The ape propaganda mingles Western media


Posted on June 26, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



When the oil mixed with water that makes the ugly stuff, the dishonest priests stand with genuine priests, it causes the religious damages, the adherents doubt, the religious trust loses. China and Vietnam are the communist regimes, those dictatorial regimes stole the democratic economy’s method and mixed with the dictatorial management, it called” free market is led by socialism”. The ugly economic pattern bluffed the innocent politicians, but the Western countries received dire consequences after China deployed the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap around the world.


The mainstream media has lost credibility when the left media mingled and driving communication to propaganda as China has applied in the mainland since 1949. It is very hard to believe the educated component in the Western media line has the long record to endorse the communism since the Cold War and nowadays, the left media continues to propagate for China’s communist regime. The left media + Ape media = rubbish tip, so the left media companies become the center of a cheat, the hub of fake news, and the den of propaganda as China, Vietnam, North Korea to brainwash the people. Unfortunately, the left media companies and their journalists apply the phony propaganda in the wrong place, the democratic countries respect free speech.


Karl Marx promoted Communism, so leftists, socialists, the left media, left academics, and the left parties they are the siblings. Nevertheless, Karl Marx granted the Ape Certificate to his pupils, and the Marxism’s followers pride original Ape, certainly, the Ape is not a human being, the human mind replaced the instinct. The action or behavior of Karl Marx’s descendants is not different from the animal, the Ape has never given up the animal character, certainly, Ape has never loved the people. Since Lenin succeeded in the Ape Revolution in October 1917, the Ape regimes around the world killed more than 100 million people and enslaved a billion people. Particularly, the Ape regime in China killed 65 million Chinese people by the first Ape Emperor Mao Tse Tung, and on June 4, 1989, the Ape Emperor Deng Xiaoping massacred tens of thousand people at Tiananmen Square. Nowadays, the incumbent Ape Emperor Xi Jinping conspires to control the world with global hegemonic ambition. In early December 2019, Ape Emperor Xi Jinping attacks the world by biological warfare.


The left media or the Ape media in Western exposes the animal character that conflicts the human being. The people recognize the wrong and right, good and bad, god and evil…but the Ape media assimilates those are the same. The Ape media represents the character by the formula is 3 F=3 Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story.


The animal tamers exploit the instinct to train the lion, tiger, elephant, and the other by giving the food after the animal did as the order. The dog trainer does the same, and they could tell a dog does something then a trainer rewards the dog’s favorite food. The left media is the same circumstance, if they are the human being, they deny the wrongdoings and strongly react against whoever harms the society, the social valuation. The left media knew that Communism opposes humanity, violates human rights, the communist regimes are barbarous, and genocide.  However, the left media currently released fake news and chimed the propaganda of China while the world knows China communist is the world’s rogue regime.


The war fights against the global economic terror launching by President Donald Trump it is like the warfighting against the terror has begun after the event of September 11, 2001, by President George W.Bush. Therefore, the Ape media should have finance from China, so the left media conceal the potential damages of China, instead, they propagate the damages in the US  and Western. Moreover, the Ape media often praises the dire weapon of China despite the people knew the weapon of the People’s Liberation Army mimed the Western and stolen the technology, copied the uniform, but the fighting doubts. The Ape media lies about China’s military strength, they applaud the aircraft carriers, Jet-20 but criticized the US jet fighter F-35, therefore, Japan, Australia, Israel, and the allies bought F-35, even some countries want to buy F-35 but the US doesn’t reply or deny. The Ape media’s journalists are not aircraft engineers but they dare to tell the fields that they don’t know as a farmer telling about the cancer treatment instead, a specialist of medical doctor authorizes to tell that deadly illness and treatment.


The Ape propaganda has mingled into the mainstream to harm the communication, the Ape media has never respected the truth and human concern. Instead of the animal instinct responds to an animal trainer that could control the animal by the food rewarded. The Ape media ignores the truth, therefore, whoever including China communist pays and they have good services, so the Western mainstream media has distorted the communication to propaganda as the communist regime.


The mainstream media needs to eliminate Ape propaganda has infiltrated communication since the Cold War. The media disaster causes the loss of people’s trust, it conducts the public abandoned the left media companies like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the other fake news companies have destroyed the free speech. The left media companies cut a thousand employees while the US reduced the unemployment rate to 3.6% it hits the lowest record since 1969 before the Coronavirus outbreak, China is the culprit of biological warfare. The social media and the impartial sources replaced the fake news.


The Ape media destroyed the mainstream at least a half-century, the mainstream media in Western must take a long time to recover the people’s trust that comes from the thug in media. Once again, the left media conceals the massive death toll and infected population in China when the Chinese Virus outbreak in Wuhan from December 2019 and spread worldwide. The left media snubs the public, no one trusts the reports based on China’s officials about the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, the leftists hide into the communication companies like Facebook, Twitter, and others using the technology to gag free speech, they apply the censorship in Western countries. Its reason, President Donald Trump issues the executive order that relates to section 230 of the Communication Decency Act which added to law 1966 after Twitter breached the free speech:” No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider”.


    After the Second World War, the left media has overridden the authority of media. Instead, the media workers are arrogant, they promoted themselves as the kingmakers and the left media companies operate the communication like the superpower to control the country. Nowadays, the golden time is gone, the world changes, the era of high technology and social media to defeat the dishonest media’s companies and media workers. Certainly, the leftists failed to use the technology to censor free speech, and competitive media strips the exclusive right of the left media companies. The communication companies are the business, they must comply with the law and respect the public, possibly, the government can apply the law and Constitution to punish whoever breaches the law and damaging the free speech. The left media companies and the communication companies could not sit above the law and ignore the free speech, the US government can issue the law to punish the violation, the heavy fines and retrieval license can apply. Moreover, other countries like Australia, Europe can file a lawsuit against the communication companies if they breach the law and the contract./.






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