The communication companies attack free speech


Posted on June 7, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Any business must comply with the law and respect the customer, certainly, the supermarkets, including small businesses do like the customers visit, everyone can enter freely in the shops, there is no discrimination, except the shoplifters, troublemakers to be expelled, or call the police.


Communication companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others in the US are private businesses, so the owners must respect the law and customers who decide the revenue of advertising that conducts the company’s valuation. The democratic countries respect the free speech while in the communist regimes like China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Laos, the communication department is the propaganda’s tool of government. There is no free speech in the communist paradise, instead, the propaganda, concealment, and brainwash plus terror applying the obscurantism.


The communication companies in Western and democratic countries must treat equally to anyone who joins social media, except the propaganda of hatred, racism, terrorism, gangs, drug traffic. Therefore, from many decades ago, the giant communication companies promoted themselves as the superpower in the democratic countries, they snub the public and ignore the law despite the major communication companies established in the US and the operation must comply with the law. The communication owners are arrogant to breach free speech by promoting the censorship themselves, indeed, any business can not sit above the law including the communication companies. The unfair treatment has occurred so long and discriminating everyone has different options with the leftists, left parties. Almost, the giant communication companies are the leftists, they are comrades with the left media to control the public, misleading the public, and conceal the truth when free speech is led by socialism. The dishonest media and left communication companies have transformed the communication to propaganda as China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba.


The money conducts communication in Western has distorted the career, China’s Communist Party knew the negative aspect of the communication’s business in Western, so China’s espionage agents, the undercover activists, and the pro-Beijing investors have applied the bribery’s tactic to buy and influence the communication company owners. Formally, the communication company proprietors have pretended to respect free speech, but they employed the technological workers using the technological devices to censor and filtrate the articles, comments of the democratic activists oppose China, Vietnam’s communist regime. Even, the options warn extremism and the human rights violation of the Sharia law could be the censoring target. China and the rogue regimes just spent money and controlled, cornered free speech in Western countries. Moreover, communication companies just based on the complaints of someone, and they deleted the articles or comments. Nevertheless, China and Vietnam have used the propaganda agencies to abuse the opponents and influencing the communication companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others. China’s communist regime is malicious, Beijing paid less in the United Nations, the World Health Organization (now it matches the WORST HEALTH ORGANIZATION), but China used the bribery’s tactic to control the world organizations.


The elections rigged by left communication companies and the left media propagates. The presidential election in 2016 that exposed the enemy of people, the foe of public, and the garbage media in mainstream. Billionaire Donald Trump fought with Democrats, the left media and the giant communication companies censored its supporters. Therefore, the US people elected patriotic President Donald Trump. It signs the golden time of the left media is over and the giant communication companies can not use the technology to eliminate free speech. President Donald Trump signed an executive order when Twitter breached and discriminated the free speech, it is the potentially misleading public. Certainly, the left media and left communication companies react. Therefore, they couldn’t oppose free speech and must comply with the Constitution plus the presidential order. The communication companies can not sit above the law and ignore the free speech. Certainly, communication companies are businesses and registered with the US government.


The communication companies have breached the law of free speech, so the US government needs to force Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube must comply with the law. President Donald Trump opens a Compliant Platform’s body to receive the complaints that heaped in a long time. The communication reform is very important to restore the free speech that robbed by the giant communication companies and the technological thugs. Certainly, communication violations should face the criminal charge, fine, even the US government can retrieve the license if the violence is serious. The arrogant communication owners fear nothing, but the money and the license can force them to respect the free speech and the public./.






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