Satanic Obama has intoxicated the world


Posted on June 8, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The enormous evidence proves Coronavirus originated from Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory, it is the biological warfare of China’s Communist Party to attack the world, the culprit is commander in viruses,  Ape Emperor Xi Jinping. The Black Lives Matter appeared under President Barrack Obama’s rule, before leaving the office, Obama advocated the racism movement by using the Black racial shield and the Black racist against the White’s movement spread worldwide. It is the BLACK LIVES MATTER’S PANDEMIC creates the mayhem in Western despite the Coronavirus outbreak, but the Black Lives Matter’s pandemic ignore the lives, the innocent components have been exploited by the hidden perpetrators, they are the domestic thugs.


It is the first time in the US history elected a black president, it proved the US people have no racist, if not, the United State of America didn’t elect the first communist, and Muslim President ruled the White House in two terms. Whoever claims the US people racist, it is the propaganda of the enemy and communist. Commonly, the Western countries have no racist, the government promotes multiple cultural policies, so the black people, Asians, Muslims migrated. Nevertheless, the Western government treats equally to everyone, so the black, Asia politicians elected into multiple levels of government.


However, from the period of the first black President Barrack Obama who ruled the White House (2008-2016), racism has spread and developed in the US and worldwide. Initially, President Barrack Obama dug up the ashes of civil war, he advocated the BLACK discriminate against WHITE, his Black racist against the White has spread worldwide, and the countries in Africa like Zimbabwe, South Africa have responded to the Black racist of Barrack Obama by robbing, killing the farmers of white people. Therefore, the white people, the victims of Black racist have not protested worldwide with the slogan” WHITE LIVES MATTER”, and the left media avoided releasing the Black discriminated against the White people. Instead, the left media supports and propagates the Black discriminates against the white by distorting the conflicts between the ethnicity, particularly the black and white.


President Barrack Obama has intoxicated the US people and the world despite he left the office since January 20, 2020, but his consequence remains into the world community, it causes the Western countries are complicated by Barrack Obama. The BLACK LIVES MATTER is the dangerous vestige of Barrack Obama left in the US and the Western countries. On the other hand, Black Live Matter is internal cancer, the culprit is Barrack Obama. The cancerous Black Lives Matter can outbreak anytime when an incident or a conflict occurs between the black and white and the left media excites. The sensible concussion happens between the Police and black persons that incite and sparkle the protests with riots, certainly, Democrats, hidden China’s espionage networks including the domestic thug plus the Muslim extremists develop the incident and inciting the innocent components to rally with riots.


The incident of a black man named GEORGE FLOYD who was arrested by the Police, but he resisted, the struggle conducts the death. Therefore, Mr. George Floyd is a drug addict, moreover, he was contracted by Coronavirus before arrested, so his death being suspicious. Certainly, the US government investigates and forensic needs to find the truth, and justice follows after the coroner confirmed. It is the legal process in a democratic country like the US. Therefore, the Black Lives Matter’s perpetrators exploit the death of a black man to launch the protests with riots, they sit above the law by using the protests to pressure the justice.


However, Democrats, China’s communist regime should have stood behind, the domestic thugs have exploited the death of a serious felon to politicize by the protests with riots. The actual forces are Antifa and Black Lives Matter activate in the rallies, the domestic thugs have spread George Floyd Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter becomes the racist shield in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada. The protests outbreak in Western despite the Coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. Democrats, Barrack Obama, and the domestic thugs ignore the lives of the protestors, they exchange the lives of innocent people for political purposes. Moreover, when the protestors arrested and charged by breaching the social distance law, curfew and riot, certainly, Democrats, Barrack Obama help nothing, even they stay away from the conviction.


The communist countries like China, the genocide Mao Tse Tung killed more than 65 million Chinese people, but China’s communist government promotes Mao is a great hero and he becomes an angel” Mao goes to Pope”. Vietnam is the same, Ho Chi Minh killed 1,700,000 Vietnamese people, he raped a 15-year old girl named Tuyết Lan in 1929 at Thailand and he also was the famous pedophile, therefore, Vietcong promotes Ho Chi Minh as a great hero and he also becomes the successful Buddha. It is the method of communist regimes, therefore, the left media, Democrats, and domestic thugs have applied the same method with the communist countries in Western.


Mr. George Floyd has a long criminal record, he convicted more than a dozen crimes of drug traffic, burglary, robbery, property intrusion, and $USD 20 forgery caused the arrest. He spent 5 years in prison by robbery. Mr. George Floyd has the notorious criminal history, but Democrats and domestic thugs plus the left media promote the idol. Therefore, the brilliant felony icon has been used for the political purposes of the shadow enemies.


It is incredible when the death of felony George Floyd sparkled the protests with riots, looting in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada. The portrait of George Floyd appeared in the US, Europe as the statue of Mao Tse Tung in China, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in North Korea. Certainly, former President Barrack Obama strongly supports his Black Lives Matter, he and comrade Joe Biden attended the funeral of a former felon George Floyd with the pathetic emotion. However, the family of George Floyd collected more than $USD 8 million of fundraising. The death of a serious felony George Floyd focuses on multiple purposes, unfortunately, the innocent components have not recognized yet the deep conspiracy of Democrats, China’s communist regime, and the domestic thugs.


The left media contributes actual propaganda, they just broadcast the death of George Floyd but conceals the truth while the protestors killed the  Police officers, two black Police officers are David Dorn and Patrick Underwood killed by the rioters while they protect the people. A 77-year-old retired police captain shot dead by looters while he tried to protect the business. According to the record in the last 50 weeks, there were 38 Police officers have been shot dead in the line of duty. The so-called justice for George Floyd turns terror, the Black Lives Matter’s supporters are 32-year-old lawyers Colinford Mattis and 31-year-old Urooj Rahman threw the firebombs to Police vehicle in Brooklyn, both Black Lives Matter’s supporters bailed $USD 250,000, they should face 20 years in the prison. Certainly Democrats, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the other high profiles of the Donkey Party will not help two stupid lawyers escape the conviction.


It is the shame, the innocent components in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia have fallen into the racism’s movement of the global thug Barrack Obama who has intoxicated the Western countries. It is incredible when a felony George Floyd is idolized by  Democrats, the domestic thugs, and former President Barrack Obama is the hidden perpetrator of the protests with the riots throughout many states in the US and spread to Western countries. Somewhere else, Black Lives Matter turns LOOTER MATTER, the looters have free plunder’s goods, among of them, Chinese students pride the free goods by posting on Facebook. In Chicago, a  Nail saloon’s owner Johny Pham shot the Vietnam overseas students while they were looting, a looter named Kaity Vo injured and rushed to the hospital. The US police reported 300 Vietnam overseas students arrested by looting.


Satanic Barrack Obama is the global thug and global war-maker, therefore, the Novel Peace Prize Committee in 2009 awarded, it is a farce. On the other hand, Novel Peace Prize’s Committee downgraded the most valuable prize on the planet. The demagogic slogan “yes we can” of Barrack Obama conflicts what he did. Yes he can help Islamic State founded, yes he can create Black Lives Matter, yes he can waste $US 100 million of the taxpayers for the luxurious trips, yes he can destroy the US, and “yes” he could intoxicate the world from 2008./.






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