The fake news used the US taxpayers ended


Posted on June 10, 2020 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



From the Cold War, the US government has aimed to communicate the democracy, freedom to the dictatorial regimes, particularly the communist countries like the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe Communist Bloc, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, North Korea, and others. It conducts the radio’s network established, the prominent radio stations are VOA (Voice of America), RFA (Radio Free Asia), Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty, and Cuba-Focuses Radio Marti.


The communist’s undercover activists in the US exploited the negligent employment’s policy to infiltrate the radio stations and transforming the communication to communism propaganda. The US taxpayers to be driven in the wrong direction. Moreover, the communists use their US communication stations to attack democracy, free speech. Nevertheless, VOA, RFA, Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty, and Cuba-Focuses Radio Marti misled the public by the fake news, biased articles with their comrade left media’s companies like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and others. The misleading public has occurred at least 25 years, the US taxpayers wasted, but the pupils of Karl Marx gained the propaganda.


On June 4, 2020, after the vote marked 53/38,  Senate appointed Mr. Micheal Pack holds General Director of the GLOBAL MEDIA USAGM, the term is 3 years. General Director Micheal Pack can use the budget is worth $US 700 million into the communication. Once again, Democrats lose the propaganda machine in the US. The power of the Senate exposes to the appointments, certainly, Democrats do nothing to prevent although they control the Congress.


Former director VOA is Amanda Bernett, an espouses of Donald E. Graham, former publisher of The Washington Post, the prominent left media company, it is among the den of fake news in the US. The end of left media radios in the US and the law applies to protect the free speech of patriotic President Donald Trump that is the great media’s reform in the US. The golden time of fake news, fabricated stories, and false polls no longer exist in communication, the left media lost the people’s trust. Nowadays, the left media companies can not use its tool as television, radio, newspaper, and online to mislead the public.


It is great news for the ethnic communities in the US and overseas, from many decades ago, Vietcong’s espionage agents and undercover activists infiltrated VOA, RFA, they propagated for Vietcong and Communism in the US by the taxpayers. Despite this, the major Vietnamese refugees are the victims of Vietcong. Unfortunately, most media of the Vietnamese language are the leftists. In California, the capital of Vietnamese refugee, but the daily news NGƯỜI VIỆT, VIỆT BÁO (Little Saigon), San Jose has Calitoday currently propagate the Communism. The television networks as SBTN is like Vietcong’s propaganda machine.


In Australia, SBS Radio, the Vietnamese language program is the left media. The SBS radio founded in 1975 by lawyer Tuong Quang Luu (Lưu Tường Quang), a former senior diplomat of South Vietnam, but he was keen to the leftist. The Vietnamese refugees in Australia upset the fake news, communism propaganda has carried out from SBS radio, so the Australian taxpayers wasted.


The incident of the US can wake the Australian government about communication, particularly, ABC (national television network), SBS T.V, and SBS Radio are the propaganda machine of Communism./.






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