The Civil Wars have occured in Western


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Formally, the Western people live in peace, the wealthy countries proved the high standard of living, the accommodation, hygienic food, free speech, the social valuation respects, and the other facilities. However, the social Western currently engages in the undeclared civil wars, mostly, the foreigners migrated from the rogue regimes like China, the Sharia law’s activists plus innocent citizens and the left political parties (the hidden communist parties) have created the endless wars into the democratic countries, it cost the taxpayers and a long term-damages made by the domestic thugs activate it cause social mayhem.


1- The Gender War ignited by the first Muslim and communist President Barrack Obama in the United States of America. The high-level terrorist stormed White House in 8 years, the US shattered, the world divided since Barrack Obama ruled the White House and remaining after he finished the second term on January 20, 2017. The Gender War has occurred between a minor homosexual couple with a major natural couple. The Gender War spread worldwide and continues on the planet. President Barrack Obama was the commander in a homosexual war claimed the victory when he exploited the major justices (Democratic Justice) in the Supreme Court to impose the same-sex-marriage law to 50 states in the US. The supreme commander of homosexual cohort won the battles:


- Human history wiped out by the same-sex-marriage law


- The religious faith to be eradicated from the grassroots


- The society currently faces the mayhem, the social division.


President Barrack Obama brought the Gender War to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta,  Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, the US and Uruguay, Costa Rica, Israel……….


2- The Racial War also activated by President Barrack Obama who applied successfully the Racial Shield in the presidential election in 2008 and 2012, the Racial Shield gagged the Republican candidates into the rebates and the campaigns. After getting the office, President Barrack Obama developed the Racial War, he has incited the Black people to hate the White people by digging up the Civil War. The Black Lives Matter appeared under Obama’s era and spread worldwide. The Racial War spread to Africa, the White Farmer killed and robbed by the black people in Zimbabwe, South Africa, the bloodshed come from Barrack Obama. The Racial War hides in the Western society like cancer and it can outbreak anytime when a conflict between the black and white occurs and incites or politicized.


     On May 25, 2020, the Police officers struggled with a black man who was suspected by using the forgery is worth $US 20. Mr. George Floyd has a long criminal record with dozen convictions of robbery, burglary, drug traffic, property intrusion, he was jailed many times. Unfortunately, Democrats, the hidden conspiracy of China, and the domestic thugs promote a serious felon to the great hero, indeed,  he is the brilliant idol of criminal and George Floyd to be polished as the saint. Initially, his family raises the fund and collected more than $US 8 million just in a few days.

    The death of George Floyd doubts, a drug should affect and he was struck by Coronavirus-19 before arrested. Therefore, Democrats, China, and the domestic thugs exploit the death of a black man to politicize. It sparkles the protests with violence into many states. The rioters looted the businesses, burned down the properties, abused the people, and killed Police officers but the left media avoided the broadcast, instead, they propagate about the death of George Floyd by police officers, despite the forensics has not examined yet. The racial war outbreak on the hide tide and spread to Europe, Australia, Canada, and somewhere else, it is the GEORGE FLOYD PANDEMIC while the Coronavirus still affects. Therefore, the deaths of black people occurred under the rule of President Barrack Obama, in 2015, South Caroline Policeman shot a black man named Walter Scott while he ran away, but the protests just happened in local, the left media concealed and reduced the incident. However, the suspicious death of a serious felony George Floyd ignites the protests with the riots in the US and worldwide, and former President Barrack Obama who created the Black Lives Matter, so he strongly supports the riots to change the government and attack the democracy in the US. Certainly, China’s communist regime wants the world community, particularly the US and Europe to be complicated by protests and the world should forget the investigation on the Coronavirus’s culprit. Nevertheless, Democrats advocate the protests with the violence to help their comrade Joe Biden in the presidential election 2020.


3- The Hoax Climate Change War promoted by Democratic President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. They repaid the boon of China in the presidential election in 1992 and 1996. China’s espionage agents succeeded to transform the US president served for China’s communist regime’s interest. The illegal finance provided for Bill Clinton that helped China gained the best policy as the Most Favored Nation. The hoax Climate change helped China developed faster, the Western industry curbed while China freely releases the dioxide. The hoax climate change war has occurred since the era of President Bill Clinton and now, the war spread worldwide. The hoax climate change war becomes the prominent civil war in the Western, the cohorts of hoax climate change war are


- The idle scientists want to make the money by the odd job. The dishonest scientists are the climate change commanders. Therefore, there are more than 30,000 scientists confirmed that climate change is not real.


- The hoax climate change’ war divided the Western’s society, the hoax climate change’s activists become the domestic thugs. The protests with violence and disturbing the public often appear at the public places, the traffic blocked and the government spent more money on Police and security. The climate change’s perpetrators like former Vice President Al Gore who becomes a billionaire, General-Secretary Antonio who applies Khmer Rouge’s method by using the children to teach the adult. The 16-year-old’s mental health illness Swedish Greta Thunberg becomes the global activist for climate change, she knows nothing about the field but she teaches the world by the brazen languages of a brat. Moreover, the hoax climate change’s perpetrators have exploited the ebullient character of the young people as Mao Tse Tung used the young people into the Cultural Revolution. The Red Guard of Mao becomes the Green Guard of the hoax climate change, so the primary-high School student becomes the vanguard in the protests in the Western countries.


- The hoax climate change helped China made a profit by selling solar power and creating mayhem in democratic countries.


4- The Fake News War has appeared since the Vietnam War, the Global Communist Bloc hired the left media into psychological warfare. The propaganda misled the public, so the innocent people in Western became the traitors, they blindly supported Vietcong’s terror organization. Nowadays, the fake news war still occurs in the communication battle. China and the evil force may hire the left media carrying out the propaganda. The Fake News War has applied flexible, the giant communication companies have used the technological thugs to censor the free speech and gagging the public voices. President Donald Trump has warned Twitter and signed an executive order about the free speech’s violation.


Despite the fake news war debunked after President Donald Trump granted the ”fake news certificate” but the fake news bases are the New York Time, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC (in the US), NBC, CBS, MSNBC…and in Australia has ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Nine, Channel Ten, SBS…declare the war to the people by releasing the fake news. The basic weapons of Fake News thug have the common formula is 3F =False poll+ Fake news+ Fabricated story. The fake news force versus the multiple information sources, social media, and the people. China has spent money a lot of money on offshore propaganda, China should use the money, privileges, or the business transforming the Western media’s companies to be the propaganda’s army of Beijing. So any media company declares the war against the US people, the left media companies hampered the news of President Donald Trump and concealed the serious crimes of China, those media companies are the enemy of people, the foe of public and the garbage of mainstream.


5- The Communism War or Socialism War silently occurred in the Western. The left parties like Democrats in the US, UK Labor Party, the Australian Labor Party, the Greens Party (Garbage Party) have declared the war to its people. The communist war endorses China into global hegemonic strategies. The left parties are the domestic enemies in Western or the hidden communist parties, it causes the endless war between the people and the left parties or the patriotism versus communism.


6- The religious war has occurred between the native people and the strange religion. The multiple cultures conduct the faith war, Islamic adherence has a different faith, worship, the Sharia Law, Burqa, and the extremists hide inside the Muslim communities, the mosques. The religious civil war becomes the social conflict, sometimes, the religious battle raised the violence.


The domestic thugs infiltrated the Western by the negligent immigration policy plus the innocent components, the left parties. The human rights turn human wrong, so the critical mistake has left the dire consequences in Western countries. The undeclared civil wars become the unsolved problem, the enemies penetrated multiple government levels, including the parliament. The enemies have used the congress and the senate’s power to change the law and impose their cultures into the adopted society.


The left parties are the perpetrators of the undeclared civil wars in Western countries. Despite the silent civil wars raise no bloodshed, but the violence replaced into the protests and the society has no safety. The Western spent a lot the finance for the untold civil wars. The people believe China’s communist regime standing behind the domestic thugs to create social disorder into capitalist soil.


The global thugs of civil wars in the US and the world are President Bill Clinton who activated the hoax climate change war and Barrack Obama continued in two presidential terms (2008-2016). Particularly, President Barrack Obama who is the perpetrator of the multiple civil wars. Unfortunately, the prominent global war-makers Barrack Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. Now, Barrack Obama continues to excite the racial war in the US and the world by using the death of a serious felony George Floyd./.






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