Shithole emperor Xi Jinping plays a childish


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Mr. Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping or Ape chief thinks the world is brainwashed as Chinese people live in the mainland from 1949, certainly, the bush law could apply in China but it eliminates in the world community. The obscurantism of China’s Communist Party could tame Chinese people plus terror and propaganda, therefore, the people in democratic countries recognize the regime rules in China is the Ape herd covered the human body. China’s Communist Party is not Chinese people, instead, the animal exposes the instinct and heartlessness. Chinese people have been suffered the animal rule for more than 70 years, the so-called communist paradise just deserves for the Ape without the tail herd, but the mainland becomes the hell of Chinese people, and now, it is the pandemic paradise.


The enormous evidence of Coronavirus mounts the pressure taking China to the International Court or every country can mandate the local courts to force China to pay the compensation while China’s communist regime arraying the businesses, investors, and assets into many nations, it is the vulnerability of China facing the massive compensation estimates a hundred trillion US dollars that obsess and appall China’s communist government. Certainly, China doesn’t care about the life of people, but the money can force China retreats, even begs the strong countries like the US. China loses the trade war and now the biological warfare hits back the culprit as a saying:” a sword made by China to stab Chinese”.


The panic of China reflects as a felon fears the investigation of police and justice, its reason conducts China crazily reacts against Australia after the government proposed to investigate of Coronavirus. Initially, China’s Ambassador to Australia Jingye Cheng exposed the bandit attitude to intimidate stopping the meat, wine imports, and Chinese tourists.


The tension between China and Australia rises, Beijing officially threatens to impose an 80% tariff on barley, China is keen to take $AU 500 million, but this monetary amount is not much while China’s economy is disabled. Whatever, China falls into hungry money’s state and Beijing finds any way to get money including Western Australia Andrew Forrest who donated $AU 320 million to order China’s medical supplies and he will claim the tax’s deduction in Australia (Australia and many countries alert China’s medical supplies install virus and poor quality). China menaces to cut the meat import. The Australian government is preparing to take legal action against China, nevertheless, China breaches the rules of the World Trade Organization. During the country is threatening the sovereignty, the traitors emerge in politics, the domestic thugs in Australia criticized its government to protect sovereignty, mostly the Australian Labor Party shows the close comradeship with China.


However, after a few days, the world community lines up to support Australia, on May 19, there are 122 nations back to Australia, its number that is enough to vote a resolution at the UN’s General-Assembly against China. Even the US Security Council, now Russia is a victim of the Chinese Virus. The enormous countries endorse Australia, it means the world community wants to know the source of Coronavirus and the next step is the lawsuit against China. Now, there are many countries are preparing legal action like the US, the United Kingdom, India, G7, Australia, and others. Particularly, New York City suffered the highest death toll and infection in the US, the residents file the lawsuit against the World Health Organization in local courts. The world community reacts against China, so Xi Jinping flinches, certainly, China will not avoid an investigation of the original Coronavirus. Mr. Shithole Emperor and commander in viruses Xi Jinping know the inquiry is inevitable, so he plays the childish game to defuse the big trouble, but the world knows Xi Jinping tries to deceive the people by applying the basic tactics are buying time, taking one step back to prepare three steps forward and talking during the fighting.


Mr. Red Emperor Shithole Xi Jinping exposes the disgraced cheater, formally, he pretends to back the Australian government pushing an investigation, therefore, it is not now, let’s wait for the pandemic is over. Possibly, Mr. Shithole is clever but his trifling conspiracy can not cheat the world. Everyone knows China will destroy the evidence, and when the pandemic is over, the investigation is vain and taking a long time to argue. China also can stray the investigation by creating the tension in Indochina Pacific or order Iran, North Korea provoke the US and allies.


Another deception of Xi Jinping can not convince the people, he proposes the World Health Organization taking in charge of the investigation. Therefore, the World Health Organization appeared an actual tool of China into the global biological warfare terror, particularly, director-general, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus who leads the W.H.O to mislead the medical information and delayed the pandemic. So the World Health Organization is in charge of the inquiry, it is like Evil investigates on Satan or Mafia investigates a gang, FBI director James Comey investigated 32,000 emails of Hillary Clinton during he was in charge. Nevertheless, Ape Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus shares the genocide with nearly 5 million infected cases and more than 320,000 deaths after he colluded with China to delay the pandemic’s outbreak. Therefore, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus promotes himself as human rights respect, it is a farce of Karl Marx’s pupil.


Mr. Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping can not hide the malicious face of the Ape super herd’s chief, he cheats the people:” China supports the idea of a comprehensive review of the global response to COVID-19 after it brought under control, to sum up, experiences and deficiencies”. China also deceives the investigation based on science and professionalism, which is led by WHO. Certainly, W.H.O director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus who is the first chief of W.H.O elected without a medical doctoral degree and he is not the medical profession. Moreover, W.H.O can not investigate impartially, instead, W.H.O can help China escape the crime and destroy the evidence.


Mr. Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping has never changed the cunning method and now, he tries to cheat the world. The commitment of cheating Emperor Xi Jinping is just a childish game, it is the same trick that has applied since the Coronavirus outbreak. Do not trust what the communist talks, let’s check what the communist did and know what the communist conspires.


Red Emperor Xi Jinping creates more deceptions, therefore, the world has never trusted the commander in viruses. Australian government laughs the childish behavior of Ambassador Jingye Cheng, a diplomatic bandit who snubs Australian people. The world community shows solidarity to support Australia, it is not a joke as China’s diplomat has the disgraced joke, indeed, China must know two hundred countries on the planet consider China’s Communist Party is the animal and the enemy of people.


Despite the Australian government has no retaliation but its people will boycott China’s products, Chinese businesses. The incident of Australia damages China’s trade after the world realized the bandit character of the Ape regime that has carried out the trade by intimidation and blackmail the counterpart. Shithole Emperor Xi Jinping agrees to investigate the Coronavirus, but he continues to impose 80% taxes on barley, he contradicts himself, his commitment failed to convince the world community including 122 nations. Everyone knows China has never changed, instead, the other malicious tactic follows./.







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