The December viral revolution 2019 in China


Posted on May 25, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The French Revolution occurred in 1789 that promoted the democratic movement in the world, its revolution overthrew the monarchy and established a republic. The revolution significantly exposes progressive human history and promotes social valuation. Therefore, the dishonest component exploited the title of revolution to activate Communism or Socialism. Initially, the crazy theory of a jobless and dishonest man Karl Marx transformed into reality by Lenin, it called the October Revolution in 1917. Indeed, it was the Ape Revolution carried out by the Ape without the tail covered by the human body, they praised themselves as the progressive component, the revolutionists,  instead, the communists are the dreg of society. The Ape Revolution spread worldwide, and the Ape super herds robbed the governments in Eastern Europe states, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba. The Ape Revolution massacred more than a hundred million people. Particularly, in China, the Maoist Revolution in 1949 proved the instinct character of Ape that is barbarous. Mao Tse Tung killed more than 65 million by the bloodshed campaigns were Great Leap Forward, Hundred of Flowers, Landlord Reform, and Culture Revolution.


In early December 2019, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping launches the DECEMBER VIRAL REVOLUTION 2019 in the mainland and spread the world. The Viral Revolution is quite different from the previous revolutions. Ape Emperor Xi Jinping doesn’t use the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese people’s Armed Police Force, and its government’s system to carry out the revolutions as Lenin and Mao Tse Tung did. Instead, Xi Jinping uses the viral army, it is the Chinese Virus to kill Chinese people and the world by an invisible army. The heartless tactic of commander in viruses Xi Jinping and its China’s Communist Party using Chinese people as the Coronavirus stations to spread the pandemic, so every Chinese people in the mainland is a station of the deadly virus. It causes the massive death toll, the infected population in the world, and economic damages that are immeasurable from  Chinese tourists, Chinese workers.


The Ape Revolution in 1917, Maoist Revolution 1949 and, the December Viral Revolution 2019 have the same purpose. The social purge aiming to kill the opponents, and keeping the regime perpetuates. Therefore, the Ape Revolution in 1917 and the Maoist Revolution in 1949 purposed the social purge, so the wealthy family, intellectuals were the main targets. Instead, the December Viral Revolution 2019 is due to the massive jobs lose after China failed the trade battle with the US.


The jobless in China conducts the government collapse, so China’s Communist Party obsesses the old lesson of monarchic dynasties collapsed in Chinese history. The trade war’s loss threatens more than 120 million workers in the export sector. Moreover, the foreign companies moved out or repatriated the homeland that aggravates the unemployment problem. The US and the world knew Vietnam or Vietcong’s regime is a vassal of China, so the US government just moved out 20 companies to Indonesia and the other 20 companies to India, not Vietnam.


The December Viral Revolution 2019 helps China’s communist regime to stray the massive jobless standing up, instead, Chinese people fight against the deadly virus, the government reduces the risk. Moreover, China’s Communist Party also solves the excessive population, and defuses the trade war failed. Initially, the December Viral Revolution 2019 killed Chinese people in Wuhan and spread everywhere in the mainland.


It is like the Maoist Revolution to kill more than 65 million people, the December Viral Revolution 2019 can kill many hundred millions of Chinese people, the resistance reduces or eliminates the component. Nevertheless, the US and the world have been affected by the December Viral Revolution in 2019. The heartless December Revolution 2019 also uses the deadly virus to stop Hong Kong people from standing up for democracy. Therefore, the virus can not stop Hong Kong people to fight for freedom. Ape Emperor Xi Jinping applies the tactic” throwing a stone but kills many birds”, but all the targets missed out and the world community condemns the heartless action of Xi Jinping and the World Health Organization is led by Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus, they are the genocide opposes humanity.


However, the December Viral Revolution 2019 uprooted China’s communist regime, the world community isolates the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit, the center of a cheat, and the lair of pandemics. Chinese people have been suffered from the Maoist Revolution 1949 and now the December Viral Revolution 2019. Despite China’s communist regime concealed the death toll but the world knew the deaths in the mainland could higher than the reports and the left media propagates. Whatever, any revolution launched by the communist that means the bloodshed in Russia and China. Therefore, the December Viral Revolution 2019 signals the end of China’s Communist Party, Chinese people know the life risk if China’s communist government still rules in the mainland, the people can stand up anytime and the world community boycotts China./.







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