The funeral of George Floyd is also Democrats


Posted on June 15, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democrats and domestic thugs celebrated the greatest funeral on the planet to praise a serious felony George Floyd that conflicts the morality and social valuation. Democrats promote the criminal is their political principle, it exposes the Donkey gang is the den of corruption, the center of treason. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is a hidden communist party in the US. So the Democratic Presidents like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Barrack Obama and the politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schummer, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, and others are close with China’s Communist Party, the treasonous party has helped China carrying out the global hegemonic ambition.


Unfortunately, Democrats wrongly launch the election campaign for an actual China’s henchman is Joe Biden by using the death of George Floyd. Therefore, the death of a black man who has a dozen criminal record receives the reaction against Democrats from the public after the protests with riots, loot, killing police officers, abusive people. The funeral of George Floyd is also the funeral of Democrats after 192 years founded and it died after the loss of presidential election in 2016. Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the current politicians of Democrats conducted the death of the Democratic Party.


The Democratic Party’s suicides carried out after Madam Hillary Clinton has never made the journey to White House, following the Special Counsel of Robert Mueller turned nasty (the taxpayers wasted $US 35 million), the border’s wall debunked Democrats and lawmaker terrorist, commander in thug Nancy Pelosi. The last impeachment failed after Ukraine’s scandal unmasked the corruption of Joe Biden with his son Hunter Biden and other high profiles of Democrats involved.


Recently, George Floyd’s death is the last cause of Democratic death. Nowadays, the US people and the world realized the evil face of Democrats exposed. The left media lose people’s trust, every fake news contributes to the death of Democrats. No one can save the hidden communist party in the US after the people discovered the domestic thugs. The demagogic policies on illegal migrants covered under the label of Human Rights that turn Human Wrong, the same-sex-marriage legislation conflicts the social valuation, the religious faith and destroyed the human history. The hoax climate change causes social mayhem but it helps China selling solar power. Nevertheless, the Democratic Party always puts socialism or Communism above the national interest, so when Democrats rule the US, China gains the best policies plus the economic facilities. Nowadays, China’s growth and threatening the world, including the US, it is the great effort of Democratic Presidents like Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and now, China’s henchmen Joe Biden is Democratic candidate, he serves for China’s interest, therefore, the US people recognize a traitor from the Vietnam War.


The death of George Floyd and his great funeral challenges the US people including the concern black people. Its reason causes many black people in the US to oppose the great funeral of a serious felon, condemn the crazy supporters. Certainly, the Black Lives Matter is a minor group of the African community in the US. Certainly, the great funeral of George Floyd humiliates the African community. The left media praise George Floyd as an angel and Democrats snub the public, it is the ugly scenes when presidential candidate Joe Biden, former President Barrack Obama, former President Jimmy Carter, and others dropping the crocodile’s tears to tribute a serious felon, the evil praise Satan, a gang prays a bandit. Moreover, the head of the lawmaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic gang knelt at Congress at least 8 minutes to pay the respect of a robber, burglar, drug trafficker, it is the shame of Democrats.


The death of George Floyd politicized while Democrats appall the landside victory of the US patriotic President Donald Trump that is inevitable, the panic aggravates the hopeless situation despite Democrats exhausted the tactics by using two terror organizations are Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The protests with riots spread from the US to Europe, Australia, Canada during the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Moreover, the Black Lives Matter revives the Culture Revolution of Mao Tse Tung in China (1966-1976), Mao empowered the Red Guard to arrest Mao’s opponents in China’s Communist Party and also destroyed the relics, including the temples. Nowadays, Black Lives Matter is like the BLACK GUARD, they terrorize the people, burned down the businesses, looted, killed the police officers. The historic statues and monuments are the targets of the Black Guard. In Parramatta, N.S.W (capital city is Sydney), two Black lives Matter activists are Xioaran Shi, 28-year-old (Chinese female) and Charmaine Morrison-mills, 27-year-old male defaced a Captain Cook Statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park, both are the staffs of Greens Party (comrade with Australian Labor Party and Democrats), they face Parramatta Bail Court. In Melbourne, Victoria Police investigates Black Lives Matter activists defaced the statues of Prime Minister John Howard and Tony Abbott in Ballarat. In the United Kingdom, Black Lives Matter vandalized s statue of Winston Churchill, in the US, the Black Lives Matter vandalized statue of President Abraham Lincoln. Everywhere, the rebellious Black Lives Matter is the uprising of  Communism in Western.


George Floyd’s funeral increases the public loathing, the victims of loot, abusive victims condemn, but Democrats pride and continue to incite the protests. The social mayhem in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada appeared the domestic thugs, certainly, former President Barrack Obama and former Secretary Hillary Clinton use the left media like CNN to excite the riots. The deep conspiracy aims to take down the US patriotic President Donald Trump and paving the way for China’s henchman Joe Biden to win the presidential election will be held on November 8, 2020.


The Black Lives Matter is the monstrosity of Democrats, the democracy distorts to the rebel of communism in Western. In the US, the Black Lives Matter’s rebellious group occupied a small era in Seatle and declares the autonomous zone while the Democratic Governor’s Seattle Jay Robert Inslee supports the rebel. Therefore, the left media propagates and praises the Black Lives Matter’s rebel. Certainly, Democrats have sunk into the quagmire of conspiracy, every move worsen, the US people abominate the Donkey Party for every incident. It means more protest creating more gap between Democrats to the US people. Democrats have fallen into the deadlock, the obsession of election’s loss on November 8,  2020, that rushes Democrats launch the desperate actions, so the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the death of a serious felony George Floyd to be idolized that couldn’t save Democrats.


Any business needs the customers, a lawyer needs the clients, a club needs the members. Certainly, the fish can not survive if no water and the tree dies if no soil. The political party does need the people, therefore, Democratic Party snub and ignore the public, so the people stay away and abandon. The historic scandals, corruption, and treasonous activities of Democrats conduct the death of a party founded on January 8, 1828. Nowadays, the US people fight against the terror organization called Democrats, the law and people crack the domestic thug down, and Antifa, Black Lives Matter plus the left media wither after the head of the terror disabled.


     The funeral of George Floyd is also the funeral of Democrats, the US people bury Democratic politicians in the political cemetery, so the election 2020 will celebrate the death of Donkey Party, possibly, Democrats will lose the Congress, Senate including Joe Biden who has never journeyed to White House. Moreover, the Democratic states like New York, Seattle, and others will face the people boycott, Democrats loss means China loses./.







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