Premier Daniel Andrews sold Victoria to China


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It is clear about Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews who silently sold its state to China’s Communist Party, he overrode the authority of the state’s government to drive  Victoria into China’s hand. Premier Daniel Andrews illegally signed one belt and one road with China’s Communist Party in 2018 while annually, the Federal Australian government spent a hundred million dollars to fight against the cyber spy, the suspect is unit 61389 of the People’s Liberation Army and Huawei carries out the cyber spy mission by technology, so the US, Australia, and many nations banned 5G of  Huawei.


Premier Daniel Andrews becomes China’s henchman, he administrates Victoria’s state as China executive like Carrie Lam in Hong Kong. Mr. Daniel Andrews eats the Australian’s bread but serves for China, it matches a Vietnamese saying:” eating national rice but adore evil communist”. Premier Daniel Andrews transforms Victoria’s state to China’s province, he used the Australian taxpayers to send the staffer attended the propaganda course of China’s Communist Party (*). Victoria with its capital city is Melbourne, it expects as the commercial center of Australia like New York, so China’s Communist Party interests. China arrayed the spy network, sowed the agents in state and local government, moreover, the economy is a priority to control Australia, particularly Victoria. The Australian Labor Party is comrade with China’s Communist Party, so Labor Premier Daniel Andrews responds to what China wants to colonize Australia, initially, Victoria becomes a station of one belt one road with executive Daniel Andrews.


The Coronavirus pandemic proved the irresponsibility of Daniel Andrews despite his salary is $AU 442,562, it is the highest wage in state and territory leaders, he granted his pay rise 12% by July 2020. Almost, the states and territories eased the restriction of Coronavirus pandemic, but Victoria re-imposes the restriction after 36 hotspot suburbs locked down to deal with the second wave of Chinese virus with 310,000 residents, it occurs in an unofficial China’s province in Australia. The Coronavirus outbreak should come from the Black Lives Matter protest, China’s medical supplies, and other suspicious reasons. Whatever, the COVID-19 outbreak in the second wave that is the responsibility of Daniel Andrews.


After getting the office in 2008, US President Barrack Obama created an opportunity for Islamic State founded by withdrawing the US troop from Afghanistan. Formally, President Barrack Obama called to fight against the terror, instead, Obama secretly provided the weapons, finance, and training for Islamic State. In the same circumstance, in Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews calls to fight Coronavirus pandemic. Instead, he creates an opportunity for Covid-19 developing in the second wave, his state government flagged Black Lives Matter protested, the social distance ignored, the quarantine waived. The Coronavirus re-outbreaks in Victoria that match the retaliatory tactic of China after Australia’s federal government proposed the independent inquiry of the original Coronavirus. China terrorizes Australia’s economy by stopping import barley, meat, wine from Australia, and Chinese tourists who don’t travel to Australia. Possibly, Coronavirus starts the second wave in Victoria that damages Australia’s economy.


The Australian intelligence, Federal Police, lawmakers may eye on the circumstance of Premier Daniel Andrews who becomes China’s henchman. The Australian people question about the Labor government in Victoria’s state, China’s Communist Party should sow the agents or pro-Beijing into the staff of Daniel Andrews, the legislative Council in Victoria has Dr. Dung Tien Kieu (Kiều Tiến Dũng), a Vietnamese refugee, but some Melbourne’s residents heard about  Dr. Kiều Tiến Dũng who revealed that he worked two years in China. Nevertheless, the Australian federal government may investigate the national assets controlled by Chinese businesses in Victoria,  moreover, the Royal Communists, federal lawmakers may solve the national security violation of Premier Daniel Andrews.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison plans $AU 1.3 billion for the cyber spy to recruit about 500 officers and the federal government adds $AU 270 billion on defense. Therefore, Labor’s Deputy opposition leader Richard Marles urges the Australian government to collaborate with military China. The domestic problem can nullify the effort of the government while China’s threat. Senator Penny Wong is the most powerful politician of the Australian Labor Party, she is the leader of Labor in Senate and holds the shadow Foreign Affairs Minister. Therefore, in the federal election on May 18, 2019, Senator Penny Wong promised to admit Huawei operates 5G in Australia if Labor wins the election, while Coalition banned. In the record, Senator Penny Wong always stands alongside China’s Communist Party, she often attacks and criticizes the government when the policies upset China. Western Australia ruled by Labor Party, Premier Mark McGowan granted contract $AU 136 million for Huawei to operate 4G in state’s train system, moreover, Premier Mark McGowan recruited Pierre Yang, China’s communist in Legislative Council.


The Australian people doubt the Australian Labor Party, the left party is the comrade of China’s Communist Party. Nevertheless, the Australian Labor Party puts the comradeship above the national interest and national security. It is very hard the find a patriotic politician in Labor Party. The national security risks and sovereignty loses if Labor rules the government./.


NOTES (*): Below, a post of Steve Mav on Facebook, June 29, 2020.


“ Daniel Andrews’s staffer Nancy Yang did the same Chinese Communist Party propaganda training course as the part-time NSW Labor staffer at the centre of Friday’s ASIO raids.

John Zhang is the staff member linked to allegations of covert attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to influence his boss, Shaoquette Moselmane, who until his expulsion from the party on Friday was a NSW Labor MP.


In 2013, Mr Zhang participated in a propaganda training course organised by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of China’s State Council, the chief administrative authority of the People’s Republic.


The course was held at the Chinese Academy of Governance, which trains senior CCP operatives.


Ms Yang, who has worked for the Andrews government since 2013 and now works in the electorate offices of the Premier and backbench MP Meng Heang Tak, did the same course in 2007.


A translated profile at the bottom of an article Ms Yang wrote in 2008 for Chinese state newspaper the Guangming Daily states that “at the invitation of the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the National Youth Federation … and other departments and groups” , she returned to China “to participate in training, inspection, entrepreneurship and exchange activity” .


The United Front Work Department is the Chinese Communist Party’s primary overseas influence and interference network.


In the article, Ms Yang, who came to Australia as a student in 2003, said how deeply proud she felt “to have a strong motherland behind me” , and wrote of her role in organising Chinese students to rally at events in the lead-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


This included helping to mobilise thousands of Chinese who travelled to Canberra to participate in an at-times violent counter-protest against human rights campaigners at the Olympic Torch relay.


In a separate blog post, Ms Yang wrote about her trip to Beijing for the training course and a meeting with United Front head Liu Yangdong.


She wrote that she told reporters after the meeting: “No matter how long the shadow of the tree is, the roots will always be entrenched in the land; no matter where we are, we will always care about the motherland.”


In another blog post, Ms Yang rails against the West: “Western countries are no longer as good as we imagined because we have experienced, we have grown, we have learned to be tolerant! The human rights mentioned by the West, we really see their hypocrisy.”


The Australian revealed last month that Ms Yang had as recently as March posted articles on social media suggesting the coronavirus was created by the US and taken to China by the US Army.


Asked whether Ms Yang was still working for Mr Andrews and Mr Tak, a spokeswoman for the Premier said: “We value the outstanding contribution Nancy makes every day for her local community.”


The Australian newspaper (29.06.2020)”






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