The domestic thugs appears in the US riots


Posted on June 2, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The death of a black man names George Floyd has been politicized by the domestic thugs and China conspires to cover up the Coronavirus culprit. The incident started from a store worker called the Police about a man who passed a suspicious forgery $USD 20 at 3759 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis police officers Thomas Lane and J.A Kueng came and arrested, but a suspicious man resisted, he struggled with the Police officers. Eventually, he died at a scene and the prominent domestic thugs are Black Lives Matter, the Antifa, and the other gangs exploit the death of a black man to protest in the US. Possibly, behind the protests plus riot are Democrats and further China wants to create the mayhem in the US. Mostly, the high profiles of Democrats like former Vice President Joe Biden who represents Democrats in the White House race 2020, he campaigns the finance of legal fees for protesters arrest, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo said:” I stand with the protestors”, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio prides when his first daughter arrested by the protest.


The prominent domestic thugs represent the Black Lives Matter (the vestige of Barrack Obama) and the terror group Antifa excite the people protest, loot, riot in the US cities. Possibly, the Democrats and China support the domestic thugs Antifa and Black Lives Matter, certainly, they have the financial support and want to transform the US into anarchical status. The deep conspiracy aims to prevent the US Patriotic President Donald Trump in the second term and if China’s henchman Joe Biden elected, the trade war eliminates and China continues to plan the global hegemonic ambition.


The left media maximally propagates the fake news, the prominent left company is the New York Times snubs the public by releasing the phony fake news about the protestors force President Donald Trump hides in a bunker. Despite the New York Times Journalists Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman didn’t stay in the White House, but they published the fake news on May 31, 2020, and the left media companies act as a barked herding dog. On June 2nd, 2020, after the national address,  President Donald Trump walked on the streets in Washington D.C  and he came to the St George Church, he held the bible, certainly, President Donald Trump doesn’t hide in a bunker or running away as the major left media like The Guardian in the UK to propagate. Once again, the incident of George Floyd proved the left media is the thug of people, the foe of public, and the garbage of the mainstream media. The fake news debunked worldwide, do not listen to the left media propagates.


The domestic thugs challenge the democracy and the US people, they burned down the shopping centers and looted, they also stopped the cars on road to abuse. Moreover, the thugs vandalized St George Church and threatening security. President Donald Trump sends the national guard, the military police to restore the security and protect the people. Certainly, the thugs arrested and charged as the law and order.


      The death of George Floyd is controversial, the medical examination refers to the death-related the drug-using, so he quickly died when struggling with the Police. Initially, the US government stood down the duty of the police officer and investigates the incident. Therefore, the leftists, China, and domestic thugs exploit the suspicious death of George Floyd to launch the protests in the US, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia. The inappropriate protests create the mayhem and also straying the culprit of Coronavirus. China does love the protests in the US and somewhere else while the world community pressures the investigation of Coronavirus and file a lawsuit against China to seek massive compensation, China appalls the bankruptcy.


However, after a week rioted, the major people in the US recognize the thug’s faces and know Democrats and further China standing behind the riots. Possibly, presidential candidate Joe Biden will not woo more ballot on November 8, 2020, China can not stop the tariffs and the culprit of Coronavirus. Particularly, the family of George Floyd realizes the riots create the people dislike its family members, so brother of George Floyd calls the calm. Therefore, the protestors will be charged, but the perpetrators are safe./.







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