Malcolm turns Bull who turns to Treason


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In 2018, the Australian Labor Party’s state Premier Daniel Andrews illegally signed an agreement of one belt and one road with China’s communist regime, certainly,  the Australian government opposes it. Possibly, an arrogant Premier Daniel Andrews overrides the authority, but the federal government has not reacted yet to the serious problem. Possibly, ASIO, the Royal Commission, the Commonwealth, Parliament Houses (Lower and Upper House) are the places to judge the treason of Labor Premier Daniel Andrews. Moreover, China’s communist regime deserves the privileges to actual henchman Daniel Andrews, annually, he has at least a trip to” great master land”. The Australian people believe Premier Daniel Andrews is China’s executive like Carrie Lam in Hong Kong, unfortunately, Victoria residents elected a traitor the second term.


China has exploited the diplomatic relations, the trade ties, and free trade agreement to deploy the trade trap, debt trap, and government trap. After 28 years, the innocent, corrupt politicians, mostly, the Australian Labor Party have driven the country into China’s colony, so China often treats Australia like a province by the brazen attitude. Recently, China applies economic terror after the Australian government proposed an independent inquiry on Coronavirus. Nowadays, Australia seems losing the sovereignty that causes politicians like Prime Minister Bob Hawke (he died), Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, N.S.W Premier, and Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr, Former Labor Premier John Brumby,  Senator Penny Wong (she always serves China’s interest, an actual puppet in China), and others to help China taking control Australia after China’s communist regime controlled the economy and sowed the pro-China’s communists into multiple levels of government like  Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan recruited Chinese Communist Pierre Yang in Legislative Council (state’s Upper House)


China’s communist regime does want to occupy Australia as Beijing wants to take Taiwan, Hong Kong. In the mainland, China’s Communist Party propagates its people and students to consider Australia is China’s province, so Chinese tourists, Chinese students, and diplomats often show an arrogant attitude when they come to Australia. The plan of one belt and one road aims bracing Australia, a circumstance of  Darwin Port becomes a station and strategic position of China that proved ambitious China in the region. China’s henchman Andrew Robb, former Trade Minister who exchanged the national security with annual salary is $AU 880,000 from Landbridge Group to take Darwin Port in 99 years. Initially, the deal occurred under the rule of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Firstly, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull supported First Minister Adam Giles of Northern Territory to lease Darwin with $AU 506 million although the national security raised the grave concern during he visited the US. Therefore, after Malcolm Turnbull ended the trip, under the public pressured that forced Malcolm Turnbull kept quiet, and Treasurer Scott Morrison raised the Foreign Investment Board (FIRB) about Darwin Port, but, it was a verbal speech to defuse the public, and China took over its port. The Australian People doubt the corruption inside FIRB,  China should control of FIRB or Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull covered up the illegal lease.


Prime Minister John Howard wrongly recruited Mr. Malcolm Turnbull in Wentworth’s electoral unit from 2004 to 2018 and promoted the Labor undercover activist to the Frontbench, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull held Communication Minister, he continued to carry out the obsolete technology NBN (Labor left), the taxpayers wasted but China made a profit. On September 14, 2015, Malcolm Turnbull colluded with Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and the left media created the false polls (prominent left media is Channel Seven, ABC) to create an inappropriate coup, Prime Minister Tony Abbott toppled and Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister until Peter Dutton challenged the power and now, Scott Morrison is Prime Minister.


Mr. Malcolm Turnull was Malcolm turncoat when he held the top job, he did the job of Labor Party like the same-sex-marriage legislation pleased Labor, particularly, Senator Penny Wong (the shadow leader of the Australian Labor Party) got it, her dream came true, she is Lesbian but the Australian taxpayers spent $AU 122 million for the postal survey. Moreover, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has a daughter in law who comes from a hard core’s China communist family. His son is Alex Turnbull married to Yvonne Wang (or Wang Yiwen), her father was a high profile under the rule of China’s President Jiang Zemin. So the Australian people believe China’s Communist Party established contacts with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull throughout his daughter in law. After the coup made by Malcolm Turnbull, Australia politics dealt into the deadlock because the Liberals Party and the Australian Party had the same leftist leaders despite Prime Minister  Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition leader Bill Shorten led the different parties. Certainly, China’s communist regime had a good time from 2015 to 2018.


Indeed, one belt and one road started from Mr. Malcolm Turnbull when he held the Prime Minister’s position, but he refused to publicize an agreement signed with China’s communist government. Certainly, he knew the deal is treason and it could cost his top job. However, Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t conceal the treasonous agreement, his close colleague was Trade Minister Steven Ciobo who signed the memorandum of understanding to collaborate with China on building infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams. However, Malcolm Turnbull’s Trade Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry didn’t comply with the Freedom of Information Act, so the treasonous document still kept in the secret.

China succeeded the government trap in Australia, Huawei paid the overseas trips plus the luxurious accommodation to 12 Australian politicians of both main parties. Among them were Trade Minister Steven Ciobo and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop including  Dr. Jim Chalmers (Shadow Treasurer of Labor). So the plan of one belt and one road conspired under Malcolm Turnbull’s rule.


The Coronavirus consequence follows the treasonous faces appearing, moreover, China intimidates Australia after its government proposed the independent inquiry of Coronavirus to help the people identify the traitors. While  China creates tension in the region by military intimidation at the disputed waters and China also terrorizes Australia’s economy, therefore, the Australian Labor Party’s deputy leader Richard Marles supposes the definition quotes Beijing is an enemy that is” profound mistake” and he wants Australia closes the defense with the world’s largest communist country. On the other hand, the Australian Labor Party puts the Communism and comradeship above the national interest. It is so hard to find a patriotic politician in the Australia Labor Party. On the other hand, if the Australian Labor Party controls the government, Australia will become the station of one belt and one road, and Chinese communists will inundate Australia by Labor’s immigration policy. In New Zealand, Labor Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern signed one belt and one road with China, she breaks FIVE EYES, nowadays, New Zealand becomes China’s station, Beijing can use New Zealand exports the goods to Australia.


The plan of one belt and one road is discovered, the case of Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews is just an iceberg floating on the surface, indeed, one belt and one road silently signed by Labor undercover activist Malcolm Turnbull and his treasonous colleagues. The patriotic and concerned politicians must act as soon as possible while someone sold the country to China’s Communist Party.


The lawmakers may overhaul the authorities of the state’s government and territories plus the local government. The national assets, land, farm, water, and others can not be controlled by foreign as China. Moreover, the state’s government can not touch the trade, defense, and foreign affairs, those are the portfolios of the federal government. If every state and premier sells the national assets, mostly, the Australian Labor states often ignored the national assets, so they sold the land, companies, and national assets to China. Certainly, the federal government loses the function and power after the national assets controlled by China. It means China colonized Australia by the Labor Premiers. So the federal government disabled that is like a body without limbs.


Recently, the Coalition government has released the new change of Australia’s Foreign Investment Framework, it is the biggest reform in 50 years. The new law of foreign investment doesn’t cost the national security and sovereignty. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said:” Investment in Australia must be on our terms, on our rules, and in our interest…that has always been the strong position of our government”. The Treasurer has the power to do, the legislation will come a month. Therefore, the Australian people do want Australia government to retrieve Darwin Port (illegal lease), Airport Merriden (Western Australia), more than 9 million hectares sold to China, Bellamy’s baby formula, Lion dairy milk company, the water of Murray river,  other national assets and dismiss the illegal agreement one belt and one road of Labor Premier Daniel Andrews. The Royal Commission may have the power to prosecute the traitors./.






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