The frog judge cannot decide the book of Bolton


Posted on June 22, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The first Muslim and communist US President Barrack Obama ruled the country in 8 years, he made America worst even, the democracy ruined, the nation divided by the same-sex-marriage legislation, the racial war (Obama advocated and promoted the BLACK SUPREMACY, the Black discriminates against the White, the Black Lives Matter globalizes and racial domestic thug has protested with riots, loots from the US to Europe), the hoax climate change that wasted the taxpayers but China sells the solar power and the Western countries have complicated. Moreover, Obama played the double war game, formally, he called to fight against the terror, indeed, he flagged Islamic State founded and provided the weapon, finance plus the military training. Mr. Barrack Obama is the global thug, the global warmaker but the Novel Peace Prize Committee 2009 awarded.


During 8 years ruling the US, President Barrack Obama exploited the presidential authority to set up the legal safety net in Justice, the court’s system, and investigating bodies like FBI, CIA, Police. It is Obama’s legal system to protect and cover up the high profiles of Democrats escaping serious crimes like corruption, treason. After Obama expired the second term on January 20, 2017, the vestiges of Obama remains in the US government, particularly, the legal system becomes the tool of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and others. The US patriotic President Donald Trump vows to drain the White House’s swamp, so Democrats react like all kinds of insects strike by the pesticide. President Donald Trump restores the legal system to bring justice to people, so  Obama’s judges couldn’t drive the law and order to serve Democrats and sitting above the Constitution. Recently, Geoffrey Berman must step down the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York after falling to use the attorney power to abuse President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani. Obama’s judges are the thugs of justice, the garbage in the US legal system, the term of corruption, it is the legal foundation of Democrats.


Democrats have tried to use their judges to abuse President Donald Trump, therefore, the robbers with a wooden hammer and paper-knife couldn’t prevent the travel ban, border protection order, and the wall. Certainly, the US Constitution just consents the US president is the commander in chief, not consent the judges rule the country or commander in judge. Moreover, the US people elect the president, not elect the judges. Indeed, the judges are senior legal servants as the public servants in the government’s system, their authority limited in the courtroom, not White House, and the judges must respect the law, Consitution. However, the Obama judges override the authority, exploit the attorney power by issuing the court orders to stop the presidential orders, so the legal thugs must be sacked because they don’t understand or ignore the Constitution.


The Obama judges or legal thugs appeared for every incident releasing the executive order from White House, and President Donald Trump is the main target to abuse, so the US people and the world have no surprise when a legal thug is a district decides the book” The Room Where it Happened” goes ahead despite the Justice Department’s request to suppress the book breaches on national security grounds. The frog Judge Royce Lamberth applies his legal skills to protect traitor John Bolton by argument sophisticates the book could leak the classified, but it is not enough to halt its publication despite judge Royce Lamberth said:” defendant Bolton has gambled with the national security of the United States. He has exposed his country to harm and himself to civil and potentially criminal liability”. Possibly, the legal thug labeled judge plays the phony game of law, he concerns the book of John Bolton harms the country but he decides the publication goes ahead. It is the malicious tactic of district judge Royce Lamberth who is an accomplice with traitor John Bolton. On the other hand, the district judge Royce Lamberth represents John Bolton, while White House and the Justice Department represent the United States of America, the national interest and national security, so the brazen decision of Judge  Royce Lamberth is garbage and bullshit plus stupid as author John Bolton. Nevertheless, Judge Royce Lamberth forgot the basic lesson in a law school to define the criminal, a judge can not condemn Mafia and also permit Mafia to legally operates in society, except Mafia bought a judge or Mafia’s judge. The law school and Justice Department may review the judicial career of Judge Royce Lamberth.


The authority of a district judge is like a frog in the US legal system, even the high court, and the Supreme court can not ignore the national security, so the garbage decision of judge Royce Lamberth will face the legal challenge from the high level of court, moreover, the judge Royce Lamberth snubs the US Justice Department. Nevertheless, on March 1st, 2020, the Senate stopped using the information of former White House advisor John Bolton’s book” The Room Where It Happened”  by the vote 51-49, it means John Bolton’s book can not release, certainly, the frog judge Royce Lamberth must respect the lawmakers decided the book of John Bolton. Although the garbage decision of district judge Royce Lamberth released, but the left media bubbles a frog to be a dinosaur.


Mr. John Bolton is the senior politician of Republicans, he served as the 25th United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2005 to 2006 and 27th United States National Security Advisor from 2018 to 2019, President Donald Trump fired. Before entering the important position in White House, Mr. John Bolton received $US 115, 000 from Clinton Foundation, so he was Democratic undercover activist in the presidential staff. Mr. John Bolton commits suicide by his book, but Democrats want to use the information plus the classified to impeach the US patriotic President Donald Trump, and recently, he claimed the stupid lie about President Donald Trump asked China help to win the election 2020. Mr. John Bolton did as a saying” collect the wood in three years but burned down just one hour”. Certainly, the brilliant political life of John Bolton ended despite Juda has tried to defend the betrayal faith.


Despite his garbage book has the endorsement of Obama’s judge Royce Lamberth, but Mr. John Bolton faces the legal challenge, nevertheless, the national security leak that is treason. During the legal challenge and the national security’s concern, so the book of John Bolton can not release, a decision of District Judge Royce Lamberth has not enough the attorney power and authority to permit its bookselling on the market. Certainly, author John Bolton, judge Royce Lamberth, and publisher Simon & Schuster must take full responsibility after the classifieds leaked and President Donald Trump can sue the defamation against the author-publisher, the compensation is waiting for them ./.






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