The Asia tycoons follow China disabled


Posted on April 26, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China’s economic boom created the Asian billionaires, particularly, the  Chinese millionaires, billionaires developed in the mainland and expanding the investment overseas, the target aiming the Western (China’s Communist Party calls capitalist). Chinese tycoons used the money influencing the Western economy, it is the main tactic of China to invade the world by the soft army, so Chinese tycoons have activated into Western and other countries. Chinese magnates have applied bribery’s method to buy politicians and cornered the government. The economic strength of China exposed the arrogant attitude of China’s billionaires in Western as Jack Ma.


Almost, the wealthy persons deeply related to China’s Communist Party, and 22 tyrants (the current members of Political Bureau). The faction is very important in China’s Communist Party,  the government wing’s billionaires and millionaires can gain more profit and business facilities plus the privileges that deserved from the government’s policies, so the corruption is the untold rule into the wealthy line in China.


However, the golden time of Asian tycoons is over after the US adjusted the tariffs, the fair trade defeated the unequal trade between the US and China with the previous Presidents like Bill Clinton, George.W.Bush, Barrack Obama helped China grew fast. China developed the stolen technology, exploited the free market, and the malicious business offshore. Nowadays, the largest communist country on the planet becomes the world’s second-largest economic center. Mostly, China has exploited the free market and WTO to carry out global hegemonic ambition, it calls the Chinese dream that has deceived the innocent leaders and the naïve businesses to help China’s Communist regime silently colonizes the counterparts exercising the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. The innocent traitors made China’s growth from its national interest and national security.


President Donald Trump who brings the fair trade, so the adjusted tariffs uprooted the malicious business of China in the US. Certainly, the patriotic President Donald Trump makes America great again, the enemies fear, allies trust and the domestic thugs appall the White House’s swamp-draining out, actually, China’s communist regime couldn’t cheat and bluff the world by the funny economy’s pattern” the free market is led by socialism”. The fair tariffs ruined China’s economy and crippled the financial system, certainly, China must react by the tactics:


-Iran provoked the US and allies by the attacked and held the hostages of oil tankers,  shot down the US drone, attacked the oil facilities of Saudi Abria to make hike the crude oil’s price, fired a dozen missiles to the US soldiers stationing in Iraq’s military bases, Iran shot down the passenger plane Boeing 737 of Ukraine in Teheran (the people suspect China’s military technicians involved the incident to avenge the US’s tariffs). The Coronavirus struck Iran’s high profiles like Deputy Health Minister, Vice President, and seven politicians infected by Coronavirus that proved China’s high ranking officials have Coronavirus and transmitted to the top’s Iranian officials.


-Democrats, the close comrade with China launched the unconstitutional impeachment to remove President Donald Trump from the office. Therefore, all efforts failed and Democrats appeared the enemy of people.


-Sometimes ordered North Korea fired some missiles, but leader Kim Jong Un who reduces the aggressive attitude, after three times met President Donald Trump and now, Kim Jong Un’s rumor spreads about his health being dealt with grave illness. The communist experts and the people doubt China should poison North Korea’s leader and conspire to replace an actual henchman like Kim Han Sol (the son of Kim Jong Nam). The bamboo curtain in North Korea just leaked the rumor, China’s communist regime has sent the medical team to Pyongyang. Therefore, North Korea and Kim’s family can not trust comrade China as the world distrusts the World Health Organization and any speech of Dogtor director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus who is the medical genocide. The global biological warfare terror attacks by China, but its communist regime also provides, aids, and sells the poor test kits, the face masks attaching contamination to the victim countries to create more death toll and infected cases. Do not listen to what the communist talk, let’s watch what the communist did.


The cunning tactics failed, eventually, China signed the untold surrender’s document is phase 1 agreement with the US. China faces the peril of economic collapse. Possibly, Beijing launches a biological weapon aims to wipe out the US and its allies. China’s Communist Party’s responsibility for the Coronavirus outbreak.


The Novel Coronavirus disabled production of China in the mainland when the death toll rises despite China often released false reports and the left media praises China contains the Coronavirus while the death toll in the US and Europe increasing. The phony propaganda debunked by high technological communication, multiple information sources, and social media.


Indeed, China faces the global market declined from the grassroots, the stock market plunged and the countries deeply involved with China following the big losses. Moreover, Western companies have Chinese shareholders who couldn’t escape the tumble. Certainly, the Asian magnates lost the profit and the businesses continue to plummet when China’s economy is underway to collapse. In 2018, there were just 128 Asian billionaires lost from $US 137 billion to $US 187 billion in the stock market. In Hong Kong, since July and August 16, 2019, the real estate tycoon Li Ka-Shing lost $US 6 billion, and the second billionaire Lee Chau Kee lost $US 3.3 billion. The well-known Asian’s billionaires listed:


-Lee Shau-Kee. Net Worth: $28.7 Billion. …

-Wang Jianlin. Net Worth: $29.6 Billion. …

-Li-Ka Shing. Net Worth: $33.9 Billion. …

-Mukesh Ambani. Net Worth: $34.9 Billion. …

-Ma Hueteng. Net Worth: $37.9 Billion. …

-Hui Ka Yan. Net Worth: $38.1 Billion. …

-Jack Ma. Net Worth: $38.2 Billion


Chinese tycoons above couldn’t make a profit but they lost the assets. There is just a circumstance of the prominent billionaire Jack Ma. Since February 2019, personally, billionaire Jack Ma lost $US 6.9 billion, after Coronavirus, Jack Ma’s assets worsen, in March 2020, total loss of Jack Ma was $US28 billion. So Chinese wealthy components have sunk the assets with China’s Communist regime.


However, the war fights against the global economic terror deeply affected the tycoons made in China. Nevertheless, the Novel Coronavirus eradicated Chinese wealthy line, when the mainland’s industry and economic facilities paralyzed, the transport disabled and the offshore market is uncertain. Moreover, Coronavirus becomes the GLOBAL CHINA-PHOBIA, the world fears Chinese people can bring the deadly virus to their country, the travel ban damaged China’s economy and tourism industry, China’s products to be boycotted that fears the viruses, contamination can install into the goods.


In the Western, Chinese restaurants, Chinese groceries, and China’s towns lose the visitors, the businesses being ruined. The Western companies linked with China facing a disaster like Myer in Australia, the giant retail company dropped 37% in the first-half profit or $AU 24.4 million in 6 months to January 25, 2020. Myer is the luxury clothing retailer, mostly, the dress made in China.


The Coronavirus changes the world, the ruthless communist regime in the mainland loses the people’s trust. China’s communist regime must take a long time to restore the prestige of China’s products, but the better way to eliminate the inhumane regime, the democratic government in the mainland is the key to help Chinese people getting back the international community as Taiwan./.






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