The disabled economy conducts China to collapse


Posted on May 22, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Chinese Virus thrashed China’s economy and financial system when the global biological warfare terror attack hits back China’s communist regime as a nuclear missile exploded at the launch site and the world community unifies to fight against the most rogue regime on the planet, it appears the sign to predict the death of China is coming.


Formally, China declares the untold Third World War worldwide as the Third Reich declared the Second World War by military battle, but China’s communist regime is malicious, the military battle replaced by the Coronavirus cohort o attack the world including Chinese people in the mainland. Particularly, Wuhan’s residents have been used as the live stations of the Coronavirus cohort to bring the deadly virus everywhere on the planet. The world damaged by the pandemic with the death toll passed 330,000 and more than 5 million infected plus the global economy recessed that based on the newest report on May 22nd, 2020, the global disaster continues to rise, the biological warfare of China opposes the humanity. Therefore, China must receive the highest death toll and infected population although the rogue regime concealed, the left media propagates and misleads the public. Moreover, the economy decides the fate of China’s communist regime, the economic disaster is inevitable.


Chinese Virus unmasked the real evil face of the rogue regime, the world community believes the Novel Coronavirus originated from Wuhan’s Biosafety level 4 Laboratory. The supporting reasons review the deep conspiracy of China using biological warfare to win the US and control the world that fed on two decades ago by China’s strategist, General Chi Haotian who held the Defense Minister of Deng Xiaoping and now, Xi Jinping applies. Initially, the Coronavirus devastated China’s economy as a saying” a sword made by China that stabs Chinese”. Almost, every nation is the victim of China’s biological attack, the people abominate China’s communist regime and China-phobia increases, it causes of the world fears Chinese people can bring the virus spreading, it is not racist but China’s communist regime harms Chinese people, no virus without the phobia.


China commits suicide by its biological warfare, the world unifies to fight against the culprit of biological warfare, so China’s communist besieged and isolated by two hundred nations and China’s Communist Party becomes the common enemy of the world community including Chinese people. Moreover, the lawsuit files against China to seek the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars that appall China, so Beijing has tried to stray the source of Coronavirus and also attacks the countries require to investigate as Australia. Certainly, a felon fears the investigation of the police.


China’s communist regime has fallen into the cite of Chinese ancient strategist Sun Tzu:” Therefore, one who is skilled in warfare principles subdues the enemy without doing battle, takes the enemy’s walled city without attacking, and overthrows the enemy quickly, without protracted warfare. His aim must be to take All-Under-Heaven intact. Therefore, weapons will not be blunted, and gains will be intact. These are the principles of planning attacks.”. Certainly, China’s Communist Party is not Chinese people, instead, the Ape as Karl Marx labeled. The rogue regime in Beijing acquired the stolen technologies from the US and Europe to develop the People’s Liberation Army and economic growth. Moreover, the Ape super herd has never respected the life of people, so China’s Communist Party can use the life of its army to fight as Mao Tse Tung barbecued a million troops in the Korea War by the heartless tactic called” human wave”. Therefore, the money is death vulnerability, the Coronavirus hits back and devastated China’s economy, it conducts the People’s Liberation Army, the totalitarian government’s system will not activate, even survive when the economy disabled. On the other hand, money decides the fate of China’s communist regime. The world community isolates and sieges China after the Chinese Virus pandemic, the global market and offshore investment ruined, the economic weapon can subdue China without the military conflict as a quote of Napoleon Bonaparte:” an army marches on its stomach”.


China lost the trade battle with the US and now China faces the global boycott that conducts the export plunges, the world has no interest to order the products come from the den of the pandemics, so the massive jobless threatens the regime. The foreign companies and tourists stay away from the paradise of viruses while the population of 1.4 billion need the food, so China’s communist government must import it from the counter-revolutionary countries like the US, Australia.


China’s communist regime faces hostility from the world community and its people, but the economy disabled that is the big problem. China has tried to save and stray the disaster by creating the tension into Indochina Pacific and also threatens economic punishment to Australia. Therefore, the side effects of tensions can not cover the investigation of Coronavirus. On the other hand, China can not use a bowl to cover an elephant’s head. Therefore, any move of China aggravates the worst situation, and the Chinese Virus’ backlash batters China’s economy. The global boycott and isolation can end China’s communist regime without fighting as Sun Tzu’s quote and Chinese people will stand up.


Do not fear what the communist does.

Let’s do what the communist fears


The US government and patriotic President Donald Trump have struck the death vulnerability of China’s communist regime. The US lawmakers have prepared the bills to break China’s economy and financial system:


-The bill takes China to the International Court and mandates the local courts can apply the law to help the victims of the Chinese Virus that conducts the compensation by the court order. China’s assets are available in the US and somewhere else, the plaintiffs can confiscate those to cover the compensation. Its reason appalls China, so when the Australian government proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus, China panics and react crazily by economic terror on Australia’s export. China breaches the contracts and the rules of the World Trade Organization.


-Republican lawmakers are Representative Jim Banks (Indiana), Dan Crenshaw (Texas), Lance Gooden (Texas) sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin holds Secretary of the Treasury to ask to apply the Magnisky Sanction Act be imposed on seven Chinese Communist Party officials.


-The US Senate has passed a bill boosting oversight of companies based in China and other countries, those should remove from the US stock exchange. This bill introduced many years ago by Senator John Kennedy (Republican of La), Chris Van Holland (Democrats Md). Now the bill comes to Congress. China’s communist stock exchange should be kicked out from Wall Street, certainly, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will lose the base and collapses. Almost, the offshore China companies belonged or related to China’s communist regime like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd of Jack Ma. The US move to enhance the victimized countries of the Chinese Virus, so every nation can investigate Chinese companies owned by its government and eliminate from investment.


China’s communist regime fears the economy disabled, finance tumbled, stock market plunged, and global market ruined that uprooted by the US and the world community. Unfortunately, Democrats lose the people’s trust, so the Donkey Party can not help China escape the disaster. Moreover, after the presidential election in  2020, Democrats face the loss of Congress, so the bill will pass easily.


China’s communist regime falls into the panic state while the world community isolates and applies the untold sanction. The people boycott China’s products worldwide which is enough to devastate China’s industry and offshore market. The bight is coming closer to the culprit of Coronavirus, therefore, China can not escape from the quagmire of economic peril and Chinese people can stand up anytime when they fear China’s Communist Party can create another virus to reduce the population./.







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