The Chinese virus uprooted Chinese tycoons


Posted on June 17, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Chinese virus is the biological warfare of China’s Communist Party, it has conspired the global ambition from two decades ago and nowadays, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping carries out the biological attack the US and the world. The Chinese virus focuses on multiple targets, initially, Chinese people live in the world’s largest communist paradise are the victims of the Ape super herd. Particularly, the residents in Wuhan have suffered the death toll, the hard-living condition. Moreover, the passive population infected and many million people locked down that couldn’t conceal the world although the left media and China always released the false reports, the phony propaganda is vain. China’s Communist Party has never cared about the life of Chinese people, therefore, money is the most important. Despite China concealed the massive death toll, but China’s telecommunication companies claimed more than 21,000,000 mobile phone users vanished without a track, it means the death toll of China was up to 21 million people.


Chinese virus also wiped out China’s economy and crippled the financial system. Almost, China’s industry disabled, the transport, tourism, hotel industry, restaurant, particularly 231 airline companies face a disaster when the world community stays away from the pandemic’s paradise.


The export sector ruined, it conducts more than 120 million workers lose the job when the foreign companies and investors fled from the mainland since the trade war, and now, the Coronavirus aggravates the domestic factories. Moreover, China’s factories couldn’t operate and make a profit when the foreign orders lose, and global customers boycott the products made in China that match the poor quality, poison, contamination, short life, and now, the people doubt China should insert the virus in the products. China’s medical supplies fear the world because the face masks attaching the virus, the test kits giving 80% the wrong result.


The foreign companies helped China’s growth, in the industrial boom’s period, 20,000 foreign companies fetched the huge profit and also solved the employment for China. Particularly, the US is underway to withdraw 4,000 companies in the mainland and 1,400 companies in Hong Kong and the US eliminates the economic privileges to Hong Kong, it will ruin Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng Bank, and other monetary firms including HSBC bank may flee from the mainland if China takes over this territory before 2047. The giant telecommunication company Apple moves to India. Moreover, the Japanese major companies are Olympus, Ricoh, Omron, Mitsubishi Electric, Komatsu, Toshiba, Sumitomo, Kobe Steel leave the communist paradise, and also the pandemic paradise. The famous sport’s providers  Nike and Adidas fled China, it means the jobless increases. The mountain debt added up from the trade war and now the Coronavirus aggravates, China faces the deficit is up to 313 GDP or more. After more than 70 years of building the communist paradise, China’s Communist Party succeeded to create about 800 million Chinese people who have daily income from $US 2 to $US 5. Instead, the Red noble class afforded anything. Chinese wealthy components are communists or linking with Political Bureau. Certainly, China’s government-owned companies in the mainland and also overseas investors represent China’s economy.


China has tried to conceal the big losses ever since China joined the free market and the left media avoided releasing the worst situation in the mainland. Therefore, the high technological communication, the multiple information sources, and the social media defeated the concealment of Beijing. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime could hire academics to mislead the public like professor Kishore Mahbubani from National University in Singapore, he wrote a book:” HAS CHINA WON? The Chinese challenge to America” published on May 26, 2020. His book and article released on Center for the National Interest in Washington that destroys the prestigious academic and trashed the university’s degree and also professor’s title because everyone can know China’s economy crippled in the trade war with the US and now, China’s economy disabled. On the other hand, professor Kishore Mahbubani snubs the people, he thinks the world and people are stupid, he humiliates the intellectual line, so the recycle bin needs his degree than the university.


The bonanza period of China’s growth is over, Chinese tycoons can not make a profit when China’s economy disabled. The prominent tycoons are such as Jia Yueting who founded Leshi Information and Technology Corp loses many billion US dollars and filed for bankruptcy in the US. Chinese Tycoon Xiong Xuqiang founded real estate company Yinyi Group, the assets are worth $US 42.6 billion, the company changed to make the auto parts, but it lost $US 562 million in 2019, and later, Yinyi filed for bankruptcy. Tycoon Zhou Xiaoguang is a female Chinese billionaire who founded Neology Holding Group with her espouse Yu Junxin, her fortune was $US 46 billion, now the company has fallen into the hardship when the debt faces up the billions of US dollar and overdue payment. Tycoon Li Zhaohui is the richest owner in the steel industry of China’s Shanxi province, the network is up to $US 1 billion, but declared the bankruptcy. Jack Ma lost $US 28 billion in March 2020 and he stepped down the Softbank’s Board since 2018 after lost $US 13 billion.


Australia is the favorite land of China, the long term’s colonial conspiracy has carried out from 28 years by trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. Therefore, the Chinese virus uprooted China’s financial espionage network. The Australian government proposes an independent inquiry about Coronavirus that angers China. The economic terror applies to barley, meat export of Australia, but it is unworkable when 116 nations line up to support Australia and the patriotism wakes up. China does nothing to cow Australian, instead, the people recognize the evil face of the world’s largest communist regime. Despite this, the comrade Labor Party has tried to help China’s communist regime as deputy leader Richard Marles who activates Australia to collaborate the defense with China. Certainly, the Australian Labor Party matches the treason as Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews signed one belt and one road without the advice of the federal government. It is very hard to find a patriotic politician in the Australian Labor Party. The argument between China and Australia costs China’s investment dropped more than 60%. Instead, Australia can find a trade with others like India, Japan, South Korea. Indeed, China has exploited the trade trap, debt trap, and the government trap to colonize Australia. Unfortunately, the Australian Labor Party always puts the comradeship above the national interest; when Labor rules the federal or state government, China gains the best policies and economic facilities.


Certainly, the other Chinese tycoons couldn’t escape the disaster when China’s economy disabled, the bankruptcy obsesses the red capitalists. China’s middle-class faces the worst situation, the savings follow the fallen tycoons, certainly, the poor people occupy the major population engaging with the very hard living condition. Nevertheless, China’s communist regime also appalls the US lists out from the US Stock Exchange, it conducts China’s currency being uncertain and the world community isolates after Coronavirus. The world community sanctions China causes its biological warfare. The US, allies, and the democratic countries will unite to fight against the largest communist regime on the planet. Before the visit of President Richard Nixon in 1972, the world developed without China. Nowadays, Chinese people live in the mainland can not return Mao’s era, moreover, the high technological communication erases the border of concealment and propaganda. Chinese people can compare the living condition of Taiwanese and Hong Kong people, they know the communist paradise of China’s Communist Party is just a pie in the sky or Peking duck displays on the picture.


After the trade war and now the Chinese virus offense, China’s economy disabled, the massive jobless threatens the world’s largest communist regime. The inflation without control in the mainland deeply affects Chinese currency, Yuan is uncertain after many times devalued. Chinese people, the tycoons including the wealthy members of the communist party are nervous, certainly, they rush to exchange the US dollar for safety, it is the disaster of Yuan. The phenomenon of panic exposes Chinese tycoons who have tried to purchase the assets, properties overseas to avoid the monetary evaporation, the targets are small countries. However, the compensation of Coronavirus should threaten the assets of Chinese tycoons./.







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