The dilemma of China businesses overseas


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Almost, the communist concerns the wealthy and intellectual components are the main enemies of the so-call working class, it is an essential theory of Karl Marx, a dishonest man, and jobless avenges the society by writing the evil books to teach the social dregs how to kill and rob the people that labeled the revolution. The pupils of Karl Marx killed the people without pity, instead, the felons pride the crimes opposing humanity.


When a communist party robbed the government, the wealthy families and intellectuals killed or sent to the forced labor camp, instead, the illiterates plus the low educated cadres to be promoted as the peak of society. It becomes the strategic disaster in a communist country when the talented component eliminated from the economy, education


The social purge, the obscurantism, and impoverishment policy pulling the communist regime lagging the invention, the national talents framed into the Red Noble class. Commonly, people live in a communist country must struggle daily to pay the cost of living, their children couldn’t afford the discrimination’s policy in the education’s system with the rule” the family history wins over the talent” and in government’s working places apply the rule called” the Red is than professionals”. The communist families occupied the national economy, and other privileges, their children sent to Western for study, and the tycoons like Chinese businesses, investors overseas are the government’s assets or linking with the Political Bureau.


The global biological warfare terror launched by China’s Communist Party from early December 2019 hits back hardly the regime and also affecting worldwide. Initially, China’s industry in the mainland disabled, certainly, China’s communist tycoons suffered the big losses ever, moreover, China’s tycoon also spread the investment overseas, the targets are Western countries. The assets of China’s communist government can not retrieve from the Western countries and elsewhere.


The global stock market plunged by Coronavirus, so China’s tycoons couldn’t escape the potential losses while the investors in the Western just deal with the losses in their countries, except the investors and companies collaborated with China, they worry and nervous when China’s economy crippled. China’s tycoons face the big losses from the mainland to overseas, they are dealing with the dilemma when China’s economy is on the brink of collapse.


Every nation on the planet is the victim of the Chinese Virus, whatever, China’s communist regime can not escape the full responsibility of the death toll, infected population, and the global economic damages. There are many countries are going to file the lawsuit against China, the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars, China appalls the bankruptcy that causes China attacking the countries require the investigation of the original Coronavirus, certainly, a criminal fears the investigation of Police. China’s Ambassador to Australia is Jingye Cheng who acts like a kid, he intimidates to stop the import and tourists.


The legal actions can apply to the International Court or the local courts, so China’s companies and investors can lose the assets after the court order to confiscate the assets of China owned overseas. Its reason flinches Chinese businesses and investors linking the communist government like the assets of Huawei, ZTE, Landbridge Group, the Greenland Holdings, China Telecom Corp, China’s retail companies have operated a long time in Western’s soil and others. Nevertheless, Western companies have major Chinese shareholders who should face the problem if the court order seeking compensation, and China’s companies, shareholders should be targeted to pay. The Western companies have Chinese shareholders (Chinese tycoons) who will face the crisis if the major shareholders become the compensation. During the Chinese Virus attacking worldwide, the Western companies deeply involved with China’s communist tycoons rushing to sell off the shareholders, it causes the stock market faltering and Western investors can buy with the low prices. Chinese Virus kicks out and eradicates China’s communist tycoons from the stock market.


After more than a half-century, China’s Communist Party exploited the free market to make a profit and cornered the global economy, nowadays, offshore China’s businesses, and investors facing the dilemma from the mainland to overseas. Particularly, the China-phobia caused by the Chinese Virus becomes the psychological economy, so China’s tycoon will confront the problem while doing the businesses and investment overseas. The world abominates the Chinese Virus and China’s tycoons, certainly, China’s businesses will not easily operate as before.


The Australian government refused to bail $AU 1.4 billion to save Virgin Australia, China has 19.85% shares in its airline company, before, China wanted to take over, but now, China flinches by the pressure of compensation. Now, Virgin Australia owed $AU 6.8 billion, there are more than 10 groups attract to buy, including transport billionaire Lindsay Fox. The fate of Virgin Blue is adrift, Perth (Western Australia), and Adelaide (South Australia) airport seized the planes of Virgin Blue is due to the debt.


The Wollogorang and Wentworth stations straddle the Northern Territory and Queensland spreading to the Gulf of Carpentaria sold by Chinese magnate Xingfa Ma’s TBG Agri Holden for $Au 53 million, the Australian’s McMillian Pastoral Company takes over (the assets include 700,000 hectares, 30,000 heads of cattle). Xingfa Ma’s TBG Holden bought it with the price was $AU 47 million in 2015, despite Chinese tycoon get $AU 6 million, but the selling off occurs during Coronavirus pandemic, Australia currency loses the valuation.


Offshore China’s companies panic the compensation caused by Chinese Virus, moreover, the Australian government clashes with China about the inquiry of Coronavirus, it arouses the Australian patriotism. The major Australian people recognize China’s communist regime is a very dangerous enemy, moreover, the Coronavirus pandemic appeared the real faces of tycoons Andrew Forrest, Kerry Stokes, they eat the democratic bread but adore red evil communist China ./.






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