Obama shall confess the birthplace in Kenya


Posted on June 14, 2020 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Whatever a murder and a defendant’s lawyer always tries to escape the conviction until the blatant evidence proved. Eventually, the judge or jury found guilty, certainly, a murder must pay for the crime. Therefore, the last effort to reduce the verdict from wilful murder to manslaughter that is the last choice and last hope. Moreover, expert lawyers like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, James Comey, Robert Mueller, John Kerry and others could thread the loopholes of the legal system to escape the serious crime and treason they sit above the law. Moreover, during ruling the White House, President Barrack Obama inserted Democratic judges throughout the country and cornered Supreme Court, it is the safety net of Democratic high profiles, so the justice is led by Democrats and the corruption, crimes, treason waived and covered up. The malicious lawyers practice the legal services as the robbers with the paper-knife while the concerned lawyers carry out the career based on justice and the truth. The dishonest lawyers destroyed the prestige of legal servants, the people doubt when a lawyer appears to the public while protecting a suspect, the legal fees put above justice and morality.


The sexual scandal of President Bill Clinton was the best choice of Democrats and Bill Clinton. Indeed, the national security scandal would cost Bill Clinton’s political life, so the sexual scandal of Monica Lewinsky saved President Bill Clinton to escape the treason. The spy-scandal of China’s espionage agent John Huang who climbed higher and dives deeper in White House after illegal provided the finance for Bill Clinton-Algore’s presidential election in 1992.


After winning the election, President Bill Clinton appointed a China’s espionage agent John Huang in the Assistant of Deputy Commerce Secretary and Vice President of Democratic Party. Mr. John Huang attended 37 top-secret meetings in the White House, the US interest sold to China, and President Bill Clinton served in White House as China’s executive like Carrie Lam in Hong Kong. The death of Secretary of Commerce and also Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Ron Brown on April 3, 1996, that was suspicious, his plane crashed in Croatia, the rumor spread about air tower control received the order from high official to replace worker and created an accident, Mr. Ron Brown killed with 34 others on board. The spy- scandal appalled Bill Clinton and Democrats, so President Bill Clinton appreciated the sexual scandal Monica Lewinsky than John Huang. Nevertheless, the left media strayed Monica Lewinsky’s case to cover up John Huang’s scandal, they helped Bill Clinton and Democrats escaped the treasonous scandal. Certainly, the treason would remove President Bill Clinton from White House and he would face at least 5 years in prison. Instead of  Monica Lewinsky’s scandal conducted the impeachment but President Bill Clinton didn’t oust from White House until the end of the second term. Nowadays, the Justice Department, FBI may overhaul the treasonous scandal of former President Bill Clinton.


President Barrack Obama’s birthplace has argued from the first election in 2008, certainly, Obama always denies Kenya’s birthplace and Democrats protect Obama, he elected two terms. Therefore, the controversy continues to discuss Barrack Obama’s birth certificate despite he retired from January 20, 2020. Recently, the rumor spread about Obama’s birth certificate highlights the argument, the birth certificate becomes the new wave of discussion. Therefore, former President Barrack Obama has not responded yet. Possibly, it is the conspiracy of Barrack Obama and Democrats to prepare the escape plan while the justice bight comes closer.


President Barrack Obama created an opportunity for Islamic State founded, he provided the finance, weapon, and training the Islamic State by the US taxpayers. Formally, Obama called to fight the terror, his double-cross war game cost trillion dollars of the national budget. Moreover, four deaths in Benghazi including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens should add more to the crime of Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the many trillions of US dollars vanished under Obama’s rule. Recently, the case of General Micheal Flynn is clear, and former President Barrack Obama should be the perpetrator. Nevertheless, Obama deeply involves the Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the terror organizations in the US, the culprits of riots, loots, and threatening national security.


The US people believe Barrack Obama is the hub of scandal, corruption including the treason, it is Obamagate. Possibly, former President Barrack Obama shall confess his birthplace in Kenya if the justice founded guilty. Kenyan citizen of Obama will help him to escape the treason, instead of the fraud charge. Certainly, the treason and fraud affect the presidential pension and privileges, but Obama shall have the best choice as Bill Clinton did.  Barrack Obama’s birthplace in Kenya will help his family remains the fortune that estimates tens of million of US dollars and he should be treated as an illegal migrant. Eventually, Obama should be deported to Kenya. However, Democrats should damage, but Obama doesn’t care./.







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