The cowardice of China to menace Australia


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Nowadays, the real face of China’s communist regime appeared in the world, certainly, the totalitarian regime conflicts with democratic valuation, and the human rights violation is the professional career of Ape super herd applying in the mainland. China’s Communist Party exposes the animal instinct, they are not Chinese people, instead of the Ape covered human body.


After the Coronavirus outbreak, the world community recognizes the deadly virus derives from Wuhan’s Biosafety level 4 Laboratory. Despite China has tried to escape the crime opposing humanity and the left viral media mislead the public by straying the information, therefore, China can not sophisticate the original Coronavirus when the enormous evidence inundates into media, Chinese whistleblowers, intelligence and the scientists. The theoretical conspiracy planned from two decades ago, now, Red Emperor Xi Jinping applies to destroy the US and the world by a biological weapon. Therefore, China’s communist regime is cowardice after launching the undeclared third World War and also transmitting the Chinese Virus to Coronavirus business by providing and selling the medical supplies attaching the virus to kill more people.


The ethos of communist is heartlessness, the pupils of Karl Marx, Maoist, Ho-Chi-Minh’s thoughts ignore the life of people. The historic genocide listed communism leading the massive massacre on the planet. China’s communist regime alone recorded a hundred million Chinese people killed since 1949. Therefore, the money is the death vulnerability of China, so Red Emperor Xi Jinping flinches after the US imposed the tariffs on China’s products and China’s offshore market ruined.


China’s communist regime often shows an aggressive attitude to a country that fell into the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. Moreover, China fears the strong enemies as the US, so China just bullies Australia after the government proposed the investigation of Coronavirus by threatening to cut the imports on meat, wine, Chinese tourists, and taxes 80% on barley. China has the support from domestic thugs in Australia, almost the Australian Labor Party has stood alongside comrade China although they know China is the totalitarian regime, human rights violation, and carrying out the global hegemonic ambition to colonize Australia.


The maniac and bandit attitude of China’s Ambassador to Australia Jingye Cheng and its regime that sparkles the patriotism of Australian people. The enormous population exposes the strong reaction against China when the national sovereignty being humiliated, except someone as billionaire Andrew Forrest, billionaire Kerry Stokes protects China. The intimidation of China emerges the internal thugs, their patriotic heart travels to Beijing along with the business and communism stance.


After a few days occurred the menace of China using the trade weapon to bully Australia,  the world community lines up to support Australia, On May 17, 2010, there are more than 62 nations back Australia (*). It is the strong message sending to Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Penny Wong, Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowan, Labor Frontbencher Andrew Leigh, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, former Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop (turncoat Liberals). Moreover, Trade Minister Simon Birmingham calls China to talk, but China doesn’t respond, it is the coward diplomacy exposing the rogue regime. Certainly, 62 nations can support Australia on trade without China. Where is Ambassador Jingye Cheng? Possibly, he may apply the last stratagem of Sun Tzu:” if all else fails, retreat”. Moreover, China’s communist regime is a shame, Red Emperor Xi Jinping merits the title Mr. Shithole.


The Coalition government receives strong support from Australian people and the most wealthy countries endorse it. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Trade Minister Simon Birmingham have done the right thing to protect the national interest and sovereignty. On the other hand, whoever criticizes the government on national protection, they appear the actual henchmen of China, the domestic thugs can not hide the face to the public. China’s threat is vain and hits back the regime./.




There is a comment of Steve Mav, a concerned Australian in Tasmania, he plans to contest a Senator in 2022. Steve Mav wrote a lot of the notorious comments on Facebook.



Written by Steve Mav.


In the Australian newspaper tonight –


A global coalition of 62 nations has come together to back Australia’s call for an independent inquiry into the coronavirus in a draft resolution to be put to the World Health Assembly on Tuesday.

The Australian has obtained an updated version of the motion which includes toughened language from an earlier European Union version, and is backed by key nations including India, Japan, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russia, Mexico and Brazil, and all 27 EU member states.

It demands WHO director-general Dr.Tedros Ghebreyesus “initiate at the earliest appropriate moment … a stepwise process of impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation” of the international response to the pandemic, the actions of the WHO and its “timeline” of the pandemic.

The international support for the motion will infuriate Beijing, which has threatened Australia with a Chinese consumer boycott over the Morrison government’s pursuit of the probe.

The surging international support for the push comes amid growing economic and human devastation from the virus, that has infected more than 4.6 million people and killed more than 311,000.

While the motion does not specifically include a reference to the origins of the coronavirus, sources said that was implicit in the demand for a “comprehensive” evaluation.

The reference to WHO’s own role will also allow an examination of the body’s alleged slowness in responding to the pandemic, and its praise for China’s response despite Beijing’s concealment of the virus during its crucial early weeks and punishment of whistleblowing doctors.

While the United States is not a co-sponsor of the motion, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged all countries to join Australia’s call for answers on how the pandemic was triggered.

Australia has been steadfast in its calls for an independent inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic since April 19, when foreign Minister Marise Payne first revealed Australia would push for the review in a move that sparked a diplomatic and trade backlash from China.

Scott Morrison said last week the proposal was “completely unremarkable”, and should not cause tensions with Beijing.

“We are standing our ground on our values and the things that we know are always important,” the Prime Minister said.

He has also argued that the proposal is not directed at any particular country, declaring: “We just want to know what happened so it doesn’t happen again. It’s a pretty honest question with an honest intent and an honest motive and I’m seeing more and more support for that position.”

Australia initially sought to secure internal backing for the inquiry by endorsing a relatively bland EU motion seeking an “evaluation” of the pandemic response. That motion has now been significantly strengthened, largely as a result of Australia’s lobbying.

The motion has strong support from Scott Morrison’s backbench, along with Australia’s calls for Taiwan to be granted observer status at the meeting.

“It’s hard to imagine a good reason for any country to oppose Australia’s call for an inquiry at the World Health Assembly this week, or for that matter a seat at the table for Taiwan as a world leader in fighting the coronavirus,” Liberal James Paterson said.

The finalisation of the motion came as US President Donald Trump said he was considering restoring funding to the World Health Organisation, but only to the levels provided by China.

The White House froze US contributions to the agency last month over its support for China’s pandemic response.

But Mr Trump said in a Twitter post that US payments could be 10 per cent of what the country had historically paid, “matching much lower China payments.”

While the EU is expected to put the draft resolution to the World Health Assembly on Tuesday morning AEST, it has now become a motion on behalf of a global cross-section of nations.

Mr Morrison said: “You can’t let the trail go cold and I think Australia and the United States and the United Kingdom and countries all around the world would like to know what happened because we don’t want to see it happen again.”

The WHA meeting is also likely to hear calls for Taiwan to be granted observer status to the WHO, which China will strenuously oppose.

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office representative in Canberra, Elliott Charng, said Tawan thanked Australia for its “staunch support for Taiwan’s inclusion” in the WHO.

“Taiwan’s exclusion from the World Health Organisation has jeopardised global health and imperilled 26 million people of Taiwan,” Mr Charng said.

“Taiwan has a wealth of experience and expertise to share with the world, and we believe that with more access to the World Health Organisation, Taiwan would be able to offer more help in the global flight against COVID-19.”

The draft resolution is being proposed by: Albania, Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, Mozambique, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Moldova, the Russian Federation, San Marino, Sierra Leone, South Africa, the European Union and its member states, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Zambia../.







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