly, the ghost politicians expose as the disgraced clowns but they often raised the loud sounds like the frogs, and the people upset. Nevertheless, the henchman of China’s Communist Party always pledges loyalty with their boss by criticizing the current government into the policy against China on national security, national interest, and the economy.


Former Australia Labor Party Prime Minister Paul Keating who works for China Development Bank on the advisory board, certainly, he is keen to serve China’s interest, his speech reflects China’s policy, but Paul Keating often criticized the Coalition government about the economy, trade, and tension created by China. However, in the record, from 1983 to 1996, Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died in 2019) and Prime Minister Paul Keating led the country to the deep debt was $A 96 billion, they left the government after the federal election loss. Nevertheless, former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd exposes the actual henchman of China, he often appeared on media to criticize the Coalition government about the economy. Therefore, Kevin Rudd and comrade Julia Gillard, Finance Minister Penny Wong spent $ A 42 billion surpluses of John Howard-Peter Costello left and led the country to the debt. Moreover, under the rule of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Finance Minister Penny Wong, China’s Communist Party had an opportunity to create the debt trap, and control Australia government, the obsolete National Broadband Network (NBN) cost $A 65 billion and the insulation’s scheme wasted $A 2.7 billion, China made the profit from Australian taxpayers. The worst economic record of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd becomes the national disaster. Why didn’t Kevin Rudd make the national economic growth?. Moreover, Kevin Rudd often appears on the media including the television, he raises the arrogant speech about the Australian government reacts against China’s communist regime in the tension at Indochina Pacific. The tension escalates in Indochina Pacific to create by China’s Communist Party, the neighboring countries and the US react against the rogue regime, so former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (someone dubs KEVIN THUG) warns the risk of a hot war between China and the US, therefore, he avoided accusing the aggressive attitude of China’s communist regime is the cause of tension. Former Australia’s Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, 6o-year-old who prides the Mandarin’s speaking, he adulates his big boss by enrolling Ph.D. student at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the doctoral thesis writing about the Ape Emperor Xi Jinping. The Australian people believe Kevin Rudd deeply relates to China’s communist regime, so he always stands with the global enemy and the culprit of Coronavirus. Despite former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd does love China, but he doesn’t want to live in the world’s largest communist paradise, instead, he and his wife Therese Rein have purchased a mansion at Sunshine Coast of former tennis player Pat Rafter costs $A 17 million.


Former Senator, two terms first and the fallen presidential candidate lady Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama plus the former high profiles of Democrats often attack President Donald Trump, instead, the ghost politicians couldn’t do like Donald Trump who makes America great again. The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden slams President Donald Trump about the economy during the Chinese virus outbreaking, therefore, President Donald Trump did the best effort of the economy after getting the office, the Dow Jones surged from 17,000 of Obama to 27,100 on August 6, 2020. Why didn’t Joe Biden advise President Barrack Obama develop the economy, instead, the US ruined with the high unemployment rate?


The ghost politicians have never revived in politics, although they try to find the sunlight radiates through a glass of cold water. Certainly, their era and authority are over, their voices are useless, instead of the public abusing. Mostly, the ghost politicians are the fallen politicians in the policy but they want to impose their stance on the incumbent government. Instead, every prime minister and the president have an advisory board, the national leaders need not the ghost politicians to advise, they are the deposed politicians being rested in the political cemetery. The democratic countries respect free speech, therefore, the ghost politicians expose abusive speech and disturb the public. Nevertheless, the left media has lost the audience, reader after the fake news record, therefore, the ghost politician’s appearance on the media companies, the people upset and boycott, it aggravates the worst condition./.






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