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President Donald Trump ruins the global hegemony of China


Posted on August 18, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The war fighting against the global economic terror has affected the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit, President Donald Trump increases more the tariffs impose China products while Beijing weakly retaliates. The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile has struck the mainland, therefore, the left media propagate the strength of China, the biased articles of the reporters without a brain and the columnist without mind couldn’t hide the truth when the global thug in the mainland has been faltered that follows the currency Yuan devalued, so the worst situation is inevitable. The Red dynasty in China has never cared the Chinese people, but they fear the high unemployment rate that causes the people standing up and the inhumane regime will be collapsed as the formula has repeated from multiple thousand years of dynastic history.


The export is the essential sector of China’s growth, it helps more than 120 million Chinese employees. When China loses the most important development plus the foreign companies abandon the mainland to avoid the lost profit, those reasons could threaten the ruthless regime. Indeed, China couldn’t be defeated by military war, but the economy is the vulnerability of the communist regime. President Donald Trump who makes America great again and also makes China ruins.


The war fighting against the global economic terror crushes down the largest communist’s population on the planet, if not, China will colonize the world and control the US plus Western. Obviously, from more than a half-century, China exploited the enemy’s strength to transform the strong enemies as the US, Europe to be economic vassals then China aims to use the economy to corner the government. The innocent national leaders have fallen into the trap of Beijing, they put the fair trade behind the trade ties and free trade agreement with the most dictatorial regime, now the consequence to be paid. However, President Donald Trump forces the obstinate regime stepping back.


After exposing the negative reactions are a complaint to the World Trade Organization and retaliatory tariffs. China recognizes the battle worsens China’s economy and the currency Yuan, so Beijing applies the old tactic is a negotiation. Therefore, almost the communist has never changed the character, they always concern the democratic countries are the capitalist, the enemies. Therefore, when the communist faces the difficulty, it is the low tide of revolution then the brazen behavior replaces the smooth attitude. China buys time and waiting for the US changes leader, actually the” comrade Democrats” elected the US president, it is a good time and also the high tide of revolution and China will step forward to destroy the enemy without pity. In the record, the most Democratic Presidents as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barrack Obama helped China gained the interest, but the US lost the profit and faced the massive jobless.


The weak phenomenon of China exposes, on June 2018, the first meet carried out on the low level, it didn’t affect the tension. Therefore, the US imposed the tariffs applying more items list, China falters that causes the Red Emperor Xin Jinping officially is sending Delegation to surrender President Donald Trump, China’s envoy begs to end the tension and disputes the tariffs on the late August 2018.


However, next week, the US and China impose each other new tariffs on goods reached $USD 16 billion. China has applied the cunning tactic is talking while fighting and waiting for the time to attack. Certainly, President Donald Trump is the author of the Art of the Deal and he is an expert businessman, so the negative reaction of Red Emperor Xi Jinping shows China is facing the hardship, actually the domestic situation rises the grave concern of the regime’s existence. Nevertheless, China engaged the deep debt is up to $SD 23.6 trillion, the rapacious and terrestrial ambition performs the plan of one belt and one road has been fallen into the peril. Nevertheless, the illegally artificial islands built in the disputed waters to be lost the function after the developed aircraft carrier trashed. The most important fact to carry out the global hegemony is money, unfortunately, China communist has been struck by the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of President Donald Trump, it aggravates the worst situation of the leading vestige of a communist on the planet./.





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