Obama activates the Black Culture Revolution


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Among the cruel campaigns that occurred in China’s mainland after the Ape super herd called China’s Communist Party robbed the authentic government of Chinese people in 1949. The longest campaign was the Culture Revolution started in 1966 and ended 1976, the year marked first Ape King Mao Tse Tung returned to the communist paradise to reunite with Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, and other evil communists.


The Culture Revolution reflected the power struggle that happened between the beloved comrades of Mao turning the enemies, the factions wanted to dismantle” great leader” after the major plans failed, it meant that socialism or Maoist couldn’t help China to develop the economy and carrying out the global hegemonic ambition.


The prominent opponent was the faction of General Lin Biao. Throughout the Cultural Revolution campaign,  Mao Chairman exploited the ebullient character of youth to incite the violence. The Red Guard was the actual force of Mao Tse Tung to purge the internal opponents in China’s Communist Party. The Culture Revolution destroyed the historic relics, the temples, monuments, and others devastated. It was the terrible time of Chinese people and the opponents of Mao. There were many comrades of Mao killed or imprisoned like Deng Xiaoping, Xi Zhongxun (father of Xi Jinping). The Culture Revolution’s campaign occurred across China, a document released on Facebook told about the cruel campaign:


“ The movement was supported by the Chinese media.

Mass demonstrations and looting by the students ensued.

Statues were torn down.

Chinese architecture was destroyed.

Classical literature and Chinese paintings were torn apart and burned.

Temples were desecrated.

The Cemetery of Confucius was attacked.

The corpse of the 76th-generation Duke Yansheng* was removed from its grave and hung from a tree.

Wealthy homes were attacked and destroyed.

Many families’ long-kept genealogy books were burned to ashes.”

(*Duke Yansheng or Holy Duke Yen was a noble class of Chinese people, it originated as a marquis title in Western Han dynasty for a direct descendant of Confucius)


The Culture Revolution destroyed Chinese culture, the society shattered, famine by Mao Tse Tung who used the students (Red Guard) to kill from 20 to 30 million people.  After Mao’s death, the Culture Revolution ended. Nowadays, former US President Barrack Obama and Democrats have revived the Black Culture Revolution in the US, and the event spread in the Western countries. The first communist and Muslim President Barrack Obama promoted and activating the Black Lives Matter. Initially, the movement appeared in the US and spread quickly to Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada by the propaganda of left media. President Barrack Obama becomes the global thug, he acts as Mao Tse Tung in the mainland.


    The Black Lives Matter becomes the BLACK SUPREMACY with the Black Guard and the militia force Antifa often create violence in the US. President Donald Trump and the US people recognize the Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the terror organizations. Possibly,  former President Barrack Obama, Democrats, and leftist billionaire George Soros are the perpetrators of the Black Culture Revolution uprising in the US and spread to Europe, Australia, Canada after the death of Black man George Floyd who struggled with police officers by using the forgery is worth $US 20. Moreover, felony George Floyd has a dozen convictions, he was contracted by COVID 19, drunk and drug-affected. Therefore, Democrats used the death of a Black man to activate the Black Culture Revolution in the US, and developing the Western. The left media has carried out hateful propaganda like Mao Tse Tung used the state media to activate the Culture Revolution in the mainland. The left media also excites the protesters by misleading the information plus the fake news. The Black Culture Revolution damaged a billion US dollars, but it still activates in the Western.


The Black Lives Matter has exploited the racial shield to protest with riot, loot, killed the police officers, abuse the people in the US while in China, despite the people have been oppressed, the human rights are nothing, nevertheless, the people in occupied territories like Tibet, Sinkiang Uighur, Mongols, Falun Gong members could not protest to claim” Chinese Live Matter, Falun Gong Lives Matter and other matters”. On the other hand, the Black Lives Matter in Western has exploited the democracy to carry out the communism’s uprising. The Black Lives Matter is just the hidden conspiracy of Barrack Obama, Democrats, and the left parties. It reason explains the Democratic Party in the US, Greens Party, the Australian Labor Party, the UK Labor party standing behind the Black Culture Revolution. Moreover, Democratic candidate Joe Biden uses the Black Culture Revolution for his campaign in the White House’s race, so he knelt to pay the respect of felon George Floyd.


It has never happened in Western when the aggressive Black components discriminate against the White people. Therefore, since the first black President Barrack Obama ruled 8 years in White House, the Black Supremacy has stood up and attacked the White people, created a social disorder.


The Black Guard and Antifa have applied the Culture Revolution of Mao Tse Tung in Western, they destroyed and vandalized the statues, monuments including the statue of Winston Churchill in the United Kingdom, Columbus statue removed, Abraham Lincoln statue vandalized in Chicago, Captain Cook’s statue vandalized in Sydney (Australia). The Black Lives Matter becomes the extreme movement, the White people including the statues, monuments, and Jesus are the targets. In the US, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King slams Jesus is the White man and racist, so they want to topple Jesus’s statue. The people around the world condemn the Black Lives Matter, President Donald Trump announced 10 years in prison for whoever destroys the statues and monuments. On Monday 21, 2020, once again, the Black Lives Matter plans to walk out the job across the US with thousand workers, it calls” Strike For Black Lives”. However, companies can lay off the trouble makers while the companies lose the profit. The members of Black Lives Matter must receive the consequence after walked out of the job, possibly, Barrack Obama and his gang help nothing.


In Australia, Victoria state becomes the hot spot of Coronavirus outbreak in the second wave while the states and territories eased the restriction. Among the disaster, Premier Daniel Andrews is an actual henchman of China, he silently flags the negligent quarantine, social contact eased, and Black Lives Matter protested during the pandemic spreading. Moreover, Victoria Police refuse the punish the Black Lives Matter rallied.


The Culture Revolution of Mao Tse Tung revives and spread in Western by the Black Culture Revolution. The perpetrators are Barrack Obama, Democrats, George Soros, and China’s Communist Party supports in the shadow. The Black Lives Matter and Black Guard face the public’s abomination, the people condemn and the law can not accept the riots, loots plus the violence carrying out from any form. The racial shield doesn’t convince people’s support. Certainly, the Black Culture Revolution can not succeed as Mao Ste Tung applied in the mainland. Mr. Barrack Obama and his Democratic gang can not sit above the law, certainly, Obama is the global thug. The US, Western countries are not China ruled by Mao and its communist party in the Culture Revolution, so the Black Culture Revolution applies in the wrong places ad governments./.






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